Obama Pledges US Food Stamp Moneys to Israel

The international socialist traitor, Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the south side of Chicago back alley Zionist pimp, just signed The United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act, S. 2165, which is an amended version of a House bill that was approved back in May, stating that the legislation is a reaffirmation of US ties with Israel.


This is a reaffirmation of the fact that the Israeli Zionists control the United States, lock, stock, and barrel.  This legislation puts forth an additional $70 billion for the so called Iron Dome Project in Israel because we must make sure their people are secure.

Where are the Republiscums, so called conservatives, who say we cannot afford to spend one more dollar on anything (except more tax breaks for the rich), and indeed need to cut Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and food stamps or we are doomed?  Well they are firmly united with the Demorats at the feet of their Zionist masters.

Security for the people of Israel?  Israel has a population of 7,765,700.  There are 5,128,000 Jews in the United States.  There are 100 million American nationals who cannot find jobs and are impoverished.  And 55 million of our people are living in deep poverty.

The traitor Rand Paul proposed legislation back in June to cut $322 billion from the moneys that feed our poor and the neo-cons were behind him 100%.  The legislation was defeated because it would have been political suicide for those who voted for it had it passed.  But when it comes time to pay homage to our Jewish masters, $70 billion is not even discussed.

This is $70 billion that will come from we the American people, to be given! given! given! to the Israeli Zionists so their people can be secure.  Screw our people, homeless, hungry, and unemployed across this nation.  We have no right to security in our country because we are not but the chattel of these Israeli Zionist pigs.

Not to be upstaged by the traitor Obama, the traitor Mitt Romney will be arriving in Israel tomorrow to take a knee and swear his allegiance to Zionism and King Netanyahu and pledge the American people and our every resource to the cause of world Zionism.

This $70 billion, as predicated on this site, is to finance the invasions into Syria, Iran, and Lebanon for Zionist conquest in the Middle East.  How much more of this blatant treachery are we the people going to allow before we take back our country and expel these Zionist parasites and all who serve them?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

16 thoughts on “Obama Pledges US Food Stamp Moneys to Israel

  1. Let the poor and hungry have rats for lunch in our country. Refering to the other rat post. Real fine example when we got the probs. in the us of a. that we do.

  2. It’s time to sing the “My name is…” Song with Barack Hussein Obama….

    “MY NAME IS….” Song by NC (A Parody of Eminem’s song, “MY NAME IS…”)

    Hi, my name is…(What?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barry Soetoro
    Hi, my name is…(Huh?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barry Soetoro

    Ahem… excuse me!
    Can I have the attention of the media for one second?

    Hi Sheeple! Do you like violence? (Yeah yeah yeah!)
    Wanna see me stick more wars on television and in front of your eyelids? (Uh-huh!)
    Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did? (Yeah yeah!)
    Try smoking pot and get messed up worse than my life is? (Huh?)
    My brain’s the shape of an ape, I’m trying to get the Constitution straight
    But I can’t figure out which U.S. Amendment I want to eliminate (Ummmm…)
    And Janet Napolitano said, “Barack Obama you look like you’ve seen a drone!”
    Uh-uhhh! “So why’s your face blank? Man you stoned!”
    Well since age twelve, I’ve felt like I’m someone else
    Cause I’ve had so many identities that even I couldn’t tell
    Got pissed off and used someone else’s social security card to write off
    And confused the U.S. citizens so much they are running around saying, “Man, were stuck!”
    I am a dirty rat but really just a controlled Democrat
    Like Bill Clinton and others before that
    C’mere Michelle! (Obama, wait a minute, that’s my new dress dog!)
    I don’t give a damn, I’m a dictator ready to piss the world off.

    Hi, my name is…(What?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barry the Rat
    Hi, my name is…(Huh?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barry the Rat

    My campaign adviser told me to run on “Hope and Change”
    Thanks a lot, next term I’ll be the one to blame
    I smacked him in his face with an Executive Order, chased him towards the Mexican Border
    And shut his mouth with a Military Order (Owwwwwww!)
    Walked in the Queen’s ballroom, had my glass all held up
    Said a powerful speech, then drank my cup
    During the middle of the Queen’s anthem, I began to tremble
    In a big room full of Royals who were saying to themselves: “WHAT THE BLOODY DEVIL!”
    Ninety-nine percent of Mainstream media I have lied to
    I just found out that the Alternative media knows more truth than I do (Damn!)
    I told them I’d give free visas, end wars and reduce unemployment
    Make a record about how I used taxpayers money to travel everywhere for my own enjoyment (Oh thank you!)
    You know your screwed when the economy falls further in your hands
    And you try to continue with fancy campaign speeches to build-up more fans (Aaaahhhhh!)
    This guy on the campaign trail asked for my autograph
    (Brother, can I get your autograph?)
    So I signed it: “Dear Dave, thanks for your support, SUCKER!”

