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Morgellons and Patent #6245531

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Published on Nov 4, 2013 by Skizit Gesture

What is proteopathy? What is Binary Biology? What is an Inducible Expression System? Watch this entire video. Some of the most important info is near the last.

Supporting research at…
The only way genetic transformations in Morgellons can occur is with the strict tight control by inducible expression systems such as ecdysone.

For more information on gene therapy and human hair in Morgellons, please see…

The Binary Biology enables the ecdysone switch to control populations.
Hormones served in food can turn the switch on, combine the two parts of
Binary Biological weapons already installed in people. They can start an
illness that will make you sick in the short term and kill you in the long term
without anyone every knowing “Who done it?” This is called “FINGERPRINTLESS WARFARE”. But they know the insects and all Morgellons materials, if studied by genetic pathologists will know exactly where those insects and worms came from. They are CELL LINES which are well known by microbiologists.

This is a narrated expanded version of my ecdysone video. The supporting research will be at in a few days.


Published on Dec 29, 2014 by mfromcanada1

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US patent 1957075, 2582678, 3630950 Pfizer Inc. MORGELL741214 Aerial medical exp. drug no. 7378

The first patent came out in 1931 having to do with airplane spray equipment.


The third one 3630950 – December 28, 1971 – Combustible Compositions For Generating Aerosols,
Particularly Suitable For Cloud Modification And Weather Control And Aerosolization Process

Below are the links to Patent numbers 5514578A and 6245531, in case you are interested in looking at them.

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10 Responses to Morgellons and Patent #6245531

  1. Mark Worsham says:

    ” Morgellons “, or perhaps ” Cross-Domain ” Bacteria ( of a nano-tech inception ) is in every living thing now. It’s as ubiquitous as the nano-aluminum from Geo-Engineering and distributed Isotopes from Fukushima. San Francisco in the 50’s was a site of aerial spraying tests, and now this madness has gone global. Pure and simple: Eugenics.

    Not all those who suffer from Morgellons have multi-colored fibers coming out of their skin. Do the research. I have a severe skin condition ( open swollen oozing lesions which take forever to heal ) that after $12,000.00+ of blood tests, skin biopsy’s, organ ultra sound and X-Ray tests, yielded neither a diagnosis ( no 3 symptoms pointing at any one disease ), or a cause. I’m on .25 mg of Methotrexate, an immune suppressor used in Chemotherapy to keep my immune system in check, YET, I don’t have Cancer. My Eosinophil white blood cell count, which should have been 300-500, was over 4,200+. But a cause can’t be determined by my 2 doctors via tests. This is my life at 57 . . . . .

  2. Paul says:

    good how do we defend against it?

  3. Philly Phred says:

    Never get the “flu” shot!

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “They can start an
    illness that will make you sick in the short term and kill you in the long term
    without anyone every knowing “Who done it?”


    A soon-to-be high mortality rate job for anyone pushing those poisons.

    • Mark Worsham says:

      Vaccines are microcosmic, think Macrocosmic. They don’t need your arm, they own the air, water, and food . . .

  5. mary says:

    mandated vaccines…wonder why? I think vaccines chemtrails and smart meters with their emfs are all linked

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