Nanny State Wisconsin: Don’t Milk Your Cow Without a License

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The message the Wisconsin Judicial Branch recently sent is that you have can not milk your own cow unless you have a license from the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP).  This is way over the top. You can not milk a cow without a license, seriously.

Wisconsin farms that do have a DATCP license can milk their GMO fed cows and send their product to a processor. Burn the milk till most nutrients are dead or altered and then it is considered safe for human consumption. You can cook the milk all you want but that does not guarantee the consumer a superior product.   

Just recently I opened a carton of organic pasteurized heavy whipping cream, from a Wisconsin manufacturer, and lo and behold it was like I was staring at a high school science project. No way was this going into my coffee.


Photo by: Andrew Mastrocola

Sure was gut churning to see that ‘safe’ milk the Wisconsin DATCP forces most consumers to purchase. Never have I witnessed something so strange with raw milk. Raw is the milk of my choice but this was one of those days no raw cream was available.

The appellate court in Wisconsin once again has denied your right to buy, sell, and consume raw milk with their latest ruling. But wait a minute, wasn’t there just a jury trial last year that said you do not need a DATCP license? Yes there was, but that was a jury of Vernon Hershberger’s peers and not a judges ruling. Apparently, a jury ruling, that makes such activity lawful, does not matter to the Wisconsin Judicial branch of government.

“In every raw milk case in Wisconsin, the courts have ignored the fact that people have the lawful right to privately contract with a farmer for foods of their choice, as well as to drink raw milk.  The courts don’t want us to know the difference between legal and lawful”, says Wisconsin raw milk advocate, Rosanne Lindsay.

“When a court authority claims that a farmer does not have the legal right to “operate” a raw dairy farm without a license for “sales” or “distributions” to “consumers,” it uses legal language to place the farm under the jurisdiction of corporate law. As an “operation” a farm becomes public and requires a license. ”

Lindsay continues, “In response, maybe its time to take back the language, the law, and the jurisdiction and call it what it is; farming and drinking.”

Will we the people of Wisconsin allow these corrupted courts to prevail? Not if we continue to open packages of what the government deems safe and all we find is ‘early milk spoilage’. The case for raw milk only grows stronger.

The manager of a Wisconsin farmer’s market says, “Here’s a thought to ponder….. what about raw (un-pasteurized) honey? Milk in its true form is “raw” so will honey be next on the list. My goodness…with all the gmo’s one can’t control where the bees fly! I would think the chemicals are worse than raw milk!”

Farmers in Wisconsin who do not participate in the National Animal Identification System, NAIS, routinely have their DATCP license to ship milk to a processing plant pulled for not registering into that “voluntary” NAIS program. Their ability to produce an income for their families is destroyed and the milk that the cows give is dumped on the ground daily. Yes, there is raw milk available for the Wisconsin consumer, but DATCP and the bought and paid for corporate controlled judges don’t want us having access to that healthy and nutritious raw milk. But the jury in the Hershberger case says that we can. Hmmm?

The Wisconsin Courts and Legislature have been bought by the Agricultural Industrial Complex, Big Agra, Dean Foods, and Dairy Industry Lobbyists. Past, current, and future Wisconsin governors continually ignore the voices of their constituents that want an alternative to an industrial product that grows weird lumps. How long will the people continue to comply with these draconian government mandates? When do you stand up and claim your God given rights as free men and women?

There is “this lack of accountability by the State of Wisconsin” attorney Ajna Sharma-Wilson told FoodFreedomUSA, it ‘is indicative of the inconsistencies within our legal justice system.” In referring to most recent raw milk ruling of the Zinniker\Craig case Sharma-Wilson reminds us that it  is” not the people who have spoken here, or in the recent Hershberger appeal denial. It is up to the people to be responsive”, to the current tyranny. It is the people of Wisconsin that need to make the necessary changes and take action to make a difference. Sharma-Wilson gives us four simple steps to get started:

1. Get to know your farmer.
2. Be responsible with each food dollar spent.
3. Get to a jury.
4. Never give up.

With the deep pockets of the Wisconsin dairy industry lobbyists, hell will most likely freeze over before Wisconsin has a governor that will listen to the voices of the people, and allow liberty and freedom to once again reign supreme.

David Gumpert also commented to FoodFreedomUSA that,”we have a situation in Wisconsin where it’s legal for Vernon Hershberger to distribute raw milk via a private food club, but illegal for the Craigs and Zinnikers. Shouldn’t the Craigs and Zinnikers have the same rights as the Hershbergers? Maybe they have to go grab those rights, just like Hershberger did.”

“In my view”, says Gumpert,  “there is still one good option for these farmers to secure their right to distribute good food to their food club members.”  And that would be a fully informed jury, click here to read Gumpert’s opinion.

One raw milk consumer and activist, Diana Schroedel, summed it up best, “So, no contract is legal unless the nanny state and big ag says so.”

Welcome to America’s Dairyland.

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  1. So now we need a license in order to milk a cow?? Bahahaha!!

    Oh man, what’s next? A license to take a pee in a public bathrooom? Unfrigginbelievable….

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