Obama and Justin Trudeau of Canada Unveil Efforts to Fight Climate Change

New York Times

WASHINGTON — Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, met with President Obama on Thursday for the first official visit by a Canadian leader in 19 years, a diplomatic honor made possible in part by new pledges of cooperation on combating climate change.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Trudeau announced Thursday morning new commitments to reduce planet-warming emissions of methane, a chemical contained in natural gas that is about 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide and that can leak from drilling wells and pipelines.  

In a joint statement, the leaders promised that their two countries would “ play a leadership role internationally in the low carbon global economy over the coming decades.” As part of the announcement, United States officials said they would immediately begin a new push to regulate methane emissions from existing oil and gas facilities, though finishing that process before the end of Mr. Obama’s tenure is unlikely.

6 thoughts on “Obama and Justin Trudeau of Canada Unveil Efforts to Fight Climate Change

  1. Well since Govt creates their climate change w Geoweatherengineering.org
    no need to discuss things, they probly play tiddly winks

  2. yeah right….
    Mr. Do Nothing but Golf and Travel on everyone elses money is trying to look like a big man because Trump is kicking his ass.
    Get F**** outta here.

  3. A joint spokesperson added, “Hey, to all those living in North America, bend over and spread ’em a little further. We ain’t quite done milkin’ this cow.”

  4. They’ve considered “going after” climate deniers.

    Climate change is very real.

    Doubt me – [as I say to all climate change people] then you should look at why Nevada state fossil is a sea creature from a zillion years ago or consider the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

    That is real climate change, not this phony baloney web of lies the usurper and cronies routinely spew forth upon the people.

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