11 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Hey…

    Those fagz look unsuspectedly familiar to me.

    They made me a subway sandwich at the truck stop the other day.

    The only good thing about Subway is…

    Drum roll pullleazzzz..

    They have to wear plastic gloves and you can watch them make it in front of you so you know they’re not jerking off in your footlong.

    Hey… this almost sounds like an [ADD]

    At subway…

    We give you the quality and freshest ingredients that you deserve.

    Plus with our Senior citizen coupon Special this month…

    We won’t jerk off in your meatball footlong.

    Giving you the quality and freshness that only Subway can offer.


    Think Fresh..!!!


    Now a word from our sponsors.

  2. The fact is, TP’sTB have been slow walking gun confiscation in America for 100 years. Our founding rebels 2A is not today’s 2A.

    BTW, those freaks of nature up there are not… going to confiscate your weapons. True. There are plenty of leftists in and out of government to do that job.

    1. “There are plenty of leftists in and out of government to do that job.”
      We are the largest army on this f#@king planet and they aren’t taking shit, and I’m getting real f#@king sick of people pretending to the contrary. They are going to be smashed, obliterated, and their blood and bodies will nurture our holy soil.
      Hear my words, Never, f#@king never. Anything to the contrary is nothing more than second-hand, piss ant, communist, propaganda horseshit.

  3. To be a contrarian here, just look at all the other countries that once were armed and now are disarmed, e.g. the England. and the various restrictions here in the FUSA. Never underestimate the power of stupid people (liberal) in large groups. One way they are winning is the on going effort to make firearm ownership as socially unacceptable as smoking. What the keyboard warriors are forgetting is that the Lefties can out wait us. They control the entire government financed propaganda and indoctrination centers, known as the public school system and universities. Remember all they need is to get that 51% of the vote.

    1. Like Henry said, they ain’t us.

      And Henry just gave us a new slogan for our times:

      “NEVER, F#@KING NEVER!!!”


  4. The fags won’t be dong any actual fighting or gun confiscating, but it’s okay to shoot them anyway.

    Just get the real bad guys first.

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