Open letter to the Militia and the Oath Keepers

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What the hell are you folks doing? Why did you go to the Bundy Ranch? Was it to stop tyranny or was it to make a name for your selves? This thing is turning into a cluster F%$^! This is exactly what the government wants. They are sitting back in their offices laughing at both sides. Listen to what I just said, BOTH SIDES! In the beginning there were two sides as well. The tyrannical BLM and the Patriots. Now there are three sides. The Militia vs. the Oath Keepers and the BLM who is waiting both of you out. If this keeps up, they win and freedom loses.  

Before you say that I don’t understand because I am not “on the ground” out there, I have been “on the ground” numerous times in my life. It is always the same. Someone wants to be the guy in charge and anyone who doesn’t agree with that is the enemy. Bull shit! If this BS keeps up, the only way this standoff will end is with the BLM winning.

Every day I watch videos and read articles about how the Oath Keepers are full of it or the Militia are full of it. Why the hell can’t Americans come together and make a stand against tyranny without fighting amongst ourselves? When this thing started there was one group of Patriots on the ground. Now we are divided once again. What do you folks think is going to happen when the shit actually hits the fan? We will divide ourselves, fight each other and allow the tyrants to win the day.

Oath Keepers, instead of bashing the Militia camp for not having proper security, why aren’t you over there with a group of folks who are good at defensive positions assessing their A.O. and making recommendations? Remember this, there is an actual enemy out there that wants to kill you both.

When Oath Keepers first started they were called nuts and fringe people and tin foil hat people and numerous other things. You stayed a group and now could be a formidable force. Now you sound like the people who called you all of those names. You are talking more like the main stream folks when you talk about the Militia. Stop degrading the American patriots that volunteered their lives to go make a stand alongside you.

When this thing first kicked off there was a sense of pride that Americans could come together and make a stand against tyranny. People around our Republic were looking at Nevada as a possible starting point for taking our country back. People came from around the country to stand alongside the Patriots who went. Now it looks more like the same old crap. It looks more like what goes on every day in DC with the left/right infighting.

None of us are in the military anymore. We are all Militiamen whether you want to admit it or not. When we were in the military we lived under a dictatorship. The general gave orders and the rank and file followed those orders. Now we are Militia. That means that there is no dictator! When something needs to happens, we all have to agree or the mission will not get accomplished. I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I didn’t swear an oath to do what any group told me to do.

I have a recommendation. Why don’t you bury the hatchet and do what you went there for? First priority is to get commo between the two camps. Then set up a true defense. Have folks out on LPOP and on foot patrols. There also needs to be LRRPs that have commo between both camps. The enemy is watching everything. You know that. Show them that we can be ready to fight as one group. Between the two camps (if you can communicate) you can have a true 360 degree defense set up. Each camp should be responsible for 180 degrees around the ranch. Then tie it all together at each end. The goal is to protect the Bundy Ranch isn’t it? You should be gathering intel on the actions of the BLM and any other agencies that are out there instead of spending your time calling each other names.

Every camp has folks who are good at different missions. Why don’t you use that to OUR advantage? You need to create 5-10 man squads. Each squad can elect a squad leader. That man is allowed by the squad to speak on their behalf. Then all squad leaders can get together and create a defensive plan for all Patriots on the ground. At the top can be four to five people who consolidate a plan and recommend missions. No one man can be in charge. That way everyone has a say in how this thing works. From there, intel can be gained on how the enemy is planning to stop free Americans from making a stand. We need to show the tyrants that we will never let them win.

Some of us want to be there but cannot be there. I have been trying to figure out how to go without losing my job and my house. It can’t be done right now for me.

Your mission is to defend the Bundy Ranch. Make it happen. That is all you should be thinking about. If the tyrants attack you, defend yourselves and you’re positions and know that we have your backs. The rest of us who can’t be there will come to your aid and take the fight to the enemy.  You can rest assured of that.

If you want to email me and tell me that I don’t know what the hell I am talking

I do know what the hell I am talking about though!

26 thoughts on “Open letter to the Militia and the Oath Keepers

  1. The 501c3 goon squad. When the money stops, the Generals and the Corporals high tail it out. You see, those motor coaches and hotel rooms equipped with saunas cost money. Those steak dinners cost money, the booze cost money. Gambling cost money.

    This time around $40,000 came rolling in, only $12,500 of it went to the Bundy’s. where the hell did the rest of the loot go? The Militia gets the job done with peanuts and we get shit on.

  2. Bulldog you hit the nail right on the head. The Oath Keepers fiasco has run it’s course now it’s time to regroup. Time is not on our side .

    1. Amen brother.
      You have been on the ground out there. You have seen what is happening first hand.
      These guys need to get together and get ready. When the government hits, it will be chaotic and a lot of Americans will be killed if they aren’t working together.

  3. Great admonition to all folks at Bunker Ville. Hopefully, this article will reach their hearts and motivate them to unite as Americans. The colonists had to set aside their differences as well, and unite as Americans with a common cause. Hopefully, we are simply getting our footing so we can move forward in God’s wisdom and strength to rid the enemies in this land.

