Murder Defendant Tells Judge: “Listen To Me. You Don’t Let Me Out Of Here I’ll F–king Kill You. I’m A Jew. Okay?”

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

So this guy in handcuffs wearing an orange prison jumpsuit is brought in front of a female judge and begins speaking to the judge in an irritated manner:

“This guy can’t be here when I talk to you. He can’t be here when I talk to you,” he begins.

The judge sheepishly replies “I – I thought it was the public defender?”  

The prisoner then responds

“No, I don’t need him.”

He continues:

“Listen To Me. You don’t let me out of here I’m gonna fucking kill you. I’m a Jew. I will take your fucking life if you don’t let me out of here. Okay? I’m done.”

The guy then continues without skipping a beat “Now lets eat breakfast ..[undecipherable]’s cooking.”

He then tries to walk away but the bailiff brings him back in front of the judge, and he continues “What do you want? What’s your pleasure, what do you want from me?”

He the asks the judge “What’s your phone number?”

The self described ‘Jew’ then boldly repeats his threat to the judge yet again:

“If you don’t let me out of here I’m gonna fucking kill you!!”

The judge, cool as a cucumber and not even looking at the man, replies with “Setting – setting no bond.”

She continues “Thank you corrections; probable cause, no bond, appoint a public defender.”

The court footage shows the date of 9/8/10 at 9:22am, Courtroom 1-5.

The youtube comments are quite funny, and the video has over ten million views, although the title doesn’t mention the pesky fact that the prisoner boasted of being a Jew before he threatened her. The title of the video on youtube is ‘Crazy Guy Threatens To Kill The Judge If She Doesn’t Release Him On Attempted Murder Charges.’

The video currently has 10,205,558 views, 10,714 likes; 1,265 dislikes and 16,009 comments. It was appropriately uploaded on September 11, 2010.

Below I have copied some of the funniest youtube comments.

Watch the video here:


Alpha Male 1 day ago

SpookeyClown 6 days ago
What the hell accent is that? It’s hard to take a death threat seriously when he sounds like a cartoon character.

Mo inmt 2 days ago
He sounds like one of our new “displaced”,” refugee”, “asylum seeking”. Muslims! I could be wrong…
freedommv1 1 second ago
+Mo inmt actually it’s the exact opposite of what you said- the defendant clearly told the judge “I’M A JEW” when he threatened her. How do you get “Muslim” out of that??

Them Playahz 6 days ago
(edited) What the fuck is the deputy doing while this thug nonsense is unfolding? After the first out burst he should’ve been dragged out of there by his fat neck. Instead, Barney Fife is in the corner choking down a chili dog and tater tots. No wonder there’s no respect for her courtroom.

zeldagoblin 3 days ago
Them orange prison clothes hang just beautifully on those man boobs, bro

Alex Bernier 1 day ago
Definitely innocent.

saul gonzalez 4 days ago
wow someone should have told him home tactics don’t work as effective in US

Kristin Thomas 1 month ago
trump for president #deport

ChessArmyCommander 6 days ago
The guy should have been beat down by officers for speaking to the judge like that.

Christian Prepper 1 week ago

rakiaftw 1 week ago
Hmm, that was actually a pretty legit threat. Look at his body language, he is confident he can take her out, or send someone to kill her in a snap of a finger.

Defconpain64 1 week ago
he sounds like Tony Montana

TheEriczeppe 1 week ago
Well, thats a smart thing to say in court

Daniel Frederikson 6 days ago
wow north american judges are weak.

Dan Kidd 1 week ago
ah, the ole ‘threaten with murder in order to get out of a murder rap defense.’ it never fails!

Missandei, Handmaiden to Queen Daenerys Targaryen 2 weeks ago
Lmao the people in the back going ‘ooo’ had me dead.

bigtimeleafsfan 2 weeks ago
He was later released for good behavior…

�zel Co�kuner 3 months ago
what kind of judge is she letting him speak like this

LevKozlodoev 5 months ago
That judge needs to think twice about this one: judging by how confidently the guy said that and how pissed off he was I’d imagine he’s connected up the wazoo in the criminal underworld. She probably has a family and a lot to lose so just to be safe it’s better for her to acquit him of all charges. Better safe than sorry.

OmegaPoly33 3 weeks ago
This guy is fucking dope. I like him.

Jusoon 2 weeks ago
how horrific must her normal day be that she doesn’t even bat an eye when that lunatic threatens her like that? No “what did you just say” or “Bailiff, remove this man” just kept on filling out the paperwork while he talked about killing her. Couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.

