My opinion on the Gunboats in Eden Isles, LA


As of 8:35 AM Monday, Central time, the video that you posted on your youtube channel about the gunboats in Eden Isle, La had over 106,000 views. I have been reading the comments on the youtube site and it is disturbing to say the least. While there are many Patriots posting there, many of the comments are saying things like “this is normal” and “they are just training”, etc. This is far from normal. I was active duty Army for 14 years and Louisiana National Guard for 5 years. We never and I do mean never carried or mounted weapons when out in public. We were even briefed of the laws and that we could not carry our military arms in public and in uniform.

This new way of doing things where the military is mounting and carrying weapons was normalized during Katrina. As we all know on From The Trenches, this is not legal or just in any way. However the public (sheeple) have grown accustomed to it and dont think it is a big deal. This tells me that when they do start patrolling for real with weapons locked and loaded, the sheeple will accept it 100%. The guy who shot that video lives in that neighborhood and has never seen that before. It obviously was disturbing or he would not have sent it out. Yet people are saying things like you should be glad they are there and HOOAH!.

Really? Wake up people. Even Bracken put a comment that is was a good thing and he is a Patriot. It isnt, under any circumstances a good thing. They can train on the lake, they can train anywhere else, but you do not train in residential neighborhoods. Especially with M2 Machine Guns mounted. One day these patrols will become the real deal and most Americans will say nothing until it is too late. Then they will wonder why they are being taken away or worse. Vigilance takes on a whole new meaning now. The video is kind of grainy, but if I counted correctly, there were 5 M2s on each boat, that makes 20 M2 Heavy Barrel Machine Guns, plus personal weapons. They could kill every person on that canal in a matter of minutes with that type of fire power and if it is normal to see them patrolling, that will get no resistance.

I have been wondering how it would even be possible for the DHS and other agencies to initiate hostilities and be able to handle 330,000,000 Americans all at once. Now I am starting to see it being possible. If four boats armed like that can just roll around without much notice, then they can do alot of destruction in a short time when called upon. It is going to be very important that we do not hesitate when the time comes. If they are able to gain control without much resistance, we will have one hell of a fight to get it back.

People need to be war gaming every possible scenario NOW. Think about the canal and what they could do if that was four boats full of bad guys. What if that was residential streets? What if it were trucks or worse, tanks? There is no doctrine for an insurgency. Do what works, no matter what that is. I know that I am preaching to the choir here, but if there was ever a time to get our heads in the game, it would be now. I dont know how many Patriots are on From The Trenches, but with our numbers being spread out across our great land, we can accomplish anything. We and people like us will be the leaders of the resistance and return our Republic to its rightful existence.

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  1. Yep, that video startled me as well. How can ANYONE say that is normal? I haven’t seen any replies from people who were actually “training” on those boats (maybe they don’t read/write English).

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive. Remember, it only took 3% to resist tyranny the first time. You don’t have to stand tall, but you have to stand up!

    1. A little ingenuity to foul the boat’s screw, a couple disciplined snipers to take out the targets by the heavy hardware, and the rest of the sitting ducks just piss all over themselves while they face the stark realization that they chose the wrong side when they decided to betray their country.

  2. I am a former combat army veteran of Viet Nam in 1969….And Nobody(military) trains for any situation unless its anticipated to become the real deal…..Its anticipated by someone up higher…civilians in this case, and the military sheaple following orders….As it was said in Hitlers Germany, we’re just following orders………
    Well, People! Come On….This kind of bullshit is meant for you and I at some point….
    If our military finally turns the attack on us down and goes against department of HLSecurity…..then our land may be spared a massive long bloody, horror……..If our Military does not do that, we are in for a time few have ever seen…..only those as myself who have been in long term combat have an idea. Iraq and Afghanistan…..are not long term fighting spots….small hit and misses here and there with road side bombs is most of it………That is not what the United States will experience, I fear….This has the possibility of being a constant, long term combat zone, of the worst kind…US(we) against Them!
    Get your mind prepared…… say how do you do that?
    Realize that you must fight………If you do not…There is this. Either death or imprisonment ….little middle ground…..What ever works for the moment is needed………..besides weapons and bullets…….think…how to survive will come to you….
    Get your mind ready………every body……….

  3. When I watched the roll-out of armed troops in Boston after the bombing hoax there, the “shelter in place” orders, armed troops going house to house and ordering the people out into the streets with their hands in the air, I knew the conditioning of the American people to accept martial law was well under way. And then to have the people of Boston lining the streets and chanting “U S A! U S A!”, I about choked. They were cheering for the very death of any freedom whatsoever in this country. Slaves cheering for their enslavement-how sad.