  4. “Oath Keepers”, was there an oath they were supposed to keep? Well, that’s it, they must change their name dammit!

    1. Damned right Millard. Thime they quit misleading people with that oath keepr name. yep, Oath Keepers, what oath, makes me wonder who`s side they are on.

  5. The thing I question, is why Cliven Bundy? Over the last few years, Occupy peaceful protesters by the thousand were brutalized by police, and millions of Americans had their homes stolen by LAND-GRABBERS: the banksters, and it’s STILL going on.

    Then everyone comes to the rescue of ONE guy, why now, why Cliven Bundy? That’s MY question. Not that I’m for the government, I just wonder…

    I would like to see the militia, etc…FOX news come to the resuce of millions of people having their homes scammed off them by banksters since 2007.

    1. Big Dan,
      I don’t believe that it is for Bundy. I think Americans have finally had enough. It is about the over reach of the government trying to control land that they have no right to control. Bundy just happened to be the guy on the ground when it happened.
      I agree with you that it should have happened for any of the million other things they have done.

  6. Too many egos and .gov controlled agents in the mix. Oathkeepers should not have taken the drone strike story seriously. Holder and Obama wouldn’t dare as it would have been signing their own death warrant. All would be leaders need to stop posing an work together.

  7. The author of this article does know his stuff. As a former law officer and military security specialist, I agree that the fun and games, and strutting around like puffed-up peacocks is over with. The Bundy situation is fraught with violence and explosive potential to set off a ruinous civil war.

    Unfortunately, theatrics seems to be part of our national make up, so much so, that before getting on with it, it seems that we have to have a big fist fight before we can get down to business. General Patton was so frustrated by our penchant to fight each other that he swore we needed a war every 20 years, not because war was a good thing, but because it insured it would get rid of all the deadwood and idiots.

    There is another thing to consider here. Modern war must be fought in many domains, some of which that do not appear to lend themselves to waging war. Thus, we must address not only the physical confrontation, but be adept warriors in guerrilla, information, spiritual, subversive, political, commerce, psychological and cultural warfare. This implies that the federal government may have infiltrators and disruption agents inside the patriot groups to cause fratricide with an objective to create chaos and to delegitimize patriots in the eyes of the American people. No struggle can succeed without the support of the people.

    Please consider that the Clinton Administration was successful in demonizing and isolating patriots in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

    In summation, enough of this. Let the militia war fighters do what they must and all other personnel should do whatever they can to support their mission, which is defending the ranch and the lives of the Bundy family from a hostile militarized federal bureaucracy in league with corrupt politicians and a hostile presidential administration that is following the dictates of foreign powers, such as the UN and People’s Republic of China.

    Just because you do not think that you are in a war, does not mean that you are not in a war.

    Quintus Dias

  8. Q: “Why the hell can’t Americans come together and make a stand against tyranny without fighting amongst ourselves? ”

    I’m sure the Oath Keepers were a fine organization of brave, and dedicated Patriots before they were subverted. If you belong to any kind of group you have to be constantly questioning whatever leadership exists, and making sure they’re doing the right thing for whatever cause you’re fighting for.

    1. Exactly, JR. There are 1000s of infiltrations and 1000s of false fronts, and it’s only when things start to get hot that the skunks will high tail it. With the Bundy ranch, it took some dust being kicked up and words to sort it out, and articles such as this that cast aspersions on everyone only serve to demoralize and continue to divide and conquer. We’ve already seen who high tailed it and who stayed. Nuff said, and now back to work.

      1. How does this cast aspersions on anyone? It serves to tell everyone that division at the ranch serves no purpose. It is meant to unite not divide. When people that claim to be on the same side cant unite to fight one enemy we lose.

        1. Bulldog, why in the hell should any patriots assume they are half of the problem and join camp with a supposedly nonprofit organization that has shown, repeatedly, it has been SUBVERTED and is about wind, whine, diversion, nice hotel rooms, and high tailing it and NOT doing the job on the ground?

          No doubt there are still many fine patriots in the OK organization, but until they figure out that their “leadership” is a problem and stop following that problem leadership, they will not be contributors to winning this war against transnational organized criminals.

          And that is the crux of the disinfo in this article: it presents OK as a fine, ready-to-do-what-it-takes-for-liberty organization when it’s not, and that everyone should bury the hatchet and unite, that is, shut up and stop doing your patriotic part in the information war.

          You can’t stuff a problem and expect it to resolve, and you can’t sleep with the enemy and expect to wake up in the morning. This is just the first eye-opening dust up between patriots and subversives in patriot disguise, and we all would do well to continue to analyze, assess, re-assess, and talk and discuss and even argue regarding this incident so that in the future we can deal more quickly and effectively with penetrating agents. It’s part of the evolution in a revolution.

          1. enbe,
            I welcome disagreement with me anytime. 🙂 I like the debate.
            I don’t see what I wrote that way. What I see is the fact that if the government attacks the Patriots out there, they will all die if they are busy watching each other instead of the enemy. I know what the oath keepers leadership is all about, but the folks in the dirt out there are for the most part just like the Militia guys. I don’t want them murdered by the government any more than the Militia guys. Most of the oath keepers probably went to draw the same line in the sand as the Militia did. I still believe they should stay separate as far as camps, but being totally separate will leave gaps in security and people will die. No one says join oath keepers, but the fact is there are bigger fish to fry right now.

