7 thoughts on “Oh, look at the pretty fireworks

  1. These Trump women.

    I just have a bad feeling…

    That they are the whores of Babylon.


    God help us from these pretty whores.

    And the dickhead overlords they serve.

    And I don’t like what you got me hanging from.

    Chris Cornell..
    Song: Pretty Noose.

  2. We’re seeing too much of this Jew boitch. Tired of the $15,000 outfits and that Jew boitch smile. Trump uses this broad to make up for his short comings. Put her out to pasture and use her as a cow lick.

    1. Use her as a practice target for 12 year old shooters armed with .22 marlins

  3. Pre-auditions for fux news. She’s too purty for cnn and shows too much leg. Would it surprise anyone?

  4. But wait. This is supposed to be what our nordic-alien saviors are supposed to look like! Not the zionist sell-outs!! I am doubly disappointed ! ! Does that mean no nordics are coming, or that was it?! What disappointing bullshit!

    Oh well, it looks like bombs away. Death from above. And just who is the god that rules the sky full of aircraft, chemtrails, bullets, fire, missiles & bombs? The one who sounds like a vengeful talmudist and demands unlimited human sacrifices……? Soros, saturn,…..?

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