Msflamingo2008 1 month ago
Plus 20 years for Threatening a JUDGE!!! ONTOP of Attempted Murder!! Scumbag!! Enjoy Hell on Earth AND the After-Life.

Philip Lapierre 1 month ago
Well, what a big supprise, a big guy charged with attempted murder talking trash to a soft spoken woman. The question is: Why is she a judge if she can’t handle a guy like him?

[adult swimtube] 4 weeks ago
“I’m gonna fucking kill you, mang!” Lmaooo this guy has the Tony Montana voice and everything

Edgar James 4 weeks ago
Judge was like no big deal I see pieces of human debris like this everyday.

Brandon Lewis 3 weeks ago
Plot twist, he was cleared on all charges.

Jennifer Berrelleza 3 weeks ago
hahhahah whats your number???!!!!

Cecil Kent 1 month ago
That guy was not joking you can tell he was 4 real .

OMFGItsTheManBearPig 1 month ago
0:19 Did he say ”I’m a jew”?

edward wright 1 month ago
Im gonna fokken keel yoo.

Chris Hill 1 month ago
Was that bitch deaf…should be another charge of ” kiss my ass you crazy fucker”.

Buck Jones 3 weeks ago
Dogg was a straight boss lol–king-kill-you_Im_a_Jew.html

22 thoughts on “Murder Defendant Tells Judge: “Listen To Me. You Don’t Let Me Out Of Here I’ll F–king Kill You. I’m A Jew. Okay?”

  1. Put the POS jewb#tch in a cell with some jew-hating Muslims.

    I guarantee if he had done that in any L.A. courtroom, he be taking his meals through a straw right now.

    From a hospital bed.

  2. “The guy should have been beat down officers for talking to the judge like that.”
    Someone should beat you down for talking stupid. That “bitch” judge didn’t even give the guy a cursory look while standing before her. That’s the problem. She had verdict in hand before hearing the case. “I’m a Jew” only bolstered his case for insanity!
    He’ll get his public defender, get sentenced 50 lashes with a wet noodle, and the judge will still blow the next contributor to her campaign fund.

    1. The cops typically don’t beat someone’s ass in the court room.

      The judge was un-phased by the days BS so far.

      Besides why get up set at a bond hearing, she wants to get home b4 the mafia shows up…

      1. “The cops typically don’t beat someone’s ass in the court room.”


        They have a certain room in L.A. County Jail where that is dispensed.

        It has a drain in the middle of the floor.

  3. “If you don’t let me out of here I’m gonna f**king kill you!!”

    If I’m not mistaken, that is now considered a ‘terrorist’ threat.

    No charge???

  4. Would have been fun to see what would have happened if the judge was judge Judy. She’s a jew too. She would have eaten HIM for breakfast.

    1. JEW ASS Judge Judy would have dry humped the Jew mother f$&ker right there in front of the Jew ass cameras.

  5. I’m far from a fan of Jews (real or fake, crazy or sane) who would try to use the “Jew card” as a way of getting special treatment. But this YouTube commenter —

    *** “The guy should have been beat down officers for talking to the judge like that.” ***

    — is a typical brainwashed, authoritarian, retarded pussy.

    First of all, the pigs have no business administering beatings as punishment, or any other kind of punishment, to anyone for any reason. If we must have police (and that’s debatable), then the only time their use of force is legitimate is when it’s to defend life against wrongful aggression and/or to bring into custody someone who is resisting arrest for a genuine (malum in se) crime.

    Back to the above YouTube commenter. In his or her puny mind, a judge is someone who is soooo important that merely speaking rudely to one, or issuing empty threats, is worthy of a beating. Why are judges so important? Why, because they’re associated with GOVERNMENT, of course.

    Government “authority” figures want to be worshiped as gods. They encourage this as much as possible, and weak-minded worms are only too wiling to oblige.

    One of the greatest curses afflicting humanity is the tendency of too many people to instinctively side with those perceived as POWERFUL, regardless of other considerations. Doing this makes the typical woman or pussified male feel like he, too, has a share in that power.


  6. “Listen To Me. You don’t let me out of here I’m gonna f**king kill you. I’m a Jew.”

    He says that like everyone should know that jews are born killers.

    1. “I’m a Jew” like it was his “Get out of Jail Free” card. “I’s special. See, smell this, I told you my shit don’t stink! Boy, am I “all that” or what?”

  7. Haha! He should have done it the Al Pacino/Scarface way:

    “I’m a F**king Jew. You F**k with me. You F**king with the best.”

    I’m sure he’ll wind up dead somewhere by a REAL Jew for insulting them, of course, even if he is from South of the border.

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