4 thoughts on “Obama/Prepares Exec. Orders/Gun Control.

  1. Who cares…The law of the gun is the only law that matters. We have more guns. Our guns give us the ability to ignore their laws and make our own.

    1. What you say is true in the ideal case. Unfortunately, many or even most American gun owners lack the balls to use their guns in defense of their freedom. They’re petrified at the thought of dying, even though death comes to us all sooner or later. We MUST learn to accept the inevitability of death and make peace with it. This is the sine qua non of freedom. At the very least, we should hate the jackboots MORE than we fear death.

      Those who have children or other dependents will be in a tight spot if the SHTF. Nevertheless, they should consider the kind of world their children will have to live in if tyranny is allowed to grow unchecked.

      Another problem is that Americans who are willing to resist tyranny are typically isolated from others of like mind. We should all be forming small groups with ABSOLUTELY TRUSTWORTHY friends and/or family — people who wouldn’t betray you for all the money in the world — in order to prepare for whatever may come. We all need to carefully consider all the possible scenarios and make detailed plans for how our groups will handle these.

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