Communists Seek Counter Revolution in the US

There is a correspondence making its way around the internet proposing an army of unarmed patriots going to Washington DC on November 5th to arrest the federal government.  This is nothing more than another attempt by the soviet socialists to hijack the patriot movement, no different than the so called May Day Protests, though this scheme is a bit more elaborate.

Since the patriot movement became a force to reckon with, with the grass roots Tea Party, the international elite have been seeking to infiltrate but have only managed to succeed to the extent that the Tea Party put forth an agenda which was hijacked by the neo-cons.

With the Occupy Movement, the soviet socialists have seen raw power via our army of individuals and the true grass roots Tea Party, as individuals, has been incorporated.  The international corporate mafia sees its destruction as eminent, thus this latest attempt at sabotage.

The soviet socialist put forth their plan for we patriots to remove one element of their organization and then propose we must elect a new government within 90 days to prevent unrest, and I’ll tell you what; they already have that government organized.

Part 6 of their plan reads as follows:

6. We must restore the safeguards our founders placed on government and corporate dealings such as but not limited to: removing the privately owned central banking system; restoring certain provisions of the Glass Stegal Act; revoking all corporate charters; rescinding corporate personage; etc. This means all US and foreign corporate entities doing business within or with the United States are to have their charter put up for review to the individual states in which they reside within 6 months. These charters must show beyond a shadow of a doubt the company’s positive value to the public interest or be dissolved. An additional safeguard should be that all CEOs, CFO’s, and the like as well as all board members of ALL corporations within the US be fired and replaced with non-executive personnel elected by the employees of the company with each employee having an equal vote and shareholders not being permitted a vote. A corporation will have the right to dissolve itself under the condition that all employees and shareholders be given equal share in the company in accordance with past corporate charter revocations. This will be to equalize the power balance of the companies and either help facilitate their dissolution or the reinstatement of their charter. ALL corporations, management, and shareholders will be fully investigated even after dissolution.

This is raw communism right out of the Communist Manifesto and must be rejected out of hand.  The very idea that a group could simply go to Washington and arrest the insurgents is ludicrous as the tentacles of the insurgency reach far down into the roots of our body politic.

These communists wish to lead us like sheep to slaughter.  In fact they show wolves in sheep’s clothing as a part of their hook.  These people are sheep in wolves’ clothing.  The international insurgency is going down and they know it.  This is an attempt to hijack the revolution and it is communists who are behind it.

We will have our Revolution and it will start much like our last one did.  And we will remove the rot from the roots up in every quarter through a simultaneous action that no group or individual will have control over.

Once we have soundly whipped our enemy and have control over our nuclear arsenal, we will take our time and elect a new constitutional government, and woe be it to any outside force that tries to interfere.  The individuals that will make up this new government will be elected on the basis of the best ideas for the new safeguards that will keep our Constitution completely intact and secure our individual freedoms and liberties for the future.

Then we will round up these communists and put them on a deportation barge to be landed on the coast of Siberia where they can enjoy their communist workers’ utopia for the rest of their days.

We the American people of the American race will not be reduced to a worker class.  We are individual nationals on a par with the crowned heads of Europe.  We are only limited in how far we can rise by aptitude, intelligence, and our work ethic.  We will maintain our right to choose from day to day whether we will be employees of an American entrepreneur or an American entrepreneur who employs.  And in reality this is the aspect of America that truly irks the asses of the elite.

Once we regain our stolen resources, our futures will be ours to dictate.  Do not listen to these parasitic vermin who are seeking to use our power to usher in world communism.

If these communists want to march on Washington DC, let them.  They are few in numbers as has been evidenced every time they marched alone.  Let them be slaughtered as I, as a freeman, will not lift one finger to aid a communist.  The fact is, if they march alone they would not be slaughtered because they are communists.  You do not see aggression against any protest unless patriots show up.

