6 thoughts on “More on Germany

  1. There will always be a war against the German people until chabad LUBAVITCHER says otherwise. The Jews want all Whites dead, so that they will be the only white race, so they alone claim leniage from Adam.

    1. I could swear that the poster was dated 1932 is that correct . Ww2 started around 1938 or am I on my 2nd strike here. Manashevitz I could had a V8 . Patton warned us,McArther warned us Eisenhower warned us hmmmm polcat in the hen house

  2. It’s a good example of the hateful hostility against a nation that naively granted them hospitality and in despite that the Jews until that time had never more privileges and prospered more as in Germany. It seems to be the famous inverted morality of the jews…

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