Navalny reveals investigation into ‘Putin’s Palace’

Jan 20, 2021
Who owns the sprawling palace complex, with its own amphitheatre, a teahouse and a helipad at the Black Sea? Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has released a two-hour video investigation into the complex, saying the palace was built for Russian President Vladimir Putin using taxpayer money. The Kremlin has denied the allegations. The video was posted by Navalny’s team two days after he was jailed upon returning to Russia.

4 thoughts on “Navalny reveals investigation into ‘Putin’s Palace’

  1. What the hell did you expect? A dog house? A criminals paradise.. Russian billionaires had to build this for Putin, or they would be dead.

      1. Only because he put the arm on other Russian billionaires Bill. Putin has zero legit businesses. What he does have is power and mob influence.

        Every dime he has, he stole.
        Its called EXTORTION. If you dont pay, you get an umbrella tip.

  2. It’s no more Putin’s palace than Buckingham Palace is the queen’s and hers is much bigger. They say it has 600 rooms but some of those huge rooms have more floor space than the total floor space of any of the modest homes my family owned.

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