No War on Christmas? School Alters Lyrics of ‘Silent Night’ to Remove Any Reference to Christ

Independent Journal Review – by Emily Hulsey 

Sometimes, you wonder how people can act so ridiculously.

When they were planning their annual holiday concert, officials at Ralph J. Osgood Intermediate School on Long Island, New York, altered the lyrics of the popular Christmas song “Silent Night,” removing words such as “holy infant” and “Christ the savior.”

Understandably, many parents were upset:

“Any reference to what the song was about — the birth of Christ, ’round young virgin mother and child’ — all of those things were omitted from the version that the children sang beautifully,” said Jackie McDonald, a mother who walked out of the performance.

“To choose to sing ‘Silent Night’ and eviscerate the meaning of the song was not appropriate,” McDonald told CBS 2′s Carolyn Gusoff.

Many said that the school should have just selected a different song. After all, choosing to sing a song about the night Christ was born and changing it to be about a night that some random baby was born kind of takes away the purpose of the song, doesn’t it? In fact, why sing a Christmas song at all if you’re going to remove all of its references to Christmas?

The school has since apologized and promised that this won’t happen again, though we know it will happen again, somewhere, in the future. Sadly, our culture is too politically correct for it not to.

One thought on “No War on Christmas? School Alters Lyrics of ‘Silent Night’ to Remove Any Reference to Christ

  1. That’s fine. Christ will remove all references to those responsible when the time comes.

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive

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