Police Open Fire During Arrest At Children’s Hospital Of Wisconsin

Children's Hospital of WisconsinHuffington Post

A suspect is in custody after police opened fire on a man they went to arrest while he was holding a baby inside a hospital childcare unit.

Authorities arrived at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin around noon on Thursday after receiving reports that the man, wanted on an outstanding warrant for unlawful possession of the firearm, was in the neonatal intensive care unit, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told reporters.  

“The officers identified the individual, who was holding a baby at the time,” Clarke said. “He put the baby down and appeared to want to cooperate … He then fled down the hallway and while fleeing produced a handgun.”

Police opened fire on the man as he bolted down the seventh floor corridor, wounding him and placing him under arrest. It is unclear what relation the suspect has to the baby.

Clarke specified that the incident was not a “situation where a guy came in to shoot somebody.”

“What’s this idiot doing in a neonatal care unit with a handgun?” he said.

The gunman is being treated for injuries. The child and mother were unharmed, and no other individuals were wounded in the incident.

“The situation at Children’s has been contained,” representatives for the hospitalconfirmed on Twitter.


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