New US Law Obliges Americans to Pay Unlimited Billions to Israel

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In what has been described as an “unprecedented gift of executive power to Israel,” the US Congress has passed for the very first time a law that forces the American president to give Israel a minimum of $3.8 billion per year—without limitation and no matter what Israel does.

Passed by the House of Representatives on September 12, 2018, the “United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018” rolls back any limitations that the US places on the amount of “aid” American taxpayers must hand over to Israel.  

The bill states in “Sec. 102. Statement of Policy) that it “shall be the policy of the United States to provide assistance to the Government of Israel in order to support funding for cooperative programs to develop, produce, and procure missile, rocket, projectile, and other defense capabilities to help Israel meet its security needs and to help develop and enhance United States defense capabilities.”

According to a review of the law published by the If Americans Knew group, the AIPAC-lobbied law, introduced by Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida), whose maternal grandparents were Sephardic Jews, originally from the Ottoman Empire, who had been active in Cuba’s Jewish community, and Ted Deutch (D-Florida), whose grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Belarus, the bill is “even more generous to Israel than the Senate bill and the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding and “amounts to $7,230 per minute to Israel, or $120 per second.”

The If Americans Knew review adds that the bill “guarantees $38 billion to Israel over the next ten years” and “is a dramatic departure from the deal offered under President Obama’s 2016 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

“Most dramatically, this new act would eviscerate the ability of President Trump and his successors for the next ten years to withhold United States aid to Israel,” the review continued.

“Historically, almost every president since Eisenhower has attempted to withhold such aid at one time or another in order to force Israel to the peace table or to stop Israel from committing human right abuses or illegal acts such as taking Palestinian land and giving it to Israeli settlers.

“President Eisenhower was the last American President who managed to use this threat effectively, when he forced Israel to withdraw from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in 1957.”

The review added that the “second most important effect of this act is in Section 103. While the MOU limits the amount of aid [the US] give[s] Israel to the amount agreed upon, in this case $38 billion over 10 years, Section 103 of the current bill removes all limitations on how much [the US] give[s] give Israel.

“Under the new act, instead of 38 billion being the cap, as Obama stipulated in his 2016 MOU, [the US] must now give Israel a minimum of $3.8 billion per year until 2028.

“Without a cap, and with incessant lobbying by Israel and her proxies in the United States, the amount we give could conceivably double over the next 10 years,” the review said.

“Section 106 will increase Israel’s access to a war-reserve stockpile by completely removing the limits on how many precision guided missiles [the US] can give Israel. The existing law set a maximum of $200 million worth of arms from the stockpile per year, to be charged against the agreed aid package.

“The House version of the bill differs from the Senate version, replacing the words ‘sell’ and ‘sale’ to ‘transfer,’ which appears to open the door for more gifts in excess of the $38 billion.

“To put this in context, a Tomahawk Missile currently costs about $1 million. The media recently lambasted President Trump for using 60 such missiles in Syria because of the high cost.

“Section 107 calls on the President to prescribe procedures for the rapid acquisition and deployment of precision guided munitions. The House text differs from the Senate version in that it removes all the detailed requirements for Israel to have such rapid acquisition.

“In the version just passed by the House, there is only one, extremely broad requirement, that Israel is under direct threat of missiles (in Israel’s opinion).

“Section 108 of the Act authorizes Israel to export arms it receives from the U.S., even though this violates U.S. law. The Senate version included a provision calling on the President to make an assessment of Israel’s eligibility before adding Israel to the exemption list.

“The House version deleted that requirement, and simply orders the American President to grant Israel the privilege.

“In fact, Israel is ineligible, having repeatedly made unauthorized sales in violation of this Act. The Export Act further forbids granting such an exemption to any country that is in violation of International Nuclear Non-proliferation Agreement, which Israel has refused to sign.

“Israel is known to be in possession of nuclear weapons, and hence in violation and ineligible for the export exemption. Congress thus reiterates the message that it will force the President to continue funding Israel even when that violates [U.S.] laws,” the review continued.

“Section 201 orders NASA to work with the Israel Space Agency, even though an Israeli space official has been accused of illegally obtaining classified scientific technology from a NASA research project.

“U.S. agencies periodically name Israel as a top espionage threat against the United States.

“The section also states that United States Agency for International Development (USAID) must partner with Israel in ‘a wide variety of sectors, including energy, agriculture and food security, democracy, human rights and governance, economic growth and trade, education, environment, global health, and water and sanitation.’

