15 thoughts on “Mt. Shasta 4/26. 1:30 pm Pacific

    1. Your welcome Angel, it seems I’m always taking pictures of this beautiful mountain, it’s awesome when you see it from my perspective. This load picked up in southern Washington going to Albuquerque. Stop in Vegas for a bit. Had no time to see Henry and Laura, damn.

  1. Thank you, Mark. I certainly know that view very well. I have to say that Mt. Shasta is one of the most beautiful and also one of the strangest peaks I’ve ever been around. Almost spooky. And there’s usually lots of those hovering clouds around it that look like spaceships. Every time I drove by it, it was as if it was following me. I’d think I had left it behind and then it would pop up again, bigger and closer, and unexpected. It can take over an hour to get out of its presence. I also sensed that it would affect my mood. Sometimes positively; sometimes not so positive. I might just be overly sensitive, but I’ve been around a lot of mountains, and none has been as imposing. Curious, have you ever experienced anything like this with Shasta?

  2. https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/mount-shasta-2

    Here is a shot of Mount Shasta from Hagelstein Mountain, 15 miles south of Chiloquin.
    Shasta is a big one, but you want to feel some vibes, get up close to Mount Rainier. A lot of people have died trying to climb that mountain the wrong time of the year.
    By the way, Mark, why didn’t you wave as you were passing by? 🙂

          1. Seen one mountain, seen…

            Nah. Just like humans, all unique, all unpredictable.


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