As individuals we must expose these parasites on every venue across the net.  Sorry communists, no sale.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

27 thoughts on “Communists Seek Counter Revolution in the US

  1. Henry, I agree with your statement, even though I was a little hasty, and yet still somewhat skeptical with my last three comments on the issue from your last article on it. I am NOT a communist, but I do want to take back our government and bring freedom back to this country and restore our Constitution.

    After reviewing part 6, I also agree with you and notice that 90 day thing and giving the company back to the employees rather than shareholders thing. I have a tendency to jump to conclusions, but you have a keener eye on things such as this than I do and I appreciate your analysis. Keep up the good work, buddy.

  2. Let’s put it this way, if it is televised by the MSM, then you know it’s rigged and can’t be good. If it is not televised by the MSM, then it is almost certain that it’s for real. Remember: The REAL Revolution will NOT be televised. And that’s the key here.

  3. Hi Mr. Shivley,

    The proposal to “March On Washington” and seize it, although inticing to many furious Americans, is a wholly unworkable plan.

    The only real outcome of any such action would be to give our treaonous gov’t an excuse to clamp down, give the hidden traitors a venue to plant counter-productives acts, and would allow the FBI, TSA, CIA (and a hundred like agencies) to Photograph/Identify & Catagorize anyone present to put on a multitude of different lists, such as “Identified Terrorist”, “Patriot”, “Professional Agaitor”,.. and so forth, and to also prioritize such persons on their kill lists.

    Whether it fully supports a Communist Agenda, or not is actually irrelevent, as it is completely un-executable as a strategy or tactic.

    The real question is: What is an actually executable strategy?

    Simple,.. look at what the founding fathers did when it was time to free ourselves from tyranny the last time around.

    Although there are considerable differences in circumstances between 1775 and now,.. the general principle and strategies are still wholly applicable and should be viewed as OUR guiding framework on how to restore something of known structure (our Republic), as compared to the difficulties they had at the time, which was dissolve the tyrannical structure, and replace it with,….what?

    Although I would like to elborate on what such a set of Principles and Stratagies indicate sutiable tactics are, I believe it to be beyond the scope of this posting, but would like to see an article on such a subject by which to open this discussion up.

    Perhaps Mr. Shivley,.. you would consider such an article/debate.

    Violent confrontation with our wholly treasonous US Fed Gov’t, however desirable it is, is not the solution. That would only play into their hands all to well,.. and leave an awful lot of good, patriotic Americans dead on the street; The very people will need to rebuild the Republic.

    There is a better way, which may lead to confrontation in the end,.. but confrontation is not the way to begin to,.. “Dissolve the political bands which have connect us to another…”

    JD – US Marines – Anxious to get rid of this treasonous gov’t,… but I know it must be done in a smart, and productive way.

    1. I agree completely with your analogy. But we are not just sitting around doing nothing. The militias in this country are exploding and training to work as five man fire teams and ten man squads. Our enemies have a 2,500 man response team (NORTHCOM).
      Like I said in the article, this Revolution will start like our first one, with one exception and that is a thousand fronts spread out over 3.79 million square miles. In fact, the more fronts the better. Once the word goes across this country that the new world order’s initial response has been destroyed and the patriots have gone a-hunting, well, a lot of people have a lot of grudges in this country against their local elitists who have been abusing them for the past fifty years.

      1. Hi Mr. Shivley,

        Once again,.. I thank you for taking the time to respond to my posting in person.

        I fully understand what you are saying,.. and pray you are under-stating what loyal Americans are doing!

        Perhaps my comment was couched a little more subltly than I expected.

        You and I both know, in the end, there is no legal, political or diplomatic solution to our criminal and despotic government, bar none.

        If there had been even a suggestion of such a possibility, it might have materialized in the form of some objective investigation into 9/11,.. which would of course had shown it was conducted by our own gov’t with the assistance of the Mossad and even MI6,…hence why no such investigation will EVER be rendered.

        You, me ,and virtually every reader here also knows that this site, and every single one like it is monitored by our treasonous gov’t continously, hence my somewhat softer than explicit language sometimes.

        Now permit to clarify my above comment a little:

        We know this is going to turn into a Shit-Fight soon.