“All countries except Israel are required to spend US military aid on American goods. This ensures that the American economy benefits to some degree from these massive gifts. (Of course, if Americans wished to subsidize these U.S. companies, money could be provided directly to them, and Israel and other countries left to buy their equipment with their own money.)

“In the past, Israel has spent 40 percent of U.S. aid on Israeli companies, at the expense of U.S. industry. Under Obama’s 2016 MOU, this percentage was to be decreased over the 10-year span, and eventually Israel’s unique right not to spend use U.S. military aid to purchase items from American companies was to be ended.

“The new Act eliminates this requirement, putting Israeli economic interests before [America’s].

“An Israeli spokesperson crowed: ‘The landmark deal was reached despite budget cuts, including defense cuts, in the U.S.’

The bill now will go back to the Senate for approval, and then to Trump to be signed into U.S. law.

The New Observer

26 thoughts on “New US Law Obliges Americans to Pay Unlimited Billions to Israel

  1. I was hoping for true change, but all I got was this lousy tee-shirt captioned with “Birds of a Feather”. We are but a vassal state. New boss same as old boss. Frank

  2. Re: (1) the ‘Treaty of Peace’ and (2) the ‘Balford Agreement’ as America still does the will of their masters, the City of London / Crown Corporation:

    N.B. The king is the origin of all franchises {Roy est l’original de touts franchises}; Statute of Gloucester 6 Ed. I (1278) (Established the principle that all private franchises were delegated by, and subordinate to, the crown.);

    Cf. The Paris Peace Treaty (September 3, 1783) (Article 4 again bound US to pay England):

    Fletcher v. Peck, 10 U.S. 87, 118-120 (1810) (The United States can have no title but what is derived from Georgia. … At the treaty of peace, there was no idea of a cession of land to the United States, by Great Britain. The bounds of the United States were fixed as the bounds of the several states had been before fixed. The United States did not claim land for the United States as a nation; they claimed only in right of the individual states. Great Britain yielded the principle of the royal right to disannex lands from the colonies, and acquiesced in the principle contended for by the United States, which was the old boundary of the several states. See Chief Justice Jay’s opinion in the case of Chisholm v. The State of Georgia, reported in a pamphlet published in 1793. The United States then had no title by the treaty of peace. She has since (viz. in 1788) declined accepting a cession of the territory from Georgia, not because the United States had already a title, but because the lands were too remote, &c. There is nothing in the constitution of the United States, which can give her a title.);

    Society for Propagation of the Gospel v. Town of New Haven, 21 U.S. (8 Wheat.) 464 (1823) (English corporation, controlled by British subjects, did not lose its real estate in Vermont; title was secured by treaty of peace.); accord Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation (1794) (They shall be at full liberty to remain there, or to remove with all or any part of their effects; and it shall also be free to them to sell their lands, houses or effects, or to retain the property thereof, at their discretion; such of them as shall continue to reside within the said boundary lines, shall not be compelled to become citizens of the United States, or to take any oath of allegiance to the Government thereof; but they shall be at full liberty so to do if they think proper, and they shall make and declare their election within one year after the evacuation aforesaid.);

  3. THIS is what the Kavenah distraction has been all about!!! I’ve been wondering what these assholes were doing that we’re not supposed to notice.

  4. PS. U.S. v. Chamberlin, 219 U.S. 250, 31 S.Ct. 155, 162, 55 L.Ed. 204 (1911) (The rule thus settled respecting the British Crown is equally applicable to this government, and it has been applied frequently in the different states, and practically in the Federal courts. It may be considered as settled that so much of the royal prerogatives as belonged to the King in his capacity of parens patrioe, or universal trustee, enters as much into our political state as it does into the principles of the British Constitution.);

    1. Why are you citing us admiralty law cases, this shit was illegal then, and have zero authority now. What exactly is your agenda here anyways, all these previous case law doesn’t mean shittles, are you trying to impress Clarence Darrow, or does illegal case law just rock your boat?

  5. Rhetorical question here–what will Israel, or it’s owners (the Rothschilds) do if the US can’t pay this amount every year? Now I know all this is illegal as well as immoral, but seriously, is Israel gonna nuke the US (and of course, say Iran did it, like they claimed Egypt tried to sink the USS Liberty) if Israel doesn’t get this money every year? Is Sheldon Adelson gonna get his team of thugs to whack every single political hack who doesn’t send the money? Is Israel–among its nukes and dirty deeds, gonna kill every damned Jew in America over this? Meaning, is a nation that couldn’t even beat Hezbollah in 2006 gonna be able to get away with threatening every American (including millions of so-called Jews) who doesn’t have a luxury hole to go into within an inch of his or her life? Mao Zedong once called the US a “paper tiger,” but I’d say Israel is a “paper” rattle-snake…and does the Israeli govt. or Rothschild get these billions?

