74 thoughts on “Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones – The Gun Debate

  1. HAHAAHAHAA!!! Great! Two insane individuals arguing with each other. Great debate! Maybe if we ban the knives and guns and then give them bats, we can see themselves beat each other to death right there and celebrate.

    On the one hand, you have a scripted smug Morgan trying to defend himself by asking one question such as how many crimes of gun violence in the UK each year vs those in the U.S.

    On the other hand, you have crazy A.J. who looks like he is on the same psychopathic drugs that he claims are destroying people and refuses to answer that simple question because he doesn’t have those facts and doesn’t like to be made a fool of on air.

    One’s a media tycoon and the other is a Zionist. Put them together and it’s a controlled (by elite standards), yet uncontrolled debate (by the sheeple standards).

    Now I hate Piers Morgan and wish him to be deported, but I’d say that AJ lost this debate since he was trying to throw out all of his conspiracy facts at everyone and at Piers Morgan all at once like a raving madman.

    Instead of making his point and debating Piers Morgan and destroying him in a controlled fashion like Jesse Ventura would, he just made an ass out of himself on air.

    1. AJ could have approached it like larry pratt and calmly debated and debunked piers morgan, instead he starts screaming about how your not going to get our guns and the NWO.

      There’s a special place in hell for sellouts like jones.

      Way to make us all look like paranoid nutcases, so now they can play jones screaming in loop all over their stations.

      AJ is the worst kind of COINTEL

      1. “AJ is the worst kind of COINTEL”

        Boy, you said it. AJ’s like a pitbull who needs shock treatment in a rubber room and then someone to throw cold water in his face. Down, boy! RUFF!

        1. I can just see the propogandist highfiving each other on air, “Maybe we really should take all the guns away, because too many people like AJ have access to them” all the while AJ and Morgan are hugging and shaking hands backstage congratulating each other before they go out for a round of drinks.

          This “debate” is just keeping morgan “relevant” to the conversation about gun control. If everyone would ignore morgan like they had he would have just kept losing ratings and gone away.

          On the flip side what better way to demonize the enemy than to have one of their celebrity “activists” appear like a raving lunatic on screen.

          The worst part is all the AJ fanboys are high fiving each other over this charade, that and I suspect that morgan’s name being searched in google will shoot through the roof for the next couple of weeks.

          I would really like to see Jones face sedition charges in a peoples court and if found guilty: stripped of his citizenship and sent to the gallows to hang right next to morgan.

          On a positive note if they are sending out AJ on the mainstream to look this bad that means that they are getting beyond desperate to do ANYTHING they can to stop the critical mass that is happening right now.

          1. I pretty much agree with you on all points. AJ is finished. He’s done. He needs to go. He ain’t the face of alternative media anymore. WE THE PEOPLE are. And instead of ignoring Piers Morgan, he just made him indirectly look good. He screwed the alternative media over a little too much on this one.

          2. take the time first to make out an affidavit stating the facts on the …

            Mass Murder of the Davidians..


            or the “Jewish” terrorists who did 9/11 & OKC…& USS LIBERTY

            aim at the target, seriously Bush Bimbaugh is still on the radio..


            …..but who listens ?

            which is a better investment of time …pursuing Justice in a Mass Murder case of poo pooing an activist who some don’t like cause his wife is “jewish” and he won’t talk


            …about the Zionist infestation of America, but does make videos about Terrorists posing as “Government” so even an idiot could connect the dots..

          3. Give the man a cigar. We are either an unstoppable army of individuals or there is a portion that are a herd with Alex as their shepherd. We cannot let this little episode of duplicity cause any divide in our ideals. It is still them against us.

    2. The good news is, Alex puts out a lot of, if not most of, the pertinent facts. Unfortunately, given his delivery, to a large extent, that’s also the bad news.

      A bit more of this sort of shit, and anyone enumerating these paramountly important facts will be associated with lunacy. Thusly, relevant, poignant content become immaterial.

      I don’t, however, expect the people of this country will give up their right to bear arms. Therefore, such spectacle is troubling, alarming, dangerous to us all.

      Perhaps a critique for future reference — Alex starts to lose it at about 2:17 after he took off from P’s attempt to interrupt him at about 1:46 when he was talking about women petitioning for guns in India. Alex pretty well had it together up that point.

      1. “Perhaps a critique for future reference — Alex starts to lose it at about 2:17 after he took off from P’s attempt to interrupt him at about 1:46 when he was talking about women petitioning for guns in India. Alex pretty well had it together up that point.”

        Hahaha! Yep! Exactly what I was thinking. He had it together for about a minute and then lost it as if someone turned on the switch inside him to explode in a lunatic rant. So sad.

    3. It was not a”debate”, that was the illusion that Piers wanted to create. Who “won”, who “lost”, well, only time will tell, but for those who got introduced to Mr. Jones for the first time, how they feel right now is the only thing that matters. Whatever “method” it takes to wake people up.

    4. I agree with you 100% NC. I merely add one point and that is that these men are akin to hired actors – they are well paid to pretend to be cetain types of people but they are just fat cats on the payroll for the new world order.

      They know the general public are addicted to MEDIA so much that the public cannot discern fact from fiction. Therefore AJ is free to put on his very “for the people angry” persona and flap about as he has been trained to do.

      I think of it this way – You cannot blame the devil for winning when his victims willingly and voluntarily believe lies, live in a depaved and ungodly manner and prefer lies and fantasy to truth.

  2. Well, Alex knew Morgan was prepared to try to make him look like an idiot. That’s why he came at him with full force. I really can’t say I blame Alex. I would have done the same. We the people get tired of this communist government’s underhanded machinations. Alex made it clear, we will not give up our right to own and bare arms.

