Veterans Receiving Letters Prohibiting The Purchase, Possession, Receipt, Or Transport Of A Firearm/Ammunition

Obama-Silhouette.jpgRed Flag News – by Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly, J.D., February 20, 2013

How would you feel if you received a letter from the U.S. Government informing you that because of a physical or mental condition that the government says you have it is proposing to rule that you are incompetent to handle your own financial affairs? Suppose that letter also stated that the government is going to appoint a stranger to handle your affairs for you at your expense? That would certainly be scary enough but it gets worse.  

What if that letter also stated: “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159, as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).”?

That makes is sound like something right from a documentary on a tyrannical dictatorship somewhere in the world. Yet, as I write this I have a copy of such a letter right in front of me.It is being sent by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of America’s heroes. In my capacity as Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) I have been contacted by some of these veterans and the stories I am getting are appalling.

The letter provides no specifics on the reasons for the proposed finding of incompetency; just that is based on a determination by someone in the VA. In every state in the United States no one can be declared incompetent to administer their own affairs without due process of law and that usually requires a judicial hearing with evidence being offered to prove to a judge that the person is indeed incompetent. This is a requirement of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that states that no person shall “… be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law…”.

Obviously, the Department of Veterans Affairs can’t be bothered by such impediments as the Constitution, particularly since they are clearly pushing to fulfill one of Obama’s main goals, the disarming of the American people. Janet Napolitano has already warned law enforcement that some of the most dangerous among us are America’s heroes, our veterans, and now according to this letter from the VA they can be prohibited from buying or even possessing a firearm because of a physical or mental disability.

Think about it, the men and women who have laid their lives on the line to defend us and our Constitution are now having their own Constitutional rights denied. There are no clear criteria for the VA to declare a veteran incompetent. It can be the loss of a limb in combat, a head injury, a diagnosis of PTSD, or even a soldier just telling someone at the VA that he or she is depressed over the loss of a buddy in combat. In none of these situations has the person been found to be a danger to themselves or others. If that was the case than all of the Americans who have suffered from PTSD following the loss of a loved one or from being in a car accident would also have to be disqualified from owning firearms. It would also mean that everyone who has ever been depressed for any reason should be disarmed. In fact, many of the veterans being deprived of their rights have no idea why it is happening.

The answer seems to be it is simply because they are veterans. At the USJF we intend to find the truth by filing a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Veterans Affairs to force them to disclose the criteria they are using to place veterans on the background check list that keeps them from exercising their Second Amendment rights. Then we will take whatever legal steps are necessary to protect our American warriors.

The reality is that Obama will not get all of the gun control measures he wants through Congress, and they wouldn’t be enough for him anyway. He wants a totally disarmed America so there will be no resistance to his plans to rob us of our nation. That means we have to ask who will be next. If you are receiving a Social Security check will you get one of these letters? Will the government declare that you are incompetent because of your age and therefore banned from firearm ownership. It certainly fits in with the philosophy and plans of the Obama administration. It is also certain that our military veterans don’t deserve this and neither do any other Americans.


— Michael Connelly, J.D.

Executive Director, United States Justice Foundation

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25 thoughts on “Veterans Receiving Letters Prohibiting The Purchase, Possession, Receipt, Or Transport Of A Firearm/Ammunition

    1. I’ve been aware of this for some time. I’m a Vietnam vet. When I signed up for benefits a couple years ago the doc asked me if I was depressed. I knew where he was going with this discussion. Told him I was a happy camper. The world is just fine to me. All good. He looked at me oddly. Inside I was LMFAO.

  1. I like the line: “a determination of incompetency.” If this doesn’t apply to Obama, then I just don’t know what does.
    Maybe this is a little off-topic, but I have wondered that since they pump our service members full of harmful drugs, aka: innoculations, then why wouldn’t they have cancer cells and other harmful “materials” inserted into The Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s) that these brave men and women consume?

    1. Yea, that’s a good point. But then, again, it may be too obvious (although the sheeple are so dumb they’ll probably believe any excuse that the government tells them these days) if there was a flood of veterans reported to have cancer all at the same time, rather than slowly over time. That’s my opinion.

  2. This brings to mind this famous quote..”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson I now see dark clouds forming over our liberty s that only a storm will ever remove.

  3. This Administration need’s to be striped of its congressional powers and completely removed from office and taken straight to prison, the Obama administration is a joke at best, there is no president at the helm of the country just a puppet with no ideal what can of worms he is about to open, the American people will only take so much until we rise up and take back our country and I can not believe that we have not done that yet..

    1. I say go ahead and open it,
      Am sick and tired of the constant poke, poke, poke,
      Poke again and ill cut your freakin hand off!

  4. I am reading “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer”, it reads as a blueprint that our government is using to usurp the constitutional republic. Obama wants his “private army” which will be just as powerful and as well equipped as our military is. The point is by doing this Obama’s forces, the DHS, FBI, NSA, etc., will have a much easier time of taking over and destroying what little is left of our liberties. By declaring a person non compos mentis they have disarmed them and rendered them a potential terrorist.

  5. Being one of these ‘incompetent’ vets, I not only take umbrage at these actions, my honor has been impugned… mine, and millions of brothers like me.
    When will my turn come? Never. For I will not submit to the ‘long train of abuses’ that we are currently being bombarded with.
    It is obvious to me by now, that this… regime, is no lover of the constitution or, of America herself. The recent behaviors demonstrated by this regime during the shutdown of government, showed their true colors.
    They are trying to incite violence…
    Let the brothers in arms, the Vets and the III %, understand, that when one stands, we must all stand as one.
    This creature of the global left means to destroy us with Hope and Change, how do we like our ‘Fundamental Transformation’ now?
    Unfortunately, all too many idiots do. There will be blood.
    There must be, the tree of liberty is thirsty… very thirsty.

