Pete Santilli Steals $500,000 off truckers ride for the constitution!

Published on Oct 12, 2013 by Vincent Eastwood


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Pete Santilli shuts down donations for the Trucker’s Ride, grifts donation money

Price of Liberty

In a ~completely-shocking~ turn of events, Peter Santilli shut down the donation page Saturday night for his website

As he broadcast live throughout the weekend, many callers and users of his live chat asked where the help was being provided. Gilberton, PA was the location where former police chief Mark Kessler would be assisting drivers by providing fuel for the truckers.

Suspect, supporters of Santilli began to question where the money they had been donating all week was going. Although Santilli affirmed his audience that Zeeda and Hesher (two assistant radio jockeys) were on top of things, no proof has been proffered by either Santilli or anyone he has claimed to help.

Within ten minutes of banning users on the chat who called Santilli a “scam artist,” the donation page was shut down. Estimates throughout the week ascertained from comments made live and online by Santilli (and others) put the sum of funds near $500,000 and, with no one to account for its whereabouts, it is unknown just how much money is actually located where. Funds have been transferred via PayPal and even bitcoin.

[edit @11:21pm EST] Before taking a break for the evening on his radio show, Santilli told Zeeda to go out and spend some money. After claiming all evening that he didn’t have access to the funds, he is now encouraging Zeeda to make expenditures on behalf of RFTC.

Santilli tells his audience that he is an upstanding citizen who has never been arrested or sued in a court of law. As we have seen, Santilli lies, cheats and scams the general public. And true to form, this claim is not based in reality. This isn’t the first time Santilli has scammed his audience.

Santilli was sued by D&D Home Developers in 1997 in a civil case as owing the company thousands of dollars on a fix-and-flip deal gone bad. This scheme was enacted in Maretta, Georgia.

Santilli lost the civil suit and was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in restitution to D&D; however Santilli skipped town. Currently, according to public records, Santilli is wanted by the Cobb County State Court with an outstanding arrest warrant still in effect.

In 2001, Santilli (and others) were arrested for Breaking and Entering in San Bernardino, California. Santilli tried in Barstow Municipal Court and was jailed for 19 days before bail was posted for his release by a “relative”.Santilli was officially charged with “forcible entry” onto a property he did not own.

In 2008, Santilli was sued by World Trust Mortgage, Inc. Santilli tried in Barstow Municipal Court and was jailed for 19 days before bail was posted for his release by a “relative”. Santilli was officially charged with “forcible entry” onto a property he did not own. Santilli has spent time in jail for breaking and entering. Of course, Santilli never tells his audience about this because who would follow a known and convicted criminal claiming to be a reputable member of the Truth Movement?


Think I’m making all of this up? Look him up for yourself. I did – here’s a screenshot of what you can find.


Earlier in April, he threatened one blogger (one of many) with physical violence.

He was also sent an e-mail to the Communities@Washington Times declaring he was “personally involved with the social media campaign during the Iranian Revolution to get proxies for revolutionaries and helped the State Dept. and Twitter Corp. as well as tech companies to analyze and control revolutionary cells.”

All week long Santilli has been making this protest look bad – he’s drawn from the same pool of guests people like Alex Jones use. All of these men and women are caricatures intent on bastardizing the public image of legitimately concerned citizens. By infiltrating grassroots movements, governments gain the upper hand in social and political discourse by subtly steering crowds and conversation in a favorable direction.

No surprise should come when an article comes out tomorrow in the media about how Santilli is financially assisting the movement. You watch he’ll spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in order to leave a MSM trail of evidence to show he’s not cheating them.


3 thoughts on “Pete Santilli Steals $500,000 off truckers ride for the constitution!

  1. Uh oh! I hope this gets all sorted out.

    I’m so proud of these Truckers, the Veterans, and the public who participated in the Ride for the Constitution. Everyone has my thanks and full support … now and in the future.
    . . .

  2. This article is misleading. First off, it is highly speculative and doesn’t cite any way to verify their claims that the money came up missing. Secondly, it says, “This isn’t the first time Santilli scammed his audience” yet it the goes on to cite a civil lawsuit with a home developer which clearly has NOTHING to do with his “audience”. Thirdly, the civil case, like many civil cases, and the “breaking an entering charge” could be over anything. There have been cases of ex-husbands being charged with “breaking and entering” and “theft” simply for going back to their former place of residence to get their possessions when their ex called and had them arrested on bogus trumped up charges. This is clearly an exaggerated smear campaign with ridiculous claims and petty legal issues that could be over anything. People should devote their energy going after the criminals like the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s instead of Pete Santilli.

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