    1. you are correct Paula….AND
      As I reviewed this video, there is no training there.
      Its already a show of force……..Patrolling…

      No Training Involved……
      When this begins,,,,its going to take a few million Paul Revere’s hollering to wake enough people up…that they will then act….
      Those believers who are able to see this coming are going to have to gain many side kicks to go house to house informing all……..that this is real……….
      Its happening now……

      1. Paul Revere os right.

        There will be no communication aside from direct ‘word of mouth’.

        No internet, no phones – anyone have a shortwave radio??

        Food will be gone within hours not days. Stores do not ‘store’ food. This is not decades of hundreds of years ago when people could be locked down and still have their own food; everyone buys food these days with few exceptions.

        As I have long maintained they will simply starve us out – into compliance of death. Control the larger population areas and wait. The gov will largely run in a business as usual manor – well, the elite gov people, not the proles (proltariat, commoners).

        Be ready to fight, surrender and/or die.

    2. Remember, the true Israelites were in the wilderness after being freed from the Egyptians and were complaining and trying to elect a captain to return them to bondage in Egypt. They were free and they wished to be enslaved. Sheeple have always been sheeple. It is sickening.

    3. Paula, I had the exact same thoughts as you regarding the Boston dog & pony police state sh!t show. I was telling anyone and everyone around me what was really going on while it was happening, but sadly, only a few understood. I too knew that it was a big false flag with the goal being “the conditioning of the American people to accept martial law”. I too said nearly the exact words as you, “slaves cheering for their enslavement” when I saw those brain-dead lemmings chanting “USA USA…” and cheering the very iron fist that was smashing America to bits. I truly nearly vomited watching those morons cheer as the shackles were being clamped around their necks.

      Then there was the planned timing of it all…the false flag bombings on April 14th, tax day, when so many citizens wonder what kind of bang for their buck they were getting to suffer such a severe level of confiscation of their earnings from such an absurdly corrupt and criminal government. Oh, they got some “bang” alright. And what a convenient distraction from the annual gouging. Then the whole martial law show, with the people of Boston forced to clear the streets and have their homes invaded by heavily armed thugs on April 19th, the anniversary of the day the first shots were fired in the American Revolution in the city in which those very shots were fired. Coincidence? Only the dumbest and most gullible among us would think so.

  4. This is one of many lies I was told in school: “We study History so as not to make the same mistakes again”. I believed it and although I hated History for it was dull and stupid to me at the time I studied it anyway thinking it would work. It didn’t and when I got to learn of real History on the internet I thought boy if this was taught in school I would have loved it.

    Americans are so dumbed down it would be safe to say there is little hope of change out there until…. as Celente says…”When people have nothing more to lose they lose it”. He is right and I see that clearly. I can not blame them really for the TV is the elephant in the room and that is where they spend most of their free time. Everything they see is orientated toward the goals of the NWO. They don’t know any different.

    The lack of a good education is the next problem. I was in a Discovery store with my youngest daughter of 28 at the time. She is a college graduate and the private assistant secretary to the CEO of Goodwill. Yet this girl could not do a game that involved touching the place on the globe to indicate the countries that popped up in the game. The first one was Peru and she had not even an idea what continent it was on. She is not alone. Many don’t know basic civics answers to easy questions like name a country that begins with U.

    It is very sad but we are a very uninformed people. The founding fathers are now traitors and the Constitution is outmoded. The Constitution is no longer taught and many never look at it again after they learn it. A great many have never even read the Articles which are just as enlightening.

    Do not give up yet we still have a ways to go and soon the writing will be on the wall.

    1. bless you for this comment
      I also am not against one of our citizens…
      Not one…
      The interior human spirit is so vast and beautiful that its capable of going way beyond what has over taken our United States plight today, and i believe it will do just that….in the end.

  5. Susan, you make such a good point. One thing I have done when I find myself in conversation with an unawake, unaware person who is lambasting constitutionalists and patriots, is to ask them, “tell me, when is the last time you READ the constitution?”

    They always look at me blankly.

    I then tell them, “go read it, all the way through, then get back to me.”

    I also usually tell them that I hadn’t read it either, and once I finally did, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t read it, all this time, and yet had considered myself an informed and educated person.

      1. Ut Oh now you have done it…you are now a terrorist LOL. Hey this may be the new cool.

  6. I know they looked like troops in Boston after the false flag but weren’t they all police? It just goes to show how pernicious it is all becoming.

  7. That is not normal in the USA! I have 2 son-in-laws in the military & they can not even have or carry weapons on base! I have seen that in Mexico, Philippines, & Greece, but never in the United States of America! “We the People” are in deep trouble & must be prepared to stand against our oppressor!

