9 thoughts on “Mount Shasta

      1. I use to live at the foothills of Mt Rainier back in the early 90’s. I miss it so much. Your pictures remind me of those days. I can almost smell the fresh clean air. 🙂

          1. For real, those mountains are a perty sight, but them skies look like poop. =( Oh I only looked at the first picture, man those are some good views.

          2. one becomes adjusted to the toxins : )

            CA & OR are excellent places – too bad the state govs suck [more than other Western states.

            Lived in So Cal for awhile then N Lake Tahoe [avid skier!] for well over a decade. NV gov is better, in many ways.

            Not seen Shasta in ages!

            thanks Swiftster

      2. I’ve only driven through Shasta ONE TIME that the skies weren’t MASSIVELY chemtrailed, Swifty.

        Not that we don’t get our fair share here in Sweet Home. Come on back… CA SUCKS!!!

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