Open Letter to the Rutherford Institute, Clive Bundy and Others

Dear Nisha,

I have been following the The Rutherford Institute’s activities in defending people at odds with the government for some time now, and I am grateful that the Institutie comes to people’s assistance, like in Marine Brandon Raub’s case.

As you know, all freedom and wealth derive from the land.  If you cannot own land, you really are not free.  Nor can you earn a living from the land’s resources.  This principle is now being tested, sadly to say at gunpoint in Bunkerville, NV.  Moreover, it appears that the government is ready to seize even more privately owned land in CA, in UT, in TX, and in NM to further its agenda of selling gas/oil  and mineral leases to corporations or to develop public land with corporate partners for energy purposes.  

The Cliven Bundy case is a clear example of a federal leviathan out of control trampling on people’s rights to own and develop land free of federal control.  The case is complicated and confusing.  But what is clear is that armed federal agents, who may be in collusion with a corrupt US Senator serving foreign interests have tried to ruin Cliven Bundy.  The out come of this case is staggering, such as do the profit interests of corporations override liberty interests of private citizens?  Do ancestral land rights still have validity or can a management agency arbitrarily decide to extinguish them?   Why is it necessary for federal agents to employ SWAT teams and snipers in its operations and threaten to shoot people like Clive Bundy, Shoshone Tribal Chairman Ray Yowell, and harass the Dann sisters, Marie and Cassie, Shoshone women ranchers.  Why did the FBI and BLM SWAT teams conduct a raid on Utah residents of Blanding, UTAH, who may have innocently taken home artifacts without realizing that they may have been classified legally as antiquities?

Today, we have another situation developing in UT, where militiamen from the Bundy ranch are traveling to UT to help defend protestors contesting the closure of a nature and hiking trail near Blanding, UT.  The protestors have been threatened with arrest by armed federal agents for exercising their rights.

In summation, these and other cases that revolve around the issues of owning and using land, the rights of states to conduct their own affairs, the rights of property owners to use their land, and the rights of people to feel secure, to be free of federal harassment, free of armed federal agents conducting SWAT raids when a phone call would suffice and to be free of arbitrary seizures is leading us to  a popular uprising.

I don’t know if the Bundy’s have legal counsel or if Ray Yowell and others affected by federal land seizures have lawyers, but it seems to me, this issue, that of land ownership is the most important issue in America today.

The issue is compelling and extremely important for the future of this country.  Is there any way The Rutherford Institute can assist with these cases?  The issue may require combining resources with other legal firms, and raising funds from the public to pursue in court.  However, there is tremendous interest in the Bundy case and in others now developing.  Bundy’s case attracted people from all over the United States to come and stand with him, not necessarily with guns, but to be there with him and his family.  People are willing to donate for his and the cause of others, which is encouraging to help defray expenses.

In my estimation, the Bundy case and similar ones may be one of the defining legal issues of the 21St century, as they touch on the 4Th, 5Th, 6th, 7Th, 9Th and 10Th  Amendments.  Either we have a Constitution, or we don’t.  If we don’t, then we are sliding quickly down the slope to a new civil war.


Quintus Dias

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3 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Rutherford Institute, Clive Bundy and Others

  1. There’s a plan! For the big picture read: “Pawns in the Game” and “The Red Fog over America,” by William Guy Carr. All the paperwork and courts is spinning your wheels and a waste of your life’s time.

  2. “The Cliven Bundy case is a clear example of a federal leviathan out of control trampling on people’s rights to own and develop land free of federal control. The case is complicated and confusing.”

    Quintas Dias, while I appreciate your efforts in writing this letter and trying to do something, I just want to say that there’s nothing “complicated” or “confusing” about it. Don’t help them make it appear that way.

    Here is the case:

    Our treasonous government wants to use the BLM, an unconstitutional and foreign entity from Cuba, to steal the American people’s land and sell it to China and other foreign countries.

    That’s all there is to it. Harry Reid and his son’s land grab projects and investments prove it.

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