5 thoughts on “Our Boys In Blue

  1. I guess that them pigs better start watchin` their backs then `cause we are comin` to get them low life bastards and we will show no mercy. F you cop pig govt. employees comin` to get ya 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Diggerdan,

      Remember: “No Quarter!”

      They will NOT be granting you or your family any mercy when the killing starts,… anyone that has not accepted the work that will need to,… “be done”,… will be some of the first to be killed by this “Enemy Force In Occupation”.

      There is only one solution,… “No Quarter!”

      That’s just the way it has to be.

      JD – US Marines – To ALL Americans,….Hesitate when the time comes,.. you die. Remember that.

      1. Yes in all respect JD, I have no family!! I haven`t for many years! And I haven`t had a country either for many years either. Remember that song ” Mean Mistreater” JD. Yea I was a rebel back in the 60`s and we did our fightin` dammit! in all respect. And I have also lost a lot of brothers too!!!, and we were not related if you know what I mean, we were still BRO`s dammit.and that will never change!!!! I have been around for a while pal and I still stand tall dammit. Keep the faith JD. If they want to come and get me then good, I guess that there is nothing I can do about it but they had better look out before and after they take me out……………. We are all going to meet our maker sooner or later. It is all about how we will meet our maker eh JD STAND TALL BUDDY.

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