4 thoughts on “Pentagon Cleaning House? Are These The Ones That Won’t Cooperate With Impending Martial Law?

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    Let there be NO doubt in anyones mind, the reason for the removal of these high ranking officers,.. especially the nuclear guys is absolute,… they were REFUSING to assist with the next bout of planned Gov’t Black-Ops (False-Flags) against America, Americans, and American cities.

    It is now 100% certian that “Enemy Force In Occupation” of the White House and the Fed Gov’t were planning a In-Country-Nuclear-Strike (False-Flag) here on American soil,.. and those officers simply refused.

    Now we know with 100% certainty also,.. they were planning on using Nuclear as part of the next, “Shock & Awe” campaign (among other tatictis,.. bio??,.. chem????) to institute Martial Law,.. and remove the few remaining vestiges of the US Constitution and the most cherished document ever written for ALL of mankind,.. ESPECIALLY Americans,.. The Bill Of Rights.

    WARNING: These pyschos will NOT stop,.. they will NOT give up,.. they will NEVER cease in their efforts to destroy this country,.. and every day “We The People”, allow them to continue,.. the more destruction they are causing to us each and every day.

    There is only one solution,.. it is time to exterminate them,.. before they exterminate us,.. thats it,.. no middle ground,.. no bargarning,.. period.

    This is our choice.

    JD – US Marines – It is time….

  2. Failure to meet evil head on, and throw off the
    chains of oppression…….
    Would be as criminal as the tyranny we face.
    They’ve been banking on their incremental
    attacks on us, and our Constitution, to bring
    about their plans of domination.
    I do believe once they make an overwhelming
    move for the brass ring, the Patriots of this
    Republic will hunt them down without mercy.
    As it should be…..dispatching them with
    extreme prejudice…till each and everyone of
    them are accounted for. If the world thought
    the nazi hunters, who scoured the world,
    searching for those responsible for war crimes
    was extreme….they’ve not seen anything yet.

  3. Why not keep it simple ,
    begin with “community organizing”
    find out where they sleep …………………..

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