  6. Oh Dear Mark … I am merely explaining to all my brothers and sisters how their schemes have evolved from the beginning … how THEY think and what they rely on when they say “you knew or reasonably should have known” because they have in-deed laid-out their ‘schemes’ over the years and decades from the beginning within their case law, statutes and treaties …

    I merely want ALL to be forewarned … as you can’t say that you have been ‘deceived’ if they actually have this evidence to prove that they have clearly told you how it is with them: and then they will merely claim that ‘Your ignorance is No Excuse’ because you didn’t spend all your friggin’ life reading Case Law, the Federal Register and Statutes to at least have some ideal of their machinations, treachery and treasons!

    But, if you think you need to ‘Shoot the Messenger’ maybe you should at least talk to Henry about me before you pull that trigger to my disparagement, renounce and reject my Good Faith and honorable intentions …

    Or, you can just be the typical GUPPY or SLUG and ‘eat your own’ for lack of personal knowledge, dignity and respect for others who suffer and sacrifice along with all the Trenchers who suffer the same burdens …

    1. Amicus,

      Ok, so you feel you have to shove this down our throats, so be it, would have been great to hear this Clarence Darrow speal earlier so we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous conversation. Reading endless case law is like trying to stay awake at a Los Angeles philamonic opera that stretches out for hours.

      I need an IV inserted in my arm to stay awake while reading this crap.

    2. “I merely want ALL to be forewarned…”

      You DO realize that you’re talking to some of THE best informed people on the entire planet here, don’t you (preaching to the choir, in other words)?

      Everything they’ve done as far as ‘law’ is concerned has been in DIRECT VIOLATION OF OUR BILL OF RIGHTS, so what possible bearing can citing endless ‘case law’ have concerning preparing for the ONLY thing that will fix this country (hint: it WON’T be settled in any damn ADMIRALTY/MARITIME ‘COURT OF ‘LAW’).

      This revolution WON’T be won on paper, my friend.

  7. Yes Mark, you are a brilliant and edumacateed man; a legend in your own mind but not exactly very reasonable as you are obviously intimitated by anyone who actually reads, studies and understands ‘law-fare’ more that you do!

    Many moons ago I actually felt a loss when you, for some reason, were upset with Henry and left the Trenches yet I was pleased when you two kissed, made-up and you came back to us, but for:

    “With reasonable men I will reason; with humane men I will plead; but with tyrants, I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.” — William Lloyd Garrison 1805 – 1879

    “Enslave the liberty of but one human being and the liberties of the world are put in peril.” — William Lloyd Garrison 1805 – 1879

    “No man shall rule over me with my consent. I will rule over no man.” — William Lloyd Garrison 1805 – 1897

    Hey Mark … does this authority fit in and support the Bill of Rights that we all live by (as is NOT of Admiralty) so how are you going to Bitch-slap, Bad-mouth or INSULT me now?

    1. All brothers fight Amicus, it a edumacated human trait. Henry never raised his voice too me or me too him. It was a miscommunication that ended in me being stupid, just like you trying to talk down to me, real stupid.

      “Hey Mark … does this authority fit in and support the Bill of Rights that we all live by (as is NOT of Admiralty) so how are you going to Bitch-slap, Bad-mouth or INSULT me now?”

      You just did that all by yourself…

      You want to come at me like that? Your going to only shit where you sleep my brother, back off and quit with the bullshit soprano, get back to what you do, we got you.

  8. If you don’t like or can’t appreciate the information if freely give then don’t FRIGGIN read it … but for: There is no justice when even a single voice goes unheard: See, Proverbs, 14:15; Proverbs, 18:13; 1 Thessalonians, 5:21; 1 John, 4:1-3; John, 14:26; John, 16:26; Revelation, 12:10; and the following concomitants ad infinitum:

    By what authority would you deprive others who write me with their sincere appreciation and thanks for all the information I have shared with them over my years on FTT?

    Shouting me down after all these years of freely given love, respect and work here is typical of the tactics practiced today by the SJW’s and MOB RULE of the progressive Shills, Sock-puppets and Trolls otherwise known as ‘Kazars’ or ‘Zionists’ of today … I just didn’t expect that of the Trenchers!

    Should I deprive my Dear One and Favorite Few here of useful information that either supports the Bill of Rights – or would be used against those who support the Bill of Rights?

