More Connecticut gun companies to move to the free states?

Bob Owens

Fox News seems to think that PTR was just the first manufacturer to flee Connecticut’s storied “gun valley,” and that the bigger gun companies will soon follow:

Arms manufacturers in at least two states with strict new gun laws are making good on their promise to move their operations — along with thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenues  – to locales they deem friendlier to the industry.  

In Connecticut, where venerable gunmakers like Colt and Sturm,Ruger & Co. have been joined in the last decade or so by upstarts like Stag Arms and PTR, reform of gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings has left the industry feeling unwelcome. Bristol-based high-end rifle manufacturer PTR Industries announced this month via Facebook that it would be taking its 40 jobs and $50,000 weekly payroll to an unspecified new state, widely believed to be Texas.

AR-15 manufacturer Stag Arms could soon follow suit, along with Colt’s Manufacturing and Mossberg & Sons. The moves could cost the Nutmeg State 3,000 jobs as well as the estimated $1.75 billion in annual taxable revenues.  

On a basic level, Democratic politicians in Connecticut are contributing to the failure of their manufacturing base, while cutting significantly into their tax base. This is going to hurt those who rely upon state assistance the most, including schools.

In short, Governor Malloy is cutting revenue that could help Connecticut schools, including those in Newtown. Brilliant.

10 thoughts on “More Connecticut gun companies to move to the free states?

    1. LMFAO We have plenty of room in Texas. They wouldn’t have to ship that many guns outta state. I suggest opening retaliate outlets too. Lol

  1. Glad to see the gun manufacturers are keeping their promise. Except Remington. I’ve bought their products for many years, but no more. They’ve stabbed the gun owners in NY in the back.

  2. ” in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings”

    What shootings? Anyone who is awake and bothered to examine the painfully obvious hoax for even 10 minutes – knows it was another 100% hoax and that NO ONE was “killed” but the usual victim – the truth.

  3. Is it me or does it seem that the elite are pushing the gun companies out of as many states as they can (specifically the states with port cities) in order to isolate them in small states or states that they can easily smash when the time comes? I’m not saying Texas is a small state, but isn’t it strange that all of the companies (not just gun companies) are moving from California and other states to Texas, Oklahoma and so on and all of the Illegal Mexicans and immigrants are ending up in Texas as well. It’s as if they are trying to isolate the free people, militias and the awaken masses in these states or the Midwest states so that they can be easily controlled, manipulated and fenced in. Then they can have the Illegals finish them off in order to make way for their North American Union. It feels like WE THE PEOPLE are being boxed in and pushed out.

    What do you guys think of this? Or am I just talking crazy? lol

    1. Texas to North Carolina is one big port…… Get the Ammo and Gun makers in the South and mid west, better protection.
      If and when the Border problems go HOT, I believe more lead will be going South than North. San Jacinto……. Again…. Run all their asses to the Panama Canal this time….

      1. I don’t know. Houston is pretty much controlled by DHS, TSA and the elite these days and both Texas to Florida are flooded with Illegal Cubans, Mexicans, and Hispanics who are invading our country day by day by the boatloads and truckloads. The guns go out and the drugs come in. In my previous comment, I was actually talking about the elite forcing us into the inner areas of those states, rather than the ports.

    2. Aw man NC, I was in town today and when I came out to my car there was a pick up truck with a 30-06 with a clip fully loaded layin` on his dashboard complete with a box of shells and the guy just bought another box of shells. The guy said to me, get em when ya can . Small town attitude where I am from. Yep no sh*t , small town america, less that 700 people 🙂 and that makes it nice because every one is welcome but trouble makers are run out faster than they came. Feds and cops not welcome at all here where I am from!!, and they know it.

    3. I don’t know who you are talking about when you say “elites” … but yes the “elites” have been lying and pushing for disarming the “proles” since the dawn of man. The current social rights (what is yours is ours) v.s. individual rights (what is yours is yours) seems to favor the commies right now.

  4. Support all the manufacturers who leave these communist ran states and boycott Remington for their betrayal of gun owners with their acceptance of bribe money by New York.

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