Pakistan Opens Fire In 25 Different Places On India, Is This The Start Of World War 3?

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

In one of the biggest ceasefire violations, especially along the international border, Pakistan fired at 25 places along the 60-km stretch from Kathua to Akhnoor sectors in Jammu throughout Friday night. A Pakistani infiltrator was shot dead on early Saturday morning in Suchetgarh area in Samba

BSF officials said Pakistan Rangers tried to push in groups of infiltrators at three places along the border and fired heavily to provide them cover. Officials said there was unusually heavy movement of Rangers across the border throughout the night.  

Pakistan also fired mortar shells which hit civilian population, especially in Pargwal area, in Akhnoor.Locals said the firing on Friday night reminded them of pre-2003 times before the ceasefire agreement was signed. Heavy movement of army was also seen in the area. Meanwhile, Pakistan Rangers did not respond to a flag meeting.

This is the biggest violation I’ve seen since war actually broke out in 1999.  The reason why I escalate it to be the start of World War 3 is because China is also involved in this and all 3 nations are nuclear armed.  China and Pakistan have a close relationship and if China decided to help out and take the chunks of land they claim from India, then who knows what could happen.  -Mort

3 thoughts on “Pakistan Opens Fire In 25 Different Places On India, Is This The Start Of World War 3?

  1. Pakistan is a puppet nation for China. China wants India’s water and has given Pakistan free military fighter jets to facilitate that. You can bet China is behind this somehow. Pakistan has been enemies with India for years, but China is using this to their advantage.

    It’s all about control of water for China while using Pakistan as cover. More below:

  2. Yeah…this is a weekly occurrence in that shit hole part of the globe….we and china pay…they dance…same song different beat each time


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