  8. Back in the mid ‘70’s I met a man in Grass Valley, California. It was during that period just before the elections and the hot subject was California’s latest attempt at banning all private ownership of handguns. During one of those hot debates down at a local towing garage, this man that I had barely known, told me (in broken English); “I saw [knew] the AVO, I crossed the bridge of Andau”. He said it as if it should have a stunning impact on me. Later, he explained that he had been in Budapest in ’56. He had eventually made it to the bridge and walked across Austria, to Italy, boat to Veracruz, sneaked across into San Diego, and hid at a friend’s house in Grass Valley until he was granted asylum.
    Point of my story is, that 37 years ago, he gave me a first hand view of what we may now be facing here, complete with directions on how to obtain a book about it, him, the bridge, and all the others. I’m sorry (almost ashamed) to admit that I didn’t read that book until 2006 which was after he had pasted.

    What I can do now is agree with this author and direct any that foolishly think these gun boats are “Okay” to please read: The Bridge of Andau, by James Michener, it is one of his very few non-fiction works. In October or November of 1956, Michener was in Austria working on another book, when he went to Andau and then to the Bridge. He stopped all he was doing and wrote the compelling work about those people he met.

  9. This story is very disturbing. I live near covington, la which is close to slidell and eden isle. But, i have seen a lot of strange military crap happen around here lately. For about the past 2 years ive noticed tons of black hawks flying around here a couple of times a week. Sometimes in formations of three, other times just flying about 30 sec.- a min. apart. Once they were so low to the ground almost touching the trees. I could see the man sitting behind the machine gun in the door, he was wearing woodland camo. The scariest encounter i had with the black hawks was one day there was just one helicopter and it was very low and going very slow it kept circling my neighborhood for about 20 minutes. Then they just decided to take off and head east.

    1. Frank, I saw a couple Blackhawks just today by Mandeville, 2 of them flying fairly close together and at around 600 feet. The effort to desensitize the masses continues unabated.

  10. War with the people is coming, I believe the sheeple in the cities will lay down and us out in rural areas will be fighting. This conditioning is working on a lot of people unfortunately. Keep vigilant.

  11. It worries me for sure.

    This quote (from the OP) about sums it up for me: “They can train on the lake, they can train anywhere else, but you do not train in residential neighborhoods. Especially with M2 Machine Guns mounted. One day these patrols will become the real deal and most Americans will say nothing until it is too late.”

    Something is in the wind, folks. I can feel it.

    What’s more – they are not going to stop.

  12. I seen your video on youtube, and your heartfelt comment, if you were the one who had the big comment at the top (either bulldog or henry) and I needed to show you guys that what they are doing is completely legal Check both of these out. They have actually changed where the Constitution can be used and it is true.

    1. L-Dogg,
      With respect, they can claim it is legal all day long. They cant change the 4th Amendment. Constitution Free Zones are 100% wrong and against our Bill of Rights. Just because they say it doesnt make it true. We cannot allow them to make us go along with their illegal acts. I live in one of their supposed Constitutional Free Zones. Hell, most of the population does. Do not accept it. They will not search me, my vehicle or my home without a warrant. They will have to arrest me to accomplish this.

      1. It’s so scary how so many people are holding their wrist out to be shackled, throwing themselves at the feet of their “masters”…I’m from New Orleans, I encounter sheeple on a daily basis who really believe that the black hawks flying above is for their best interest…these are the same people who doors were kicked in by U.S Marshalls and had their 2nd amendment rights violated and their privacy violated, whereas blanco called for a shoot to kill order…people had guns pointed to their heads by troops and were told by some asshole soldiers they would shoot into the crowd because of the few thugs who found the aftermath of Katrina another reason to exploit people-as if there is any reason to justify these heinous measures anyway ( the fact of the matter is,irrespective to all the chaos that happened,it was a staging ground to condition the people to accept jack boots in their faces and troops holding guns to their heads so when the crap hits the fan the sheeple would line up and fall in line far the slaughter because they have been condition to do so…for those of us who can plant a seed of knowledge to wake people up, continue to do so. but time is of the essence so we have to continue to cover OUR asses because sadly, some people would never pay attention-they’re more concerned with “reality” television, and honey boo boo child, hip hop wives and the next x factor winner than knowing their RIGHTS and exercising them…I know this because many of these people are on my job on the bus in my family, friends, school on the tv shilling ect, the brainwashing is quite thorough. the evidence is overwhelming to say the least-it’s obvious because if it wasn’t and more people were aware and focused their energy beyond that of hot button issues like race (which is exploited by the very government enslaving us all) there would be a greater outcry, because people would stick it to their so called “leaders” without filters like that of believing the political leaders are going to save them by voting in different front men and women to continue to sell their freedom and wealth to the corporations the military now works for and protect—that’s why we see these gunboats, black hawks, drones and events like in Boston where people were forced from their homes like criminals,than the same people turn around and applaud the jack boots for humiliating them in front of the world “USA USA” so this is one of the reasons why these people are getting away with their antics and scare tactics because so many people accept it and protect the very system that’s going to eventually slaughter their families…i’m sick of it, it’s so disturbing.

