No Word From the Trenches

There will be no broadcast of The Word From the Trenches again today.

Koyote has been trying to get me to write a mandamus and publish it in The Trenches.  I told him I would need two months of rest before I could even make the attempt.  However, an indirect assertion has been made that I am an owned being/corporate property, and this I cannot let go.  

The documents will be finished today, and honestly this effort has sapped my mind and body, but if I feel up to it, I will be on the air tomorrow.

This mandamus is my most unique piece of work to date, as the argument is accomplished devoid of the common law courts and via the assertion that the personal authority is absolute, despite the every fraud to remove it.

Back to it, and my apologies.

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    1. A few names come to mind……makes me think of that teeny tiny network over there>>> you know…I volunteer to biotch slap that ignoramus

      1. It has nothing to do with anyone I have acquainted myself with. It has to do with my abscess tooth and an insurance company.

  2. Best to you, Henry, in terms of the energy and composure to get the job done. May the words flow easily. And I hope I understand more after reading it. For though you’ve covered it, I’m still not fully informed of all the applications of a mandamus. I will study up on it a bit more today.

    And wherever those “assertions” are hailing from, any who know you knows they are ABSOLUTELY FALSE. And any who’ve studied with you knows “personal authority is absolute.” What important work this is. Bless you in many, many ways, and thank you, Henry!!




      “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”

      Stan Monteith… R.I.P.

        1. Sadly, yes, DL.

          I had the honor of meeting the man at the 2012 ConspiracyCon In Santa Rosa… as well as Jim Trafficant. I only spoke with Stan for about 10 -15 mins., but the night before Jim came to my table in the hotel bar (I had one to myself, it wasn’t crowded), and I had one of the most intense conversations that I’ve ever had with anyone in my life (Henry’s in that category as well), until we were joined by some others (almost an hour later) that wanted to talk to him.

          Both of them passed within a few months of each other. As far I could ascertain, there was nothing overly suspicious about Stan’s death. Jim, on the other hand, was flat-out MURDERED, of that there can be no doubt!

          FILTHY BAST@RDS!!!!! 😡

  3. In lieu of the broadcast, however (I just listened to the first hour of mary’s BoR/Common Law cd last night)…
    good time to listen to another hour or so.

    Thanks, mary! 🙂

    1. cool #1! However it is Henry’s CD ( I know you know that …haha) I am but a humble distributor to that most awesome CD that will someday become a collector’s item 🙂 For anyone interested in obtaining said CD (approx. 6 hours in length) just send an email to Laura with your mailing addy and she will pass it in to me…….

  4. Take it easy Henry, nice and slow brother.

    “Mandamus is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from a superior court to any government, subordinate court, corporation, or public authority, to do some specific act which that body is obliged under law to do, and which is in the nature of public duty, and in certain cases one of a statutory duty.”

  5. Sorry about your abscess tooth, Henry. If you lived near me you could easily head on down to Ojinaga, Mexico where they have a VERY INEXPENSIVE and EXCELLENT DENTIST that could help you (and they do great root canals if necessary–they did two for me and I hardly felt a thing! Plus they did a partial denture for practically nothing…a couple of hundred bucks) if you so chose and if you had a passport…unfortunately, you now need a passport to do this, whereas before 9-11 (bless you, Israel–yeah right!) you could go across the border from Presidio, Texas with just an ID and get back easily). In other words, I don’t need dental insurance. Let me say this–I hate insurance companies…nothing personal…

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