    Hi, my name is…(What?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barack Hussein Obama
    Hi, my name is…(Huh?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barack Hussein Obama

    Stop the terrorists! They all need to be locked away! (Get them!)
    Panetta, don’t just stand there, I need another war today!
    I’m not ready to leave, I’m too narcissitic to die (Screw that!)
    I’ll have to be sent to Guantanomo Bay and be tortured alive (Huh yup!)
    Am I really African or American? I can’t decide
    I just changed my nationality again, dare me to fly? (Go ahead)
    All my life I was a very privileged guy
    I ain’t had a woman in years, maybe it’s due to my bisexual side (Whoops!)
    Prancing around like a Hollywood Celebrity (Hachhh-too)
    I stutter when I talk, I’ll strut towards anything that walks (C’mere)
    When I was in college, I had no friends and I was a bum
    How were you gonna make me a charismatic president, Brzezinski? (Wah!)
    Man, you dumb! (Wahhh!)
    I lay awake at night staring above my bed
    With hidden rage at the U.S. Constitution that’s hanging over my head (BANG!)
    I’m steaming mad (Arrrggghhh!)
    And by the way when you see Bashar Al-Assad? (Yeah?)
    Tell him that I bombed his home, in this dream I had.

    Hi, my name is…(What?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barack Obama
    Hi, my name is…(Huh?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barack Obama

  3. Hi,
    The actual figure is $70 million. I fully agree that we should be sending the zionists NOTHING, but overstating the figure by 1000X just makes us look bad. The truth of any taxpayer aid, the kosher tax, tax deductions for donations to the Palestinian squatters, etc., are proof enough of ZOG. The $70 billion is just damaging to the credibility of our case. Be well, Rob

      1. Henry,
        I can’t watch the video (dialup), but it seems the $70b is wrong. That’s more than 10% of the (reported) US military budget. If the figure (70b) is correct, and there’s not massive outrage, then ZOG has defeated us. IMHO, any words Bwack utters are lies. Be well, Henry, I appreciate your alerts, Rob

          1. Thanks for the text link. How can we know that $70b, and not $70m, was loaded into the money machine? We can’t, since the money machine is fueled by zionist hot air (the fed). Whatever the amount, it will go towards promoting the worldwide crime machine, not a system to shoot down an occasional firework. Rob

  4. BULL! The US jewish population is AT LEAST 4x as large!
    The population listed in this article was the population in 1950!
    It has been underreported since WW2!
    And stated as such by an Isreali leader. Check it!

    1. Of course, a zionist shill can be counted on to tell the “absolute truth”. I personally have known at least a dozen individuals who were born jewish, but have renounced the connection, despise zionism, despise “israel”, and would like to see the whole episode fade away. Are they among the 4X you express? Rob

  5. Nope. Israel is the Rothschild’s ‘Jonestown’ complete with personally conditioned psychopath mercenaries at the City of London’s beckoned call. 9-11, Fukushima, Al Qaida, etc.. Murder contractors for the well heeled but going broke fast. Israel is geographically situated to guard the Suez canal and provide a jumping off to take the oil fields of the middle east. Israel does NOT call the tune. The City of London does through their mind-f#@k machine, the CFRtv, programming by The Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR controls ALL nationwide network news in the U.S., and the SCOTUS said the CFR can lie all they want to in ‘news broadcasts’. This they do nonstop.

  6. There is a REASON the Bible is divided into OLD and NEW.
    You are REJECTING Jesus if you are ACCEPTING Judaism.
    The “rapture” Prophets for PROFIT are ANTI-Christ DEATH CULTISTS. God/Jesus put you in this LIFE to learn “soul lessons”, to increase your consciousness to the point of Redemption. Hagee and his Ilk REJECT the LIFE God gave you, and dangle a “shortcut” in front of people, just as SATAN dangled Temptation in front of Jesus. Do not follow the ANTI-Christ lies of FALSE prophets. Their “shortcut” of cheating God’s lessons does NOT lead to Heaven, any more than cheating on school work teaches you the subject. Hagee, Robertson, the whole group, do NOT believe in anything except the MONEY they collect for leading their Flocks astray.
    If millions of christians want war then, quite frankly, they are not following Christ. His kingdom is not of this world. And “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” Sorry, warmongers, you mistake another for your Lord. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the children of God.” And “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” And “Love your enemies; do good to them that persecute you.” So who are these so-called christians and their leaders following? Who is this god of war?
    The ESSENCE of Judaism is vengence. The ESSENCE of CHRISTianity is forgiveness. Never the two can meet.
    “Judeo-Christian” is an OXYMORON. WAR-God vs PEACE-God. The Old Testament followers worship a WAR GOD and spend their lives hating, reliving every imagined slight, and dreaming of VENGENCE ….. “NEVER FORGIVE and NEVER FORGET” …. they still go on about Egypt and Babylon after MILLENIA. New Testament followers (are supposed to) worship a loving, forgiving God, and to CLOSE the Old Testament, as it has been FULLFILLED by the Crucifixion of Jesus. If you are following the OLD Testament you ARE NOT and CANNOT be a CHRISTian.

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