15 thoughts on “Now I’m buried

    1. actually norm, they wanted heated to 55 degrees, ive got it heating this time. It chocolate I dont get it, but thats what it is.

  1. Tomorrow, the top of my trailer is going to have 2 feet of powder on top off it. Feel sorry for the people behind me as I roll out. Its actually a ticket if the cop wants to be an asshole..

        1. Oh shazam I feel for you
          We have not had much snow here this winter. In fact it has been a mild one so far but that is supposed to change beginning Thursday. Saturday night the forecast is for temps down to -20. I hate winter.

  2. Ugh!
    I hate winter snow. Growing up in western new york we got plenty of snow and some cold too.
    THAT is the reason for moving to the left coast in my early 20’s. I never miss the cold or snow!! Ever.
    I hope you don’t have to indulge in your load for survival, but death by chocolate… just sayin’, there’s worse ways to go. 😉

    1. I grew up in Buffalo, NY. I ain’t going back ever again. Dead town and other than skiing, I don’t miss the ice, slush and snowstorms, EVER!

      Texas is my new home and I don’t plan on leaving it anytime soon.

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