OUTRAGEOUS: Brutal Double-Murderer Eligible for Parole 7 Years After Tortures, Murders

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In early January of 2007, a young man and woman were abducted from a parking lot, tortured, sexually assaulted and brutally murdered. The murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom went widely underreported. Many have felt that this was due to the nature of the crime- Christian and Newsom were murdered by black assailants and the victims were white.

Thanks to a revolving-door American penal policy, one of the murderers may soon be out of prison for “good behavior.”  

The Knoxville, Tennessee, couple were abducted from an apartment parking lot. Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, were murdered slowly and painfully by five people. Christian was, reportedly, tortured for hours and repeatedly sexually assaulted over and over again. While still alive, she was scrubbed with bleach and had it poured down her throat to try and conceal the DNA evidence. She was then tied and placed in trash bags while still alive and she slowly suffocated.

Newsom was sodomized by an object and also raped by an individual. His body was discovered near a railroad track and had been stripped, bound and gagged and shot in the back of the head and lit on fire.

The news trickled to the public, but there were no riots. No calls from Jesse Jackson to condemn the crime; there were no cries of outrage from the nation’s liberals who call for peace and tolerance. Instead, the case went widely unreported by mainstream media outlets.

Years later, this same attempt to avoid unpleasant racial narratives has prompted the mainstream media to routinely refuse to report on the so-called “knockout game” phenomenon- a “game” where people will punch unsuspecting people while a friend films it. The culprits are often inner-city black youths and the victims are often white. Still the mainstream media has remained eerily quiet on the details surrounding this sickening phenomenon.

After numerous legal maneuverings, the five murderers remain at different levels of incarceration. However, Vanessa Coleman, the lone female in the group, has had time shaved off for “good behavior” and the families of the victims are speaking out against the possibility of her parole.

Coleman is set to appear before a parole board in October. Coleman was supposed to be eligible for parole in 2017, when she would have served 30% of her 35 year sentence. However, thanks to lenient penalties, Coleman has received 16 days shaved off her sentence each month for “good behavior” and now is eligible for parole after serving a fraction of her sentence.

Meanwhile, Christian and Newsom remain dead and the families remain devastated from having been robbed of their loved ones.

A petition has been drawn up at change.org calling for parole to be denied. The petition details the horrors the duo endured as they were tortured and murdered. It’s strong stuff.

While it’s laudable that people have gotten involved in announcing their support for a denial of parole, the question remains: What has become of our “justice” system?

35 years for the gruesome murder of two innocent people? 35 years for stealing away all that Christian and Newsom ever were or every could be? 35 years?!

To add insult to injury, we are actually discussing Coleman’s release after 7 years? 7?!

She’s only obliged to serve 30% of her sentence; meanwhile, Newsom and Christian remain dead.

She gets half-a-month shaved off her sentence each month that she demonstrates “good behavior.” It’s a relief to know that she hasn’t brutally raped, sodomized, suffocated, shot or incinerated anybody recently. For that we should, what, give her the reward of freedom?

This is nauseating to think that the taxpayers of Tennessee are paying to keep a roof over the heads and food in the bellies of these monsters. It’s even more nauseating and horrifying to know that someday soon, one of these monsters will have “earned” her freedom back and can be out on the streets that good citizens walk each day.


3 thoughts on “OUTRAGEOUS: Brutal Double-Murderer Eligible for Parole 7 Years After Tortures, Murders

  1. If they do get out of prison early, this will be a wonderful opportunity to exact REAL FRICKING JUSTICE! I hope the families of the murdered think of this in this light.

  2. They’re letting her go because she’s a bad slave. She probably refuses to do any work, so they’re cutting her loose because she’s just not profitable for the prison company.
    I know of someone who did every day of his 20 year sentence because he worked hard (thinking it would get him out earlier), and he didn’t kill or rape anyone.
    Hopefully some of the victims’ family members will lynch this bitch before she tortures someone else. There will never be any justice coming from our justice system. They’re not our courts anymore, and they’re only interested in profit. We may have to return to the days of lynch mobs doling out justice, because they’re all we have right now.

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