    Should I now know you few by your works of dishonor, defamation and disparagement as practiced here today, or the greatest ‘insult’ of all by friend Koyote who calls me an ‘Aturn-on-me’?

    1. Anymore conversation in this matter is pointless you disparaging son of a bitch. Quit with the girlie man crap and back off. This conversation is over, the end, finished, fat lady just laid a shit, got it!

      1. STOP IT!
        I spent 14 hours in a rig up in the mountains yesterday and put in a couple of three hoofing over rocks and hills in the mountains.
        I’m trying to get ready for the program. After I do, I will address this. In the meantime, Mark and Amicus, you are friends whether you realize it or not.
        I have set and broke bread with both of you.
        And for the record before I have to run upstairs, Amicus is not an attorney.
        I gotta go.

  9. This is absolutely appalling! WTF!! That’s half our wealth and resources being sent over to Israel rather than to help the starving people of our country.

    Just who is Trumpy a president of? US or Israel? He can’t be both.

    Can we get a president of the United States for America in office for once please!

    This is nothing more than unlimited funding for war in the Middle East. It’s a back door policy designed to take our taxpayer money to continue funding their wars.


    We Americans NEED HELP FIRST!!! F**K ISRAEL!!!

    1. And these very ones who steal from us are the same ones who made many, many complacent, distracting them with a false freedom of perversion. I guess they had to install complacency before they could fully loot.



  10. In this article’s title, it’s the word “obliges” that slays, and cuts, and punches. Obliges!!

    From the dictionary: 

    Make someone legally or morally bound to an action or course of action
    Do as someone asks or desires in order to help or please them
    Be indebted or grateful
    Archaic: bind someone by an oath, promise, or contract
    From the Latin, obligare, ob: toward + ligare: to bind

    One can deduce from this that we are to move toward binding with Israel. These are some of the comparable words the thesaurus offers for oblige: require, compel, bind, constrain, obligate, leave with no option but, force

    “No option but force,” eh? Damn you!! I WILL NOT BE OBLIGATED!!!!!


    1. ps: “The new Act eliminates this requirement, putting Israeli economic interests before America’s.”

      Putting their interests before ours?!! Can anyone read that and not be outraged?

      And, “In what has been described as an ‘unprecedented gift of executive power to Israel,’ the US Congress has passed for the very first time a law that forces the American president to give Israel a minimum of $3.8 billion per year—without limitation and no matter what Israel does.”

      Granting “executive power” to Israel!! That makes Israel the law of our land, no?!!

      And all this is granted, “no matter what Israel does.” No matter WHAT!!!

      They can go on killing, torturing, stealing, poisoning, and perverting, but no matter what we got their back and will hold them high, even as we impoverish our own and watch our nation die.

      What kind of sick reality is this that 300 million are not fighting back?!!!


      1. galen, I hear you loud and clear! Most people are under the spell cast by those that call themselves jewish BUT are NOT.

  11. I do not care if Amicus is right or wrong–THIS CRAP gives more weight to working off the books than even the idea of “you don’t mess with the IRS!”

    1. And, to any Christian Zionist who has the guts to come to this website, a memo:

      This memo regards your strong delusion belief that “we must bless Israel” and that “God blesses those who bless Israel”–let’s see…Trump wants to force 5G on us all killing plant and wildlife and make is all sick; Trump wants to help Israel nuke Iran or whoever to “save the world” from “our enemies” by irradiating the planet; Trump wants Saudi as well as Israel genocide Yemen, let alone the Palestinians; Trump wants to institute martial law (so sayeith Zionist shill Mke Adams)…for who? Chabaders, who want to murder all Christians? Trump wants to “build a wall” to keep us all in, to hell with keeping MS-13 out; Trump wants to destroy the culture of Native Americans for the sake of pipelines (and to heck with folks like Ira Hayes, Pima Indian, who stood with “ol’ glory on Iwo Jima); Trump wants to let his Mafia buddies run the US, and all the other traitorous things Trump wants to do…well, secret lovers of the Talmud, let’s see how “blessed” this country is when billions or taxpayer dollars goes to Israel, which in case you forgot is owned 70 percent by the Rothschilds, leaders of the synagogue of Satan.

    2. I believe the IRS KNOWS they are on the ropes as well!

      Too many folks have woken up to this FRAUD as well and are FORCING their hand!

  12. Remember folks there no rule of law for the ones pushing this unto us all just laws for us piss on . Again can’t fix a road bridge wall but we can hand over billion to our friends. Wink wink friend my ass

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