MSM Accidentally Airs Incriminating 9/11 Evidence?

Published on Jun 30, 2013 by OneTruth4Life

This MUST SEE VIDEO reveals live footage of what many believe is incriminating evidence AGAINST the -official story- what say YOU?

From file WTC dust contains steel, ABC, 19:35, 9/13
Was aired 3 days after the towers collapsed. Is it possible that this volume of molten material in the video, which flowed from lower levels and splashed up like lava, can come from welding activity just a day or two after the towers fell?
Operation Green Quest – interagency investigative unit formed in October 2001 after the September 11 attacks, and concerned with the surveillance and interdiction of terrorist financing sources
which was shut down. i.e Operation Green Quest was disbanded in June 2003 pursuant to an agreement between the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.

I’d like to hear from those who are in the welding community specifically.
Over the decade there has been much debate about the existence of molten metal/steel at the World Trade Center site in the days after 9/11. The debunkers constantly shout “show us the evidence”..etc etc etc…
So…watch the video response after watching this video..
Leslie Robertson states he saw molten metal in the lower levels of The World Trade Center in the days after 9/11.

9/11 Molten Metal at World Trade Center.11th September 2001.

9/11 WTC Molten Metal Eyewitness David Long. 11th September 2001 New York.

9/11 Collapse Presentation-Gordon Ross,MEng – London 06/08/2007

9/11-David Chandler-The Toronto Hearings – 09/10/11 – 11:02AM.

9/11 WTC Eyewitness Testimony Compilation.

AE911Truth – Derek Johnson – “Engineering Destruction” 7/11/09.

9/11 David Ray Griffin – 2004 Presentation.

9/11 Dr Steven Jones Presentation at Orem Utah 29 June 2007.

9/11 Omissions and Distortions – David Ray Griffin.

9/11 – World Trade Center Collapse Analysis – David Chandler Presentation.



4 thoughts on “MSM Accidentally Airs Incriminating 9/11 Evidence?

  1. “…can come from welding activity just a day or two after the towers fell?”

    Looks more like runoff from a cutting torch, but the whole scene is too damn dark to make any conclusions as to what it is, where it’s at and what’s causing the sparks.

  2. We used thermite in Iraq to burn Iraqi artillery and other equipment. It gets extremely hot and melts the metal to a lava like substance.
    I wonder what a steel structure would look like if they used thermite to bring it down? sarcasm

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