Montana Highway Patrol Issues Statement On Death Of Deputy Mason Moore

Montana Department of Justice

Helena, MT.- The Montana Highway Patrol joins the entire Montana law enforcement community in mourning the senseless death of Broadwater County Deputy Mason Moore. No matter what uniform an officer wears, we are all united by a common purpose- to serve and protect. Yesterday we lost not only a colleague but a member of the law enforcement family.  

We’d like to extend our gratitude to all the officers who bravely took up the cause of their fallen comrade and headed towards danger to end the pursuit and take the suspects into custody. Many law enforcement agencies from across Western Montana worked cooperatively and tirelessly in the aftermath of this tragedy- from traffic control to processing and investigating multiple crime scenes spread out over a large area; we are grateful for their efforts. Finally, we’d like to thank the public for their patience despite the long and tedious road closures yesterday and your ongoing words of support and encouragement for the entire law enforcement profession during this difficult time. We are truly blessed to live and work in Montana.

Throughout the upcoming days and weeks, more information will likely surface about the ongoing investigation surrounding Deputy Moore’s death and the resulting pursuit. At this time, we can officially confirm the following information:

At approximately 0230 hours on May 16th MHP troopers responded to the Three Forks area on Highway 287 to assist Broadwater County Sheriff with a reported pursuit. The first trooper on scene located Broadwater County Deputy Mason Moore who had died as a result of gunshot injuries.

At approximately 4AM a Montana Highway Patrol trooper was called to assist Butte Silver Bow Police in pursuit of the suspect’s vehicle. The trooper successfully deployed stop sticks but the suspect vehicle continued. During the chase, the suspect vehicle opened fire at several pursuing police cars, disabling two of them. The vehicle was eventually disabled after a second successful stop stick deployment. A gun battle ensued between the suspects and law enforcement officers on scene. One of the suspects was struck by gunfire and transported to an area hospital; the second suspect was taken into custody. The suspects have been identified as father and son, 61-year-old Lloyd Montier Barrus and 38-year-old Marshall Barrus.

MHP is currently assisting Broadwater County Sheriff, Gallatin County Sheriff, and Montana Division of Criminal Investigation with the ongoing investigation. The Montana Division of Criminal Investigation is the lead investigator of this incident.

Montana Department of Justice

10 thoughts on “Montana Highway Patrol Issues Statement On Death Of Deputy Mason Moore

    1. Is it me, or is it ironic as hell that all these po-lice perps always mourn their own parasite losses…….. but NEVER mourn the loss of innocent
      lives lost at the end of one of their psychopathic shootings???
      Its too bad someone did not get to this dude sooner and tell him what
      a destructive and despicable job being a po-lice man/woman, would have saved a lot of peoples misery.

  1. He looks like a d!ck, and of course we know that’s what he actually was. What other kind of person is willing to seek out and bust people for victimless acts? I wouldn’t even be able to sleep at night, let alone accept a paycheck, if I did that.

    Also, every pig has the attitude that his life matters more than that of anyone outside law enforcement, and the politicians humor or encourage that view. So whenever a pig gets waxed, there’s typically a ludicrously elaborate and pompous funeral ceremony that looks like a spectacle out of North Korea. It’s downright comical.

    Anyway, good riddance to this “hero.”

      1. Spanish language lesson for today-
        now class, how do you say dickhead in spanish???
        ricardo cabesa!
        very good class.

  2. I’s law enforcement, I’s way mo impotent than the lives I threaten with my better than thou attitude. If you get shot, we’ll get to your case eventually, if one of us gets shot, call out the National Guard. Our shit stinks way less than yours.

    Eat bullets bitch, you signed up for it. So don’t come cryin’ to me when you catch one.

  3. A face only his mother could love, that must have been some firefight/chase, I wish we could see it, I would love to hear the pig squeal out his last breath, I bet he was crying for mommy.
    If you don’t like the way I’m talking piggies you can secure the border, start arresting the criminals in office or just plain quit the force, you have opportunities to save face and options.
    Terrorism and drugs are a sad and tired excuse for a police state when the border is wide f@*king open, you have no authority, only thuggery.

  4. “The suspects have been identified as father and son, 61-year-old Lloyd Montier Barrus and 38-year-old Marshall Barrus.”


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