          2. Okay, I’ll use your words: “When people that claim to be on the same side cant unite to fight one enemy we lose.”

            This is what I’m saying: NOT everyone who CLAIMS to be on your side IS on your side. Yes, listen to what everyone says, but judge by what they do.

            Thanks for the discussion. And now I’m done with this thread.

  9. Excellent article, Bulldog. They both have to get their shit together fast or this whole thing will crumble just like our treasonous government wants. They must find the infiltrators and get rid of them before they get rid of the patriots.

    I think the problem is that the Bundy Ranch needs more INDIVIDUALS (non collective groups) over there and less corporate, collective Oathbreaker groups of people.

    While there may be some people in the Oathkeepers group that are sincere and are willing to defend and protect those oaths like they are supposed to and are not going to run away, the rest of the whiney people in that group need to leave immediately as they are a danger and a disruption to everyone else there.

    This is war! This is not a time for children to be fighting each other in some high school playground during recess hour. Grow up, people or you’ll find yourselves in an early grave! I know that sounds mean, but it needs to be said.

  10. Well Bulldog when your right your right.
    and your always right (unless its the Mrs. your talking to)

    “Your mission is to defend the Bundy Ranch. Make it happen. That is all you should be thinking about. If the tyrants attack you, defend yourselves and you’re positions and know that we have your backs. The rest of us who can’t be there will come to your aid and take the fight to the enemy. You can rest assured of that.”

    Damn skippy.

    I think they went(to bunkerville) to be shot at so the rest of us would flank the feds in every town and city.

    Too many “my balls are bigger” types and not enough “America F@ck yeah, get some” types.

  11. Nice article Steve (militanthippies) – and, of course, thanks to Bulldog for putting it up – my opinion of best (articulated) comment goes to Quitus dias –

    I think back to when I was in college; I did a specific thesis on the mid-continent [plains] Indians (circa 1820 [fur trappers] thru 1890 [wounded knee]) – it was a classic case study on how “our” government used every trick in the book (most of which are; “to divide”) in order to continue on a course that seemed to be known by everybody at the time.
    History clearly shows that very few people pay attention to history –

  12. Bulldog and Missy: if something this ever happens to you and your “hippie” property I want to be there on and at your side…and if I have to drag my husband there as well so be it! And if I am in my 70s, so be it.

    I was wondering the same thing when it started: why Bundy? But it isn’t just about Bundy of course, and at this point too many Americans are simply too pissed off NOT to support Bundy, in fact and in spirit.

    But then I’ve also wondered: why not out here in April-May 1997 during the Republic of Texas standoff that happened about a mile and a half from my house? Here’s the difference and I know this for a fact: McLaren was a megalomaniac and borderline psychopath, and his RoT movement was very very very heavily infiltrated, being warned by among others members of a Kansas Militia and the Texas Constitutional Militia. Plus location: the feds and Texas Rangers had the “shelter-in-place” set up going no more than an hour after it started–which means some infiltrator tipped them off…a few even think McLaren did it by stupidly believing a confused report on an arrested man he thought was one of his own!

    1. DL,
      I have wondered many times why this hasn’t happened elsewhere as well. The only answer I can think of is until Obama got placed in the white house by his handlers, the majority of Americans were asleep at the wheel and content with their lives. They had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. It took a hardcore OPEN communist being put in office to wake up a lot of people. I wish it had been earlier in time, but at least they are waking up now.

  13. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand the point of this article.
    I believe that the leadership of Oath Keepers are dirt bags for what they are doing. If the members cant see that, they are either foolish or part of the problem. The point that I wanted to make is that this is ranch could become an active war zone in a moments notice and we better be ready for it. The more infighting going on the less security is going on. If Americans cant pull together for something like this, how can we even imagine to defeat the globalists in an all out shooting war.

  14. Greetings friends!

    I’m the VC, as you can tell. I read your site almost daily, and I pass the posts on because what you talk about here is so important for everyone to know. Things are coming to a decision, infiltrators & scammers are common, and all of humanity needs to be working towards an end to the elites thinking they run this show, and an end to the games they play.

    I am a moderator on another website out of England, and one of our guests sent me a wonderful poem in light of my postings on the Bundy Siege, many taken from your site. I just wanted to share it and let everyone know that we have support from around the world.

    My Guest’s name is Working Class Hero. He’s a really hard-working, civic minded young man, and he cares that the world is going to shit. Please, enjoy.

    The Tipping Point…..
    So…,When will The Tipping Point finally come?
    The Day the Elites Flee and the People have Won.
    When ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ realise our Great Power,
    Rise up against Them,Cometh the Hour.
    Throw down our Shackles,use the Truth we have found,
    Shoulder to Shoulder, WE STAND OUR GROUND.
    So…,When will The Tipping Point finally come……?
    …….Fear not my Friend, It’s already Begun.

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