Obama diverting cash from food stamps to fund Michelle’s “Let’s Move” program

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That’s right. For all the liberal moaning about the Conservative opposition to permanently expanding the SNAP welfare program, liberals (including Obama himself) are conveniently ignoring the fact that the President has diverted funds from food stamps and funneled them into Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program.  

from New York Post:

It’s come to this. Some 76 million meals a year will vanish from this city — poof! — partly because the president diverted money from SNAP to the first lady’s signature program, part of her Let’s Move anti-obesity initiative — the bean-sprout-heavy, $4.5 billion Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

The rest of the $5 billion annual food-stamp cuts was taken when 2009 stimulus funds dried up. But with ObamaCare woes stealing the oxygen in Washington, there’s little urgency to replace dandelion greens served on recyclable trays with family-friendly buttered mashed potatoes.
Right now, the country’s poorest families of four are seeing food-stamp allotments cut from $668 a month to $632. It may not sound like much, but understand that $36 is enough to buy a truckload of Kool-Aid and ramen noodles. (Lose the noodles if the Food and Drug Administration succeeds in banning trans fats.)

How did this happen?

Hunger activists are livid. In fact, the cuts will bring on no less than civil unrest, according to the head of the Food Bank for New York City.

“If you look across the world, riots always begin typically the same way: when people can’t afford to eat food,” Margarette Purvis, Food Bank president and CEO, told Salon.com.

“We were told, you know, by the president . . . these cuts will not happen,” she said.

“Well, guess what. No one has restored that money.”

“It is bad policy to take away a child’s dinner and put it in his lunch,” Triada Stampas, director of government relations for the Food Bank, told me.

An administration source told me that the president wants to fund SNAP and healthy lunches in the latest budget, both of which he finds important. But getting it past Congress seems unlikely.

The great food grab began in 2010, when President Obama, with Michelle and US Department of Agriculture honchos at his side, signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. At the time, he admitted taking cash from one pocket to feed the other.

“Some of the funding [for the lunch program] comes from rolling back temporary increases in food-stamp benefits,” he said, starting in the fall of 2013.

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There are definitely two sides to this story: on the one hand, you have Conservatives who are opposed to Obama’s continued expansion of the welfare state and have been fighting to keep the increases in food stamps at bay.  We prefer to focus on policies that will remove the barriers to the jobs market so that individuals can be self-sufficient rather than dependent on government handouts.

On the other hand, you have President Obama who is not only implementing policies that continue to prohibit economic and employment growth, but also massively expanding the welfare state at the same time, creating greater dependence on government.  At the same time he’s expanding welfare programs like SNAP, he’s also siphoning away cash from these programs to fund pet project’s like Michelle’s ridiculous “Let’s Move” nonsense.

You tell me which is the more honest and compassionate position…


8 thoughts on “Obama diverting cash from food stamps to fund Michelle’s “Let’s Move” program

  1. Can someone please deflate that fat pig and throw in the shredder? I don’t know which monkey is uglier to look at, Michelle or Barry. Go back to Kenya, ya damn bitch!

  2. No person supports or likes either one of those squatters in the W H…People of various skin colors can’t stand the guy or girl, either….I could never have imagined such disgust would be there. And i was a grown man, voter, when Nixon was in there…..he and his bunch of hoodlums weren’t even close to matching this bunch of crooks………..Can you think of getting yourself elected to that place….I won’t call it a presidency, cause, he isn’t my president…by using fake ID’s, fake personal history, locking up the truth of one’s own background, and god who knows what else?
    Some how, some how, take that guy to jail…would ya!!!

  3. god in hell..gee wiz mommy..many of my postings never made it here..although some did..the first one here gets printed..im shocked. The second one nails it right into the heart of this administration of clowns and mental dwarfs.god do not forgive them cause they know what they doing…

  4. Michelle Obama makes Marie Antoinette look like a charity funder and worker. I guess the Psychopath-in-Chief is married to the First “Lady” Psychopath after all.

  5. She should stay out of politics as she has no credential other than being the wife of our so-called president. She should also be cut off from incurring the huge amounts she spends, courtesy of us the taxpayers.

    1. That is what I have read in a few different articles Nottoobitter. Just look at him/her michelle has a buldge in her dress all rhe time and I am sure she has a adams apple 🙂 . I also have read that those kids they say are theirs are actually adopted

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