Obama to Order Public Schools: Allow Transgender Students Access to Bathrooms

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The Obama administration tomorrow will instruct public school districts nationwide to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, sources tell ABC News.

As a condition of receiving federal funds, “a school may provide separate facilities on the basis of sex, but must allow transgender students access to such facilities consistent with their gender identity,” reads a letter outlining guidance for schools, obtained by ABC.  

While schools are permitted to offer single-use restrooms to students seeking “additional privacy,” they should not require transgender students to use single-use facilities if their classmates are not required to do the same, the edict adds.

Citing Title IX, the letter says the school should not require a medical diagnosis, nor should they demand documentation reflecting the student’s gender identity before taking steps to protect transgender students — “even in circumstances in which other students, parents, or community members raise objections.”

The letter — signed by officials from the Departments of Justice and Education — comes amid a fierce national debate over transgender rights, including dueling lawsuits by DOJ and the state of North Carolina over the so-called “bathroom law”, which requires all government agencies and public schools to require multiple-occupancy public restrooms and locker-rooms be separated by “biological sex” rather than gender identity.

President Obama has slammed the law, saying, “I think it’s very important for us not to send signals that anybody is treated differently.”

Alongside the letter to school districts, officials will distribute a list of “emerging practices,” advice for how to deal with a number of issues, from ensuring faculty uses the student’s preferred pronoun to preventing staff from inadvertently disclosing a student’s status as transgender.

The best practices document also gives guidance on how schools can “protect the privacy rights of all students,” holding up a suggestion from Washington state that recommends offering “students who may feel uncomfortable sharing the facility with the transgender student(s)” the option to use a separate single-occupant restroom.

“This is a truly significant moment not only for transgender young people but for all young people, sending a message that every student deserves to be treated fairly and supported by their teachers and schools,” Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin said in a statement, calling the directive “groundbreaking.”


19 thoughts on “Obama to Order Public Schools: Allow Transgender Students Access to Bathrooms

  1. Right off the bat, the title – obama-to-order-public-schools-allow-transgender-students-access-to-bathrooms. You would think that these guys weren’t allowed to use any restroom faculty ever. Our country is gone, what are we waiting for….superman no home.

  2. OMG, the guy has totally lost it!!!!

    This has to be a Friday the 13th joke, right?

    “from ensuring faculty uses the student’s preferred pronoun”
    WHAT THE HAY! Have all of us just been reduced to a pronoun?!

    Surely, this is the shot heard around the world.

  3. Obama to Nation, “Let perverts in your children’s restrooms!” “This shall be my greatest achievement!” “Never mind peace on Earth!”

    1. The goal, the agenda, is exactly that…violent chaos on Earth. These globalist bastards are simply preparing the soil.

  4. I feel as though I’m living in a nightmare and can’t wake up. What is it with this guy pushing and pushing the transgender agenda? This was never on the front burner 10 years ago. Now, this is all we hear about! Let’s put aside the real issues that affect all of us, and keep nonsense that is meaningless in our faces. Hey let’s look at the left hand, pay no mind to what the right hand is doing! Intentional BS, or perversion of reality?

    1. He’s just another faggit commie defending his own perversion.think Michael Obama….not Michelle.

      1. I know, it’s just sickening to hear of this day in and day out. He has a passion and it’s because it’s so near and dear to him. Eww! I don’t know how much more I can stomach.

  5. “As a condition of receiving federal funds,….” Obviously the federal government shouldn’t have any funds.

    But this is going to back-fire in his fag face anyway. The high school kids are going to have a ball with this.

  6. Don’t cha love how he’s concerned about the transgendered civil rights , but not the civil rights of the entire rest of the country’s population?

    I wouldn’t have one of my children in a public school to begin with, but this seems like it’s going to leak out into the rest of the public places in this country

    Wonder when the first law suit is going to come about against this due to a molestation or exposure

    In my world LGBT stands for
    Let God Burn Them
    And there ain’t a dam thing this government can do to change my way of thinking
    I’ll piss on a tire of a cop car before I will use a public bathroom, mostly it will be the women of this country dealing with the perverts if this world trying to get a cheap thrill
    Why isn’t this fraud of a president and his man for a wife removed yet?

    1. Task for all women who could be forced to use a public restroom (for instance, on long road trips)–learn how to kick these perverts in the you-know-what! (I actually did it once, but not in a restroom).

  7. Obama isn’t trying to hide his dictatorship now! He is acting like a deranged king who’s gone full spectrum gay.

    His only legacies are everything gay, as Obamacare is getting worse and worse by the day.
    Our military is the laughing stock of the world being one big gay pride parade!
    What a scum sucking gay boy Obama is!

  8. This makes me so sick. We have not many choices left they are all being taken from us. We are worse than OT days of Soddom way wy worse which is what Scripture says will happen. Kids will be so confused, and will go the wrong path thinking its normal, as in girls and girls and boys and boys. Our kids are our future, the end is coming folks.

  9. Having home schooled my son (and daughter), now my son who is married with a one-year-old that (according to his wife) they would “never” homeschool, I wonder if in a year or two or three maybe they’ll change their mind and homeschool him?

    In other words, this act by the psycho in charge will radically change the numbers of parents homeschooling their kids, even if they have to borrow textbooks to do it (heck, we did, even though some where outdated).

    As for kids who do use bathrooms in a transgender mode, it’ll be interesting to speculate on how often they are bullied. My guess is, bullied once, back to the normal bathroom they go! These folks cannot stand to see their feelings hurt!

    And states that don’t need the funding (like Texas…many Texas public schools like the one in the town closest to me do not even take Federal funding!), you need to totally reject this nonsense.

    My guess is this would never happen to the private school Obama’s kids go to.

    I swear the elites are dying for us to revolt, because they think they will win. As usual, they are dead wrong (and I hope to live to the day they are sent to Antarctica! NO PENGUINS!)

    1. Yes, we need to find a way to become exempt from paying public school taxes , especially if we dont use that “service”

      when the Union school system crashes and have no jobs,, they can blame themselves

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