New refugee center to open in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (AP) – A center to welcome refugees from Syria and elsewhere is set to open in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the refugee center is scheduled to open Thursday. 

Muslim police chaplains Adil Imdad and Dzemal Bijedic said they began to look for a warehouse to open a no-pay thrift shop to provide goods and services to an expected influx of Syrian refugees to the area.

The International Institute of St. Louis says the agency has agreed to sponsor 500 Syrians in addition to the 650 or so other refugees that it helps resettle annually.

The new warehouse and center, which will be run by volunteers, has received many items, including several hundred boxes of donations from a mosque in Little Rock, Arkansas earlier this week.

New refugee center to open in St. Louis

One thought on “New refugee center to open in St. Louis

  1. In Europe these refugee centers were burned to the ground.

    Why were confederate symbols torn down? Because no one was there to defend them.

    Why do cops brutalize and shoot whomever they want to? Because no one shoots back.

    You see the point…. without resistance, you can expect them to continue doing whatever they want to, and they’ve already made obvious what plans they have for you and this country. Talking about it, and spreading the truth is important, but it only does so much.

    Americans are eventually going to have to leave the comfort of their homes and do something physical before ANY of the tyranny stops.

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