        1. I never knew there were that many patriots in nola. I have heard quite few speaking out recently. Im in lafayette and we need a few more up here.
          Blanco was a bad gov in a long line of bad govs in our state. I think we will be stuck with dardan this next go around. He will probably hand the keys to the state over to valerie jarrett personally

          1. Yep, we are here, striving to connect with open minds throughout the area and beyond…I can see why people would think New Orleans lacks patriots since one of the city’s most relevant nick names is “the city care forgot”. I’m from here an I have a hard time connecting with many people down here about these realities( the few I do know are really cool people who dialogue with plenty of sense they share the wealth of knowledge but some people really think these things don’t/won’t affect them-or dismiss it as “crazy people talk” and say things like “the GOVERNMENT won’t ever let that happen” and “GOD won’t let that happen” as if all past atrocities perpetrated by governments are just static moments in time disconnected from any series of connecting events that led to them–they think they’re free because their not marching in perfect unison with matching domestic uniforms with their eyes focuses upon their big brother tyrant leader like in North Korea–they think they’re free because it’s either house wives of where ever ville or 2nd lines,even when you show them PROOF they degrade back into a stupor that’s going to come back an bite them in the ass-in so many ways it’s already biting, I just don’t get how someone can see these things in plain view and still shrug their shoulders as if it’s all gravy…we never use to see these things going on in plain sight (where it made it more easy for people to dismiss it).but now TPTB are showing us they don’t give a DAMN about what you see because they have really condition the public over time to see their once sneaky advances as “fighting for freedom” “peace” and “the American way” you know all the worn Orwellian esque platitudes so many buy into…the good thing that I can see coming from the blatant displays of “affection” from the thugs running this nation-is that we can use this to our advantage to step our games up because at least we can see what their doing in plain sight now “pretending” like every thing is just some drill for “peace”, when in reality they’re trying to gets us to become acclimated to their vision of some bizarro world–well guess what buddy everyone else can keep their heads up their butts…I know I’m not because I didn’t pull mines out my own ass to turn around to shove it up some politician’s butt nor their puppet string pulling handlers over at the U.N…I’m trying not to lose hope for the human race.but MAN things are looking bleak when someone tells you they’d rather give up their right to protect themselves and just let the boys in blue with GUNS point them at us to protect us? perplexing when there is ample proof the COPS have shot unarmed citizens and legally armed people for decades, and have gotten off with desk duty and reasonable force” so yep there is some serious programming going on here an if you’re on the beat like I am in the streets–you can see the elites handy work at play without guessing and it’s scary…If the circus can snatch up a big ass grizzly bear out it’s habitat break it down to climb onto a unicycle with a clown nose on, than you know humans can be just as controlled…

  13. Look out, Mama,there’s a white boat comin’ up the river
    With a big red beacon,and a flag,and a man on the rail
    I think you’d better call John,
    ‘Cause it don’t look like they’re here to deliver the mail
    And it’s less than a mile away
    I hope they didn’t come to stay
    It’s got numbers on the side and a gun
    And it’s makin’ big waves.

    –Neil Young, “Powderfinger”

  14. Sweet weepin’ Jesus on the cross, that video is extremely alarming! One of my places is about 5 minutes from that very spot. I’m going to jam that video up my Congressman’s starfish and demand some answers…not that the swine will do anything but spout some pandering lip service.

    Another alarming thing in that very area is they were absolutely soaking the place with chemtrails today, Tuesday 10/29. I have rarely seen so many ominous grids in the sky.

    Well the guys in those gunboats may have an easy go of it in swanky Eden Isles when the “drill” goes live, but they will find a far lower level of hospitality and a lot more complications if they’re reckless enough to take their aggression into the bayous just a short distance away… “behind every blade of grass”…

      1. Ok, Justin, but you can’t deny that it’s a pretty nice neighborhood…I mean, those houses on the canal in the background of the video sure don’t appear to be hovels or mudhuts. 😉

        As for your comment below this one, I’m all for getting some like-minded citizens together. I think you’ll find some kindred spirits in the area this coming weekend at the northshore Harbor Center. I’ll be the 6’3″ guy who looks like a cross between John Elway, an old spook, and a dude who got hit in the face with a frying pan. lol Seriously though, I’m not sure how how we can discreetly trade some contact info on this site, maybe Henry or the Marine or one of the old regulars would be kind enough to offer a suggestion?

        1. You could go into The Pub (on the menu bar at the top) at an agreed time. You can see who is in there while you are there.
          Or if you would like us to pass on your email information, we will do so.

  15. I live in Eden isles and have never seen this behavior before in my life. something is not right. why will people not stand up to this police/military nation before it is too late!!!!!!!!!!!!. if you live in the area. reply back. let’s kick some ideas back and forth. this can’t continue

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