Nuclear plant leaks radioactive plume in South Carolina

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COLUMBIA, SC (INTELLIHUB) — This week the east coast has been hit with a number of chemical and radioactive disasters that contaminated local communities.  A chemical spill in West Virginia this week left hundreds of thousands of people without water, and thousands sick.  Now it has been reported that a radioactive plume is leaking from a site in South Carolina.

The Barnell Nuclear site occupies about 235 acres of land originally owned by Chem-Nuclear Systems (CNS). Disposal of waste began at the facility in 1971 and Chem-Nuclear Systems (CNS), currently owned by Energy Solutions, has been the sole operator since that time.  

According to WLTX, the plume is moving off the Barnwell Nuclear site southwest toward the Savannah River Site.  Traces of Tritium have also been found in Mary’s Branch Creek.

“DHEC has documented there is a plume leaking from the site but the problem with Tritium is it’s hard to remediate, it’s hard to clean it up,” said Tom Clements, Southeast Nuclear Campaign Coordinator for Friends of the Earth.  “So we have to look at ways to stop it from leaking from the dump.”

The site receives toxic waste from South Carolina, New Jersey, and Connecticut and have enough land to stay open through 2038.

“The problem is in their annual updates, there’s no plan to address the leaks,” Clements said.  “We need to make sure the facility is capped off in a better way and better managed so there is less nuclear material leaking.”

“It combines with oxygen to form basically radioactive water.  So, it gets everywhere in the environment,”Clements said.  “The level was far above the drinking water standard but fortunately it doesn’t look like anyone is drinking the water.”




[1] DHEC Confirms Nuclear Plume Moving –WLTX 

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3 thoughts on “Nuclear plant leaks radioactive plume in South Carolina

  1. So it looks like Obama and the elites next plan is to sabotage all our energy, chemical and industrial facilities, seeing as how he these are the last remaining plants that couldn’t be shipped to China and need to be broken down quickly. So now it looks like he is just cutting a little here on this plant and then cutting a little there on that plant over in another state and so on until everything combined shuts down.

    This year I see more energy disasters, train derailing, and oil spills and an unprecedented scale in addition to more gun grabbing, while Obamacare will go in the shitter, unemployment will increase to levels of economic breakdown and riots in the city as food prices go up and the Chinese continue to buy our land and resources. The final assault on Americans by these foreign insurgents is definitely coming.

    Anyways, why are the people still taking this shit from our treasonous government?

    I’m sure this is exactly what the elite want according to Kissinger’s plan in that they want it to be so bad that they want the people to cry for the UN’s help.

    Well they won’t get it from me, us people on FTT or We the People who are fighting against this tyranny.

    Death to the NWO, Death to the International Corporate Mafia, We the People shall prevail!

  2. All nuke plants need to be shut & all Spent Fuel Pools made safer with so many back up systems they dont go dry or cooling water is never stopped no mater what happens. The waste dump at Hamford Washinton holds the most deadly rda waste onthe planet & it has bad problems & congress has contracted out & multi billion of tax payers funds have enriched a few & the people down wind inhale all the Yellow cake layin in open pits. Under dround tanks have leaked for decades. St Louis is a site that is under ground, no seals to contain & the landfill is on fire & a yr ago it was only a short ways from the nuke waste, then Oak Ridge TN is doing open nurning of nuke waste. Fukushima has laid waste to the Pacific & the world, the US * Canada have been hit with plumes by air & sea for almost 3 years & there no stopping it, the melted MOX fuel is now called Coruims & they are some where under the plant & may expoled like a huge nuke bomb. You folks need to try, to see how the gov & its agencies covered up the facks that PU & uranium was air born on the west coast & kids & ppl were inhalinh this stuff.
    USS Regan sailor are sick with cancer & more coming forward daily with forms of radiation sickness.
    Tell one reason not to shut them all down & seize all the assets from shareholds, stake holders, those who support them world wide like the big bankers & elites we never see on the MSM,
    Nuke power is not safe, clean or cheap & our plants leak into our dring water, our food supplies & air. Carcer will jump so fast there will be no one left to work in 10 years!

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