        I couldn’t care less about the traitors,… in fact,.. nothing would delight more than to sit in a beach chair, finishing my tea and crumpets as I watch the bulldozers push the mountians of traitorous corpses into mass grave pits!,… but what I would NOT like to see,.. is the blood of a single Patriot spilled unnecessarily,.. hence my desire to see all other avenues exhausted first.

        As for me,…. I have already been brutally beaten by criminal cops,.. my second child nearly died,.. my forth child is dead, and my life was turned into seven years of living hell that would have made a stay in a POW camp look like a vacation at Disney land.

        You will just have to accept for the time being,… there are very few Americans in this country that know better than me what a criminal and abusive government is willing to do to protect its criminal enterprise.

        Before that experience,… I was a Patriot of Flesh & Blood.

        After being so brutally victimed by the goverment that is suppose to uphold my rights,… I am now a Patriot of Iron Will and Determination.

        – No man understands the joys of eating better than one who has nearly starved to death.

        – No man enjoys a drink of simple water than one who has nearly died of thrist.

        And,.. No man understands the want of a just government and basic rights granted by the US Constutition, than one who has been brutally beaten, his life eviscerated, and has a dead child because of criminal police, courts and a government system that rewards them for it.

        Please,.. never doubt my resolve or loyalty to our Country, our Constitution our fellow Patriots.

        JD – At Your Service – Patriot – Ready To Fight.

        1. JD,
          Glad you’re on our side…thanks for taking your “oath” seriously.

          ….on a side note, remember this….Washington cannot win a….”sniper’s war”.

    2. What’s going on Devil Dog?

      I wanted to respond to your comments. I agree with you 100 percent, going to DC to march would do more harm than good. Also most people can’t afford to go. The opposition has destroyed the financial lives of many good people and they simply could not make the journey.

      Your answer to the question “What is an actually executable strategy?”

      Was “Simple,.. look at what the founding fathers did when it was time to free ourselves from tyranny the last time around.”

      Would you please expand on that because the Founding Fathers went to war and yet we know that war, or violence, is not the answer to the question. So if you would please expand on your answer.

      I would also like to modify you comment of “Dissolve the political bands which have connect us to another…”

      How about, dissolve the political parties which have kept us divided? These political parties do nothing but cause strife and spew lies. Pitting us against one another over trivial matters which only muddy the waters further. They’re worthless.

      In closing I would like to say that while marching on DC is not a feasible option, marching on the state capitols would be a feasible option. Image if people were to go to their state capitols to march on the same day. What if everyone marched on their state capitols on November 5th? That would be a much larger showing of non-violent force than a few people showing up to DC. One million people in each of the 50 states all marching on their state capitol. If ya want to control the federal government you must first take control of the state and local governments.

      Have a great day.


      1. I agree.
        Having control of the states in numbers would do alot more than just a bunch of people marching unarmed to Washington.

      2. Hi Navy,

        Nice to meet you.

        Allow me to start by addressing your comment on,..”to dissolve the political bands which have connect us to another…”

        This is from the, “Declaration Of Independence”, 1st paragraph, 2nd sentence.

        It was meant to declare that the political structure of the colonies, the provisional magistrates, where no longer bound to, or subordinate to the dictates or proclamations of the Crown.

        It was a statement of seperation of political establishments and structures in which the Colonies were now a free and independent State (Nation).

        We too, are now at that treshold of tyrannical despotism were peoples of this Nation who refuse to be enslaved directly, or indirectly, must declare a seperation of provisional governance (the state) from that of a corrupt and tyrannical Federal Adminstration (the US Fed Gov’t).

        Although the Revolutionary War was a bloody 7 year affair, that at times seems to have been won more by divine providence than material capacity, it did not start as a kinetic action, but was in fact in its embroyonic stages of leading to the Revolutionary War some 20+ years before the first flint-lock was fired in anger.

        Many of the precipitating events that cumulatively lead up to the Revolutionary War are not very different in nature than what is occurring today,.. and certainly, the Revolutionary War in and of itself was on grounds far less agregious in nature than the abuses American are now subject to daily,.. today.

