9 thoughts on “Know More News LIVE w/ Infowars’ Owen Shroyer

  1. I was tuned in ready to watch this live last night but Owen backed out until later so I listened to the archive. Just shy of 1,000 viewers were on line ready to watch.

    Adam is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and a pleasure to watch as he is diplomatic yet does not allow himself to be knocked off topic.

    Owen was childish to say the least.

    I was thinking it would be great if Henry’s broadcasts pulled in 1,000 listeners daily, not sure, but perhaps they do.

  2. Just tossin’ this out there, but some are saying Green is suspect. I posted this vid ’cause it exposes Jones more, but it’s that old story of who to trust. Some blogs said Green came out of nowhere, and has, in the past shilled for Jones and for Trump. Said he was suddenly able to get big-name interviewees. Could be; am only just delving into this. Just because some call out the Jew, it does not mean they’re moving us toward freedom. Until they support and encourage The Bill of Rights, they all fall short. We’ll see what develops. Bill of Rights or Bust!! Anyhow, here are some links if anyone wants to dive deeper:



    1. Imo, Adam is not suspect. From what I can tell his sole focus has been on exposing Jones as gatekeeper for Zionism. I have never heard him speak of the Bill of Rights, so your comment of those that don’t support and encourage this are not moving us forward, of which I agree.

      I checked out a video on the list from the link you left. Adam and Chris Dorsey doing a broadcast together. It’s been a very long time since I’d seen Dorsey. First time I heard him, I liked the guy and like what he’s saying in this broadcast. He’s calling for abolishing govt. by way of the people’s militia.
      Here’s link to what I’m watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCHUcEANY18
      The title is not true by the way. Adam did not admit to being a govt. agent. Dorsey calls everyone a govt. agent that is only talking about the myriad factions of the many problems. If you listen to the broadcast you’ll see this is the truth.

      All in all, Bill of Rights or bust, I agree.

      Adam’s on our side and imo, would have NO dispute with the solution being the Bill of Rights if it was laid out before him.

      1. It’s too new for me, Katie. I have to learn more and see what comes in the days ahead. I have learned to listen to my skepticism so I take time before I can trust. So we’ll see.


        1. just go watch his videos. he’s not suspect to me. he openly admits that he wanted.. WANTED to work for Jones. it’s no secret. i don’t trust anyone who hasn’t listened to Jones at some point on their journey. you gotta start somewhere, all roads go through Jones. they just do.


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