7 thoughts on “Options for the Ladies…

  1. CNNs Senior Law Enforcement Analyst Tom Fuentes implied yesterday about conceal and carry for woman would be such a difficulty because they wear dresses….But that’s CNN.
    Even more ignorant was MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell who suggested handgun bullets simply ” don’t move fast enough ” to stop a gunman…that was 2 days ago. Yes these people are real but get paid to say such and as much….after all there is still a delay button for live TV too. Useful idiots.

  2. Stop buying your woman a cheep crap gun and making fun of it. Instead, give her the best. Teach how to use. Show her she matters to you. Let her carry real guns made by reputable companies.

    She is not a little girl. She is not an infant. She is your balance. Be whole. Make her better than you think you are. Let her make you whole.

  3. If you love your wife , teach her to never carry her gun in her purse

    On the Body somewhere easily accessible..fuk the fashion police , its yer dam life on the line , its not a fashion statement , its life statement

    purses are left behind, and nabbed , stolen etc .
    no one is running off with your hip

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