7 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Chem Trails

  1. I’m in central PA and we have been getting sprayed a lot lately. Also the other day a C17 flew over us at tree top level, actually had to pull up to make it over the ridge. We get fighter jets about 2 to 3 times a year, I have never seen a transport flying tree top level ever. I’ve lived here since 1979.

  2. if that is all the chemtrails you guys get in PA, I’m half tempted to move there, we get sprayed like bugs in a jar here in Idaho…. >.<

      1. on an average day here it takes 5mins+ to count them just after sunrise, the rest of the day it looks almost overcast….>.<

  3. Guys, what you are seeing in the pics ARE chem trails. The “sunbows” are the result of chem trails. None of what you see are real clouds.

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