10 thoughts on “Organic Sandbag Alert!………….Captions Anyone?

  1. Bathroom stall gobble de gook. The little shit looks like Massad dorf who lives under Hillary’s skirt.

  2. the scariest part is that the kid in the photo might be in charge of some portion of my life when i’m a senior citizen.

  3. That sign looks like it’s intended as satire. The guy might have been a pro-gun activist trolling the anti-gun marchers.

    1. I hear ya, BMF. It’s hard to think a high-school kid could be that stupid, but we could be wrong.

    2. I can see what your saying, BMF.
      I can also see the use of the retarded to push their agenda.
      That is the measure of the weasel snake, exit only occupiers.

  4. Hello my name is Stew Pedity
    My parents are both Male. They dressed me and made my crayon induced sign. I’m currently working on my Masters degree of being a complete DUMB-ASS in life and a total rectum of society.

  5. He looks stoned. Is he 21? Off to jail!
    His backpack is not clear. Off to jail!
    Tyranny is not authorized speech. Off to jail!
    The flag printed on clothes is illegal. Off to jail!
    Unauthorized use of speech outside approved area. Off to jail!
    Recycle that sign or… Off to jail!

    Thanks for your revenue and we look forward to your incarceration.

    Bad commie! No food stamps!

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