10 thoughts on “New Mexico nothingness Hwy 285

  1. It was like this for about 125 miles, heading to Roswell, NM then to Commerce City , Colorado. Lot of nothing in New Mexico.

    1. I have taken many a road trip across the Southwest, and have always loved that part of the country.

      I also think those ‘bumps’ along the shoulder of the road were (and still are) a fantastic idea, Designed to let you know if you are straying off the highway. I bet there have been millions of lives
      saved when sleepy drivers feel their tires hit those bumps, and it jolts them fully awake and reminds them its time to find a motel for the night.

      1. Your right about saving lives, they have saved mine alot from just about every scenario out there. After a million miles, shit happens. They are especially loud in trucks like mine, they get your attention fast.

        Many times we are forced to run, they dont give a damn if your tired or haven’t slept during your break. I’ve learned over the years to tell them were they can stick it.

  2. Not as far as I could tell Katie, huge ranches with scattered cattle, ranch houses must have been hidden. This road cuts through the middle of the state.

      1. This particular road I’ve never been on. It came off the I40 headed south into Roswell. If I would have stayed on I40 I would have ran smack into the Texas pan handle. Done that alot.

        Never cut south before, deep into New Mexico.

        Yes, this new company has different routes, it only has 4 trucks, they do things alot differently.

  3. Reminds me of area northwest of Pecos, Texas into Lovington then toward Carlsbad. From Tumcomcari (spelling?) toward I-40 it is just like that, can’t remember the names of the towns around there, but I know of where you speak. Route 285 I think heads toward Pecos, then Fort Stockton along I-10. Yep, boring. I could never live around there…need either mountains or sea shore. Don’t do flat.

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