        As for Strategies and Tactics:

        There are two ways in which confrontation can/will occur between Americans,.. and this despotic institution called the US Fed Gov’t, which is nothing more than an “Enemy Force In Occupation”.

        1) Legal

        2) Organic

        Legal – This is where we Americans can try to slow down, stop and restore some recognizable function to our desoptic gov’t.

        This is were we can instutite legal challanges (mostly a waste of time and money), and where we can mount more effective stratagies within the legal purvues still allowed.

        This is where we can petition States to declare the US Fed Gov’t a hostile agency, where we can demand that states refuse to send ANY tax monies to that cess pool called Washington DC (our 2nd Great Tax Revolt), Where we can demand that ELECTED authorities (Sheriffs) hold all federal agencies, agents in their states accountable for their treasonous conduct, and so forth.

        Organic – This is when people have simply had enough abuse, and the fighting starts.

        At that point, the first time there is any indication of a mass up rising (armed), the treachorous Fed Gov’t will stamp it out,… BRUTALLY,.. as a lesson to others.

        This is where the first real blood of our 2nd American Revolution will be shed (I know about the 1812 argument,.. allow us to side step that at this time)

        At that time when armed insurrection occurs, almost spontanously, the US Fed Gov’t will make its move for Martial Law and Disarmement, if they did not try this tactic thru a False-Flag Event.

        An Organic Event is when one occurs without planning, but is in fact a largely unexpected reaction that leads to a greater confrontation. This can be difficult to impossible to predict, hence the need for ALL Americans, Patriots and Constitutional Loyalists to keep vigilant.

        This is not a complete discussion of the above topics,.. but it is an outline of what such a discussion should entail, among other concerns.

        Hope that helps,

        Hope your “Awake”,

        Hope you have multiple firearms,

        Hope we can save our country.

        Thanks – JD – US Marines – Loyal American – Patriot – Constitutionalist.

  4. Communist cannot take over USA period. USA is the land of the free (ok a little less now) and the brave. Communism is not surviving in its previous home land of Russia eastern Europe and China How can it come to USA?

    1. Are you f#@king blind? It is already here. Soviet socialism is committee communism and if you cannot see the socialism here you are just not trying.

      1. Henry,
        You’re quite right. Even here in somewhat secluded rural areas we’re seeing Agenda 21 creeping in. A bit more slowly, since we all don’t bend over so easily. Interesting tidbit, during 2010 census, our county didn’t receive any mail in forms. The census collector, a nice young woman, said it was because most of us wouldn’t respond anyway. Considered it a compliment.

      2. Correction Mr. Shivley…in truth & at its fundamental level…the correct / accurate political-ideological nomenclature is NOT…Soviet Communism….It is judeo-Communism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don’t be fooled, the leftists currently in government & the UN who want us disarmed would love it if we took the fight to them since they know full well that they cannot take it to us!
    They must disarm us prior to their next power grab.
    The best way to undermine their agenda is to stay home, keep informed & remain untouchable to them (plus buy more ammo).

    1. The best defense is a good offense.

      I also disagree with going to DC, it’s fruitless.

      I would suggest instead of sending one million people to DC on the 5th of Nov, get one million people from each state to march on their state capitols on the 11th of Sept. The people must be heard and one last effort before the election must be made before all is lost. Sept 11th is the perfect day to send a message to the Powers That Be that we will not go down without a fight.

      Again, the best defense is a good offense and we must make at least one more effort to end this corruption in a nonviolent manner.

      Have a great day.

  6. Henry,

    I am confused as to whom you are calling Communist and why you are calling them Communist. Are you calling them Communist because of what they want to do?

    Is it because they want to restore the safeguards that the Founding Fathers placed within the structures of our government?

    Is it because they want to put an end the privately owned central banking system that enslave our nation by way of debt?

    Is it because they want to restore the Glass Stegal Act?

    Or is it because they want to put an end to corporations and their personage?

