Nation’s Second Largest Retailer to Double Organics Immediately

TARGET-STORES-735_350Natural Society – by Christina Sarich

You voted with your dollar. You spoke out on social media. You educated your co-workers who were eating a junk-food diet. Thanks to this influence, organic food sales are exploding, so one of the largest retailers in the US is ‘doubling down’ their investment in organic and sustainable products.

Target’s initiative is called ‘Made to Matter,’ and it will nearly double the number of sustainable and organic products it sells. The chain has already included an exclusive collection of 16 brands and over 100 individual products that were introduced last year – ranging from bleach-free diapers to nonaerosol air fresheners.  

The reason for their big changes? Money. Your vote. They believe by changing and expanding their product line, they could make more than $1 billion this year.

According to Kathee Tesija, executive vice president and chief merchandising and supply chain officer, Target is expected to report annual sales of $73.2 billion in the near future – largely due to these changes.

This comes at a time when food companies such as Breyer’s, Nestle, Hershey, and many others are making their own shifts toward more healthful, natural ingredients. The health movement has taken hold, and will continue to push companies in the direction much-needed for a better food system.

The Made to Matter initiative is part of a reassessment Target is making of its grocery business.

Under Target’s new CEO, Brian Cornell, the company is looking to set itself apart by marketing different products in the grocery, health and wellness aisle. It’s part of a broader strategy which doesn’t include organic food, but other consumer goods; however, the company is betting big on consumer demand for organic.

Tesija said:

“I think this program has enormous potential and will continue to play an important role in differentiating Target from other retailers.”

Tesija also noted that brands featured in the new sustainable and organic program have already experienced a 30 percent increase in sales growth.

Target’s growth in the naturals and organics industry continues to grow 1.5 percent faster than the overall market, which has been expanding at about a 10 percent rate.

About 75 percent of the products this year are new. And you can guess who made this happen – YOU DID!

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2 thoughts on “Nation’s Second Largest Retailer to Double Organics Immediately

  1. I don’t shop at target unless I pay in cash. After what happened with their credit card scanners being hacked and no solution to fix it, I don’t trust that place any more than I trust any other corrupt retail chain.

  2. I think it’s a lot more likely that Target will just put self-adhesive “Organic” stickers on all their poisonous food so it will move faster.

    The organic Twinkies are right next to the organic Pop Tarts, just down the aisle from the organic Froot Loops. And, yes, it’s all been made with organic high fructose corn syrup, because we care about your health.

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