Nancy Pelosi Takes Sick Victory Lap after Getting Omnibus Passed

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Michigan conservative Justin Amash (R-MI) took to Facebook to blast the establishments of both parties, explaining that the Omnibus bill is the perfect example of why Americans hate Congress.

Speaking of a story from Roll Call about the passage of the Omnibus bill, Rep. Amash said,The story below illustrates the brokenness of Washington, where only a few individuals negotiate nearly $2 trillion in provisions and tell the rest of Congress to take it or leave it. I voted no on this disgusting omnibus bill that harms Americans and bankrupts the next generation.”  

The article he cites is titled “Pelosi’s Victory Lap” and it tells about what happened in the immediate aftermath of the Democrat Party’s victory on getting the Omnibus bill passed through Congress. Here’s what the leader of the House Democrats admitted that should have everyone furious with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and every other member of the GOP establishment.

“We’ve had to sort of calibrate how we presented this to members because … we were afraid [Republicans] might pull things out if more Republicans knew about what was in the bill,” [Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi] continued, explaining all the hesitation from Democrats in the hours after the bill was made public.

NancyPelosiEarlier in the week, she had instructed members in a closed-door meeting to “keep on their long faces” and not speak publicly about everything Democrats won in the omnibus, according to a senior House aide. She wanted them to avoid speaking about provisions they fought to include, as well as poison pill policy riders they insisted be removed, instead suggesting they just say they were “still reading the language” when asked how they planned to vote.

“Now they’re done, that’s it. There’s no way they can change the rule or anything like that; the speaker said it’s closed,” said Pelosi on Friday, “so we feel pretty good about bragging about what’s in the bill to get our votes and also not risking changing anything in the bill.” . . .

“They wanted big oil so much they gave away the store,” Pelosi said at her Friday breakfast roundtable meeting.

Like Rep. Amash, Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) was floored by just how bad this bill was. Just one day before being given the massive bill and two days before the thieves in Congress would ram it through, Massie sounded exasperated as he told his constituents that he would vote against the Omnibus. “We learned last night that in addition to unsustainable spending, the giant omnibus includes completely unrelated legislation to expand warrantless domestic cyber surveillance and to repeal country of origin labeling for meat sold in the U.S. I will be voting no on Thursday.”

Thomas MassieHours after the dreaded bill was passed, Massie used a bit of Star Wars gallows humor in an effort to ease the pain every American will feel when the Omnibus inevitably hits our pocketbooks.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of taxpayers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
Congressman Massie, sensing the passage of the Omnibus.

There has indeed been a “disturbance in the force,” Congressman Massie, and the fault for this horrible action lies with Republicans. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said it best when he opined that bills like the Omnibus were the reason American voters are in “open rebellion”against their political leaders. Bills like this birthed the Tea Party movement. Bills like this led to historic victories for the GOP… but that was when Democrats were leading both chambers of Congress. Now that the GOP is leading and they are still passing terrible bills like this, guess who voters are going to take action against? The GOP had an incredible opportunity to lead the way to solvency, to lead us back to prosperity; instead they seem to be doing the same things that Democrats would have done and none of what either party is doing is good.

Senator Sessions is right. We voters should be in open rebellion.

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  1. “The GOP had an incredible opportunity to lead the way to solvency, to lead us back to prosperity;…”

    So they did just the opposite.

    That’s what jewb#tches are paid to do.

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