    Because if you are saying that these acts are Communistic in nature then you may wanna revise your definition of Communism and Communist. Because it was the Communist who infiltrated our seats of power and gave rights equal to that of a person to corporations. It was the Communist who put an end to Glass Stegal. It was the Communist who over ruled and discarded our country’s safe guards. And it is the Communist who protect the well being of the Central Banking System that has been installed not only here but in many other nations as well.

    Or could you possibly be saying that the Communist are trying to hijack the Patriot movement as they did the Tea Party and the Occupy movement and they are trying to use the 5th of Nov and the above actions as some sort of event to entrap patriots? This I can see as a possibility.

    I would not worry about the Communist trying to take over and manipulate the Patriot movement. Patriots are too stand offish for that.

    However, if you are a Patriot and would like to beat them at their own game, build upon their efforts and take this march to a whole new level. Meaning this:

    Instead of marching on DC, which many people could not afford to make the journey in this economy, on the 5th of Nov, march on the 50 individual state capitols on the 11th of Sept.

    Three reason for this; 1) many people due to the economy cannot make the trip to DC, 2) a date before the elections would get more attention and the 11th of Sept would really send a message to the Powers That Be that we will not go down without a fight, and 3) you must first take back the governmental powers at the state level if you want to gain control of the governmental powers at the federal level.

    Grab the bull by the horns and take control of it. Make it so damn big that the Powers That Be would be locking themselves inside and pissing in their pants from fear.

    Rally the people not to DC, but to their State Capitols. One million people at each State Capitol would be a total of 50 million people. Forget about a million man march on DC and get 50 million to take the country back state by state inside of 24 hours…

    Have a great day.

  7. Being a patriot, I think going to arrest the federal criminal syndicate is a great idea. I think attempting it unarmed is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard though. Also I would agree with the above post by James, we cannot be hijacked. We have no leadership. We are the unorganized militia of the several states. We are common citizens who have been taught through years and years of brain washing in our public school system that America is a beacon of freedom and that those that attempt to undermine that freedom are the enemies of all Americans, that includes domestic terrorists in our Whitehouse and Capitol building in DC. We have been taught that it is the PEOPLE that have the ultimate power in this land and that the Second Amendment secures the power of the people against corrupt tyrrants. Should such criminals attempt to undermine the authority of the people or enslave us that we have not the right but the DUTY to throw off such government as it is destructive to the survival of this nation. We are all derelict in our duty as Americans to secure a free nation for our children and out children’s children. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  8. “6. We must restore the safeguards our founders placed on government and corporate dealings such as but not limited to: removing the privately owned central banking system; restoring certain provisions of the Glass Stegal Act; revoking all corporate charters; rescinding corporate personage; etc.”
    Did I miss something here? Correct me if I’m wrong, but this sounds akin to a treasonous statement, according to the Israeli Zionist ‘Jews’ agenda.
    Please clarify.

  9. Removing the privately owned central banking system, revoking all corporate charters. Since the Zionist ‘Jews’ own all the central banks, and most of the corporations, wouldn’t this be contrary to their agenda?

    1. Not really. The Zionists want to replace the rule with a socialist rule, then communism, then despotism. So this sort of follows their agenda. It’s just following a different path.

  10. Bet you didn’t expect to hear from me today. Turns out I have reception at my campsite.
    Recharging my battery at Starbuck’s in town right now.

    1. Yea I was a little curious as to why you are on now. I guess L.A. isn’t going to fall apart….yet. lol

  11. Not that I’ve heard, yet, anyway.
    Not that it matters that much, I needed to get away, anyhow. Sequoia National forest is beautiful, although it’s kind of hot here.

  12. The fascists are going down just like Gaddafi. When the day comes and the word goes out they will be hunted like the dirty dogs they are and there will be no where for them to hide. We will hunt them down like the nazis were chased down to pay for their crimes against humanity. We will not forgive and we will never forget what they have done to us all and they will pay for their crimes with the same brutality that they inflict on us daily.

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