5 thoughts on “Our New Targets!!!

  1. These things will fk your your body up big time. Cancer, lower mobility due to joint disease, you name your going to get it.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Mark, but look at the cell phones. It was proven years ago that they’re causing brain tumors, but the idiots still hold the things to the side of their heads all day, every day. They don’t learn until it hurts.

      The herd wants faster internet service so they can play video games, so we’re all going to be bombarded by this crap so a few Jews can make a few more millions.

  2. To look up 5g towers in your area just search for your “local cell carrier 5g images”. There are lots of photos of them from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. As well as photos from Samsung and Nokia, etc. Even the US government has a 5g tower. Let’s target them all!!!

  3. Those towers coupled with chem-trails make a deadly combination. I always thought that chem-trails are like a two part epoxy binary mix. Part a is spayed (nano particle breathed in) and part b microwaves to stimulate a reaction. By changing the spray mix and microwave frequencies bad things can happen. Those sprays contain different metals and they react differently to different wave lengths and electromagnetism’s.

    1. add smart meters and vaccines……..why the push for mandatory vaccines besides the money component?…..I will posit this….vaccines contain metals and perhaps may play a role in the effects (attacks) of 5G

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