Motorist caught in alleged HPD ticket-rigging scheme

HPD radar gunKHOU – by jeremy Rogalski

HOUSTON — On a Tuesday afternoon in March, Houston Police wrote up a Houston motorist for speeding in Northwest Houston. But he wasn’t your everyday kind of driver.

“I’ve been behind the radar gun,” said the man.

He asked not to identified, because he too, is a police officer. We’ll refer to him as Jerry.  

And when HPD handed Jerry the ticket, there was a major red flag.

“I immediately know that something’s hinky with the ticket,” Jerry said.

That’s because the ticket-writing officer listed another HPD officer as a witness.

“There was no other officer, he was the only officer there,” Jerry said.

What he didn’t know at the time, is what the I-Team has now uncovered through a paper trail of records–dozens of cases where HPD officers listed witnessing officers on tickets–who were never there.

It was all to allegedly collect hefty overtime checks by later appearing in traffic court..

“Just to remind you just like any other citizen, they’re innocent until proven guilty,” said Ray Hunt, President of the Houston Police Officers’ Union.

Hunt said the Union is prepared to offer legal representation to Officers Gregory Rosa, Robert Manzanales and John Garcia. The three have been relieved of duty and reassigned to desk jobs while an internal affairs investigation proceeds.

A fourth officer under investigation, Rudolph Farias, shot and killed himself Tuesday afternoon in a police parking garage near downtown.

The I-Team found the alleged ticket-rigging scheme took place mostly on highways. In one case in May, Officer Manzalnaes put Officer Farias down as a witness at 11:24 p.m. at I-10 and Westcott Street.

But at the same exact time, records show Farias was writing a ticket nine miles away at I-10 and Wilcrest.

In other example in April, three officers at once allegedly were in on it along the Katy Freeway. At 11:30 p.m. at the 610 Loop, Officer Manzanales listed Garcia as a witness on his ticket. But at 11:31 p.m, Garica also is a witness at Beltway 8, on a ticket Officer Rosa wrote. But records show at 11:31 p.m., Rosa is a witness over at Highway 6, on a ticket written by Officer Garcia.

“Don’t lie, don’t have your friend put something on the citation that’s not true,” said Jerry the police officer.

He said the alleged scheme angers him, knowing police officers are held to a higher standard.

“You wear that badge for a reason, you don’t wear that badge for the wrong reasons,” he said.


5 thoughts on “Motorist caught in alleged HPD ticket-rigging scheme

  1. ““You wear that badge for a reason, you don’t wear that badge for the wrong reasons,” he said.”

    Not anymore. They wear that badge to harass and enslave for their corporate masters. THAT is the reason.

    Cops have been doing this scam for years. Just because one incident is caught by an off-duty officer doesn’t mean thousands more like these are not happening anywhere else in the country.

    The only reason why this guy was able to do something was because he was a cop. If it was you or I (ordinary peasants), we’d be the ones fined or in prison and our case would be inadmissible in court. After all, the cops are always right and the peasants are always wrong. That’s how our treasonous corporate government works.

    However, in this case, it was cop against cop, so they actually had to do something about it.

    Welcome to Police State Amerika!

  2. The cops involved were named…Rosa, Garcia, Manzanales and Farias. As our Fruitcake Emperor O’bama invites 5 million south American illegal aliens into our country, flies them to the town of their choice, and gives them work visa’s, then you can expect this type of corruption all across America in every job and field. All the cops involved in this scheme were Latin. In their country … payoffs, bribes and cheating the system is a way of life.

  3. “A fourth officer under investigation, Rudolph Farias, shot and killed himself Tuesday afternoon in a police parking garage near downtown.”

    At least it wasn’t all bad news. 😉

  4. The police Nation wide are a good buddy group. They are under no law. Only reason they are doing anything here about them is it could efect long term revenue for the city if others looked and filed a class action suit against the city. One thing a cop is not allowed to do is mess with the money they gun point revenue from the citizen. For that they are ruined as cops.

  5. Do all Houston cops have Latin names, or only the criminal ones?

    Mark my words: In the future the “immigrant youth” of today will be searching your home for guns and finding things they want. Like a Mexican customs official they will ask, “Is theese a present for me?”

    A girl who doesn ‘t speak a word of English will drop a note on the nightstand beside your filthy bed in a rat infested government issue convalescent home. You will pick up your broken reading glasses with trembling hands and learn that your last grandchild is dead.

    Then you can die knowing you should have tried to save their future.

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