Ohio confirms election results, declaring President Trump winner

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Ohio certified its election results after President Trump won the state by a landslide, which gives him 18 votes in the electoral college.

On Friday, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose signed the Buckeye State’s election certification paperwork, which declares President Trump the victor by eight percentage points.

LaRose was proud of the initiatives Ohio took to confirm the outcome of an accessible, safe and accurate election.

“And as a result, we had a fair election and whether your favorite candidates won or lost, all Ohioans can be confident that their voice was heard,” Frank LaRose said. “In fact, the most accessible election in Ohio’s history.”

In the meantime, Ohio significantly reduced the percentage of absentee ballot rejections due to the state’s simplified and increased messaging on mail-in voting. The state’s 18 electors will cast their votes in the Senate Chamber of the Statehouse on December 14.

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