On the Passing of a Tyrant

What is it that makes some people stand in line for over 36 hours just to walk past the coffin of an obscenely rich monarch, a monarch who for more than half a century dished suffering and subjugation? A monarch whom some attest was heavily involved in the global pedophilia ring? A monarch who actually knighted a famously known pedophile? What are the people standing in line to honor? Tyranny? Global Theft? Unjust War? Planetary Perversion?

Well, the lying media has much to do with all this as it has said that the one word which describes her is DIGNITY. Yes, oppression is so dignified, so please be sure to adore her.

Elizabeth holds/held the distinction of owning most of the land on earth.

See: https://www.publicpeople.org/who-owns-the-most-land-on-earth.htm

Is this not yet another obscenity? Yet the people keep coming to mourn her passing. Is this a Collective Stockholm Syndrome? A herd-mind that has no sense of how false supremacy seeks to diminish them and steal their personal sovereignty? Some are standing so long in line they actually pass out. Is this to show devotion and loyalty to one who did so much injustice on our planet?

And all the expense of the pomp and circumstance, the waste, when people are starving. The purple velvet draping the casket, the crown with diamonds and emeralds, the gold. I just read that,

“Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was built for a British monarch, the casket is made with materials designed to preserve her body and requires eight pallbearers. … The coffin was constructed in a similar fashion that has been used for members of the Royal Family and English nobility for over four centuries.”

See: https://en.as.com/latest_news/queen-elizabeth-iis-casket-what-is-it-made-of-and-when-was-it-made-n/

Ha!! “To preserve her body!!!!” Why? Will she be coming back? Wouldn’t put it past them.

When we American Nationals finally put our Bill of Rights back in place as The Supreme Law of the Land, it will go out as a message to all the world that each INDIVIDUAL is his or her OWN sovereign, and all monarchies are false powers deceiving the people to relinquish that right. All monarchies tyrannize, no matter how they may appear on the surface. If any need to express loyalty, let it be to the mass of free humanity and all the good that can come from it.


6 thoughts on “On the Passing of a Tyrant

      1. I don’t know what Charlie’s answer is, but I believe on The Patriot, Mel Gibson said, “Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away?”.
        Maybe Charlie’s just being sarcastic as we have a monarchy calling itself a democracy, either of which is completely unlawful and a threat to every American national.

  1. I feel like it’s a media stunt to try and give integrity to the monarchical form of government. But we all know that no matter how many sheep they throw the cameras on, their amassment would be easily dwarfed by how many despise the monarchy.
    Those people have grown up worshipping r*tards their whole life, and they are the same people who get fulfillment by engaging with whatever communist rhetoric is propagated by the media, just like voting or social justice movements. It’s the same conundrum with Trumptards here in America.

  2. Related: I heard someone mention that if we thought the funeral was ostentatious, extravagant, wasteful, pompous, and extremely overdone, just wait ’till we see the coronation.

    How much more out-of-whack can this planet get? Having shows like this are boring and infuriating, and it feels like they are mocking us. Supremely CONDESCENDING!! Do they really think intelligent people want to see their gross indulgence? It’s like they’re swimming in the ocean and come upon a great whale and offer it water.


  3. the Monarchy is nothing but the largest welfare pedophelic demonic family in the fcken world … try to change my mind

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