  6. Folks you need to realize you DO NOT have a real government–You are being ruled by a private corporation that is pretending to be your government..

    The US Inc. is owned by the Crown Group, that is your biggest problem, the US Inc. represents the owners of US Inc. not the citizens of America–Us Inc. is owned by the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, and a few others, THIS is why we as Americans are under constant attack, we are being ruled from London..

    This is the Gods honest truth, if we could get this on national TV we could take our country back–It is the biggest FRAUD ever committed!

    This short video shows you the basics of the fraud, HELP SPREAD THE TRUTH!

  7. These letters can be handled by suing the VA. They have lots of money and the veterans probably could use some extra cash. Remember, one of Obama’s policies is ” the redistribution of the wealth”. The denial of rights, like the article says, requires due process. So, if you sue, Obama will like you. He may even have you to the White House for a beer.

  8. ALL veterans capable of bearing arms should IGNORE these ‘letters’….IGNOOOOOOOOOOOOORE ALL Unconstitutional ‘laws’…THAT is YOUR duty…

  9. A rat is a rat no matter which political color they were…all are traitors…..

    The rules and regulations that are in place today were developed by the Reagan administration and signed into law by President Clinton. Then, later, President Bush signed legislation that strengthened those existing laws and making gun purchases tougher than ever before.
    President Bush was the last one to sign any legislation restricting the purchases of weapons. All of this was done for the Brady laws…the events that occurred during the attempted assassination of President Reagan are at the root of all of this.

    We would like to blame the current Administration for this but it doesn’t hold water. And no this isn’t an attempt to justify BO…not at all!
    He is just as guilty as any when it comes to Constitutional matters and stripping Americans of their rights.

    Here is the Law they are using to justify this………..”info from vawatchdog dot org site”
    [” Mental Illness Prohibition (NICS Improvement Act)

    Q: Federal law prohibits people who are dangerously mentally ill from purchasing or possessing a gun. Does the NICS Act change who is covered by this prohibition?

    A: No. The NICS Act does not change the prohibition enacted in 1968 that bars people who are dangerously mentally ill from purchasing or possessing a gun. Under federal law, people may not buy or possess a gun if they are “adjudicated as a mental defective” or “committed to any mental institution.” ATF regulations define “adjudicated as a mental defective” as a:

    Determination by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority that a person, as a result of marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease:

    (1) Is a danger to himself or others; or
    (2) Lacks the mental capacity to contract or manage his own affairs.

    These regulations have not been changed by the NICS Act. Note that merely seeking or receiving treatment for mental illness is not sufficient to bring someone within this prohibited class.

    The NICS Act does provide that persons who are entered into NICS because of this mental illness prohibition may seek “relief from disabilities” by petitioning that their names be removed from NICS if they no longer suffer from the mental health condition that originally barred them from buying or possessing guns. “]
    To sum it up….it can be fought and won against in court if people want to challenge it.
    Truth is that now things are so far gone it may not matter to us VETs what the dayum Govt. thinks or declares!

  10. So the troops who supported the government by blindly “following orders”, that gives them experimental toxic cocktails to manage their ptsd for “following orders”, are now angry at the same government because they “followed orders”.

    Gimme a break, you guys would be goose-stepping into Iran and calling anti-interventionists traitors if Romney told you to do it, just like you did when Bush told you do it.

    Guess we can’t rely on republicans to be an effective political faction anymore. If anything, establishment republicans(RINOs) with their tired scripts and played out propaganda themes, continue to strengthen the bombing campaigns of the nobel “peace” prize winner. The older you guys get, the less appealing this 20th century cold war rhetoric gets, and makes you guys look like cranky old men who “remember the good ol’ days, when might makes right”.

    Republicans still think they can win by being the lesser of two evils, when they’re just propping up this decaying empire known as DA USA, WOOT WOOT! Maybe actual solutions, maybe less fear mongering, perhaps honoring the separation of church and state. Oh, and nobody likes bullies that never got hugs from their mommies, besides, it’s not working! Quit glorifying the military to get votes, quit trying to bash everyone over the head with your biblical end times prophecies, and for heavens sakes, listen to Ron Paul.

    Do I have your attention now? You gonna cry about the communist liberal anti-christ in the oval office or are you gonna lick your wounds, put a band-aid on, and actually try to muster some real opposition to this federal tyranny, coming from “both sides of the aisle”?

    A recipient of the Ron Paul Liberty in Media Award, explained many years ago why, “the troops”, are nothing more then the president’s private army. Read it and you might actually get people to listen to you.

    The Troops Don’t Support the Constitution

    The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms

    Support our troops?

    “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.” – James Madison

    Don’t tread on me?

    “To restore… harmony,… to render us again one people acting as one nation should be the object of every man really a patriot.” –Thomas Jefferson to Thomas McKean, 1801. FE 8:78

  11. Once again Washington has shot itself in the foot. Every veteran is going to rush to stock up. Why does the imperial government alienate former servicemen who are skilled in the use of weapons?

    1. Because they ARE skilled in the use of weapons.

      The so-called ‘government’ fears ex-military more than anyone else.

      And well they should.

  12. He should be horsewhipped, rode hard and put up wet until he could be tarred & feathered, then run outta town. He is no damn good. Good for absolutely nothing and bad at everything

  13. The gov. can’t stop you from buying a gun , if you want one some body out there will sell it to you . Where do all the gang banger get thiers , off the streets out of some bodys trunk. Just look around you can find them.

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