No, Prepping is Not Dead Just because Trump Won

By Dan Sullivan

There’s been a sort of weird relaxation in the prepping community after Donald Trump won the elections. People think that just because the Republican nominee will become President, everything’s going to be ok and they don’t need to prep anymore.


In what follows, I’m going to give you a few very good reasons to continue to prepare, and start right away if you haven’t done so. Prepping is a lifelong journey and you should never stop doing it, regardless of who’s in the Oval Office.  

#1. Trump will not be able to deliver on each and every one of his promises.

He’s now a politician and all politicians promise a lot of things in order to get elected. I’ve yet to see one who was able to do everything he promised. There’re just too many variables at stake. Plus, even if he tries, that doesn’t mean he will actually make it or that the result of his actions will be the one everyone expects.

What this means is, there will still be migrants coming into the US. There will still be social unrest, just look at the protests that’ve occurred after he was elected. There will still be democrats pushing their agenda because The Donald winning doesn’t mean they lose all power.

#2. Foreign policy is not a piece of cake all of the sudden.

Yes, Putin likes him, but many EU leaders do not. Just because he won, that doesn’t mean the US is somehow immune to conflicts with other nations. I’m not saying war will come to the US but the US may very well continue to send troops to the Middle East and even take part in armed countries in other parts of the world.

Trump knows that, in order to keep his interests in the Middle East and other parts of the world, he will have to maintain a presence. And that’s not something that the locals will applaud cheerfully.

#3. Natural disasters will still happen.

Trump can’t stop Mother Nature’s wrath. FEMA won’t magically become the disaster agency everyone would like it to be. In fact, I’ve never heard any mention of FEMA in this debate (though I can’t say I watched it extremely closely as prepping is my main focus).

Floods, house fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, CO intoxications, car crashes, landslides, extreme temperatures and the list goes on and on. You should continue to prep for those.

Plus, things like EMPs cannot be stopped with current technology and would wreak havoc should one decide to come towards the earth and destroy all electronics in its path.

Get the basics fast if you haven’t done so already: a bug out bag, a water filter, tools, gear, flashlights, a small stockpile of food and water to last you a few days or even a few weeks – these should be your main concerns if you’re just starting out.

#4. What if the democrats will win 4 years from now?

If that happens, will you not feel sorry for throwing away your preps? Prepping is a long-term endeavor, a never-ending journey, a path from which you should never deviate. One thing we’re all 100% sure is the Democrats will have a candidate in the 2020 elections, one with real chances of winning. Remember everyone saw Trump as the underdog in the beginning of 2016; the same thing can happen to whatever liberal candidate they decided to nominate.

#5. The $20 trillion debt is still there…

…which means the odds of an economic collapse are still high. We’ve yet to see how this debt can be repaid and what the consequences of failing to do so will be OR where the money will come from if they do decide to start repaying.

#6. The world population is still growing at an alarming rate

…and the faster and better transportation systems will become, the easier it’ll be for them to come to the US. Whether or not Trump builds that wall or does other things to stop illegal immigration, 4 years from now, there will be have 4×70 million = 280 million more people on the face of the Earth. That’s almost the size of the US population. And if the democrats win, many of them who would have waited years to migrate will most likely do so should they force their open door policies once more.

Final Word

I hope by now it is clear that the world and the US are not safe all of the sudden, and that you still have a responsibility to your family to continue to prepare.

Good luck,


Survival Sullivan

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  1. #7. Trump’s own words suggest that he seeks to strengthen the police state, which may increase the chances of armed conflict within the country.

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