    1. I agree with you, Piers was obviously prepared with logic traps and talking points. Alex knew this and simply went aggro on him.
      Overall I would say that Alex let go of so many issues in one go that it would have been unlikely to do anything but shock the sheeple watching.
      I think by and by large the lines are drawn between those who believe what their lying eyes perceive and those who only see when their masters take off the blindfold.

    2. It’s hard to make someone look like a fool without their cooperation. Instead of Jones, I would have preferred to see Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, or even good ol judge Napolitano. All those folks are well-spoken, informed, and equally passionate about this country and its people. They can also hold a conversation without going Tasmanian Devil. Save the ballistics for the shooting war, Alex.

  3. AJ’s purpose is to make us all look like a bunch of wingnuts. I’m sick of being represented by the lowest common denominator. There are so many intelligent, well spoken people out there who could rip Piers Moron a new asshole. I didn’t even watch the goddamn videos because of the fact Mr. Disinformation himself just had to be out in the limelight. What a f#@king pr#@k asshole.

  4. Seemed like Alex chose a rather “in your face” delivery with Piers. I only heard the audio when it was live and thought it might backfire on him. But after watching it here, and in retrospect, I thought his method just might work, a bit aggressive though, but the number of crucial topics he brought up in such a short amount of time on MSM were quite amazing. It will be interesting how this plays out. I have a feeling he won’t be invited back.

    Pier’s will be playing the “Alex is a raving lunatic” card.

  5. Notice how when Piers Morgan asks who blew up the World Trade Center that AJ never mentioned Israel but mention the hijackers and the media and factions in our own government. Notice how when he starts adding the Gulf of Tonka incident, he never mentions Zionism but says it was people in our government. Notice how he blames our government but not Israel or Zionism. I almost think Piers Morgan wanted him to say Zionists but couldn’t get him to say it. Gee…you think AJ is a Zionist? I THINK SO!

    Let’s see, we have a puppet of the MSM elite (Piers Morgan) vs controlled opposition (AJ).

    I honestly think this interview was staged by the elite to make the patriots and the resistance groups look more crazy in the eyes of the sheeple and MSM and AJ was either in on it or walked right into it without thinking. Either way, this interview did not help the patriots, the resistance groups or the conspiracy theorists look good. I think it only further fueled the flames of anger and separation in this country, rather than uniting us, which is what the Zionists and Communists want and not what the patriots and resistance groups want.

  6. Don’t be too hard on Alex. He was walking into a stacked deck and he knew it. What he said can do no harm as the talking part has been over for a long time now, though I think I would have handled it differently.
    The only documents I would have taken was a copy of the 2nd Amendment and a definition of “unalienable” and “shall not infringe”. The only thing I would have said to Piers was “I will put up my life to enforce it, are you willing to put up yours to infringe?”
    What am I saying? If I got that close to Piers Morgan, I’d probably sitting in jail right now. LOL
    How cool would it be to just put your hand on his shoulder and say, “I’m placing you under citizens arrest for active insurgency and constructive treason against the Republic of the United States” and then just attack his ass, while shouting, “Stop resisting, stop resisting”. LOL

    1. I’ve thought about applying a citizens arrest to Bernanke once or twice.
      He only steals around 2 BILLION 800 MILLION per day. Figure he will
      be able to buy his way out of a conviction though.

    2. “I will put up my life to enforce it, are you willing to put up yours to infringe?”

      Great line, Henry.

    3. Alex Jones is a paid actor for the illuminati. Wake up – the guy has been hand picked for the job! They are controlling the opposition by putting Alex on all over the place- Its NOT REAL.


      “Stop resisting, Stop resisting”

      Henry I would give every fiat dollar I have to see that happen.

      Just ask Morgan, “Do you know what the difference between a subject and a citizen is?”

  7. Look, I realize he loses it alot of the time. I think from all the knowledge he’s gained in his ongoing research about the evil inherent in our government, he knows what is coming and is afraid for his family and your family. He probably realizes he will be one of the first ones to go. Maybe we should be tolerant. He has done so much I think to educate Americans about the evil encroachment of the government thru the years. And I also think alot of people are starting to wake up since this ‘gun grab’ thing. People that were not awake before.

  8. I’d have to say that this was a put up job by the shill Jones. No professional, no matter how strong his views would act like this. Reminds me of a 1938 movie ( Angels with Dirty Faces ) where the tough guy at the end of his life acts like a coward ( Cagney as gangster and O’Brien the priest ) in order to discredit his leadership. Jones stated that he doesn’t like to participate in these kinds of events. They must have made it worth his while.

    The purpose of the exercise was quite clear once the interview with Derschowitz got under way. Jones would be branded as a lunatic and one who would dare accuse his government of complicity in murder. A very dangerous person indeed this Alex Jones.

  9. I must admit that I would be inclined to take Alex’s side of the arguement.That being said,I’ve never seen anyone’s ass get kicked so thoroughly on their own show.This is not to say that Mr.Jones waxes eloquent as a master of debate but the persuasion lay within the strength of his arguement.For when Alex was spewing forth valuable,yet to most,incomprehensible information Mr. Morgan was simply unable to keep up with the truth (and to his credit didn’t command that his host” shut up’)and therefore labelled Jones a radical kook.At best for Morgan he’s the pot callin’ the kettle black.I know there are other interpretations.

  10. Alex is a bulldog for sure. I say let Alex be Alex!


    “the Gulf of Tonka incident”

    Is that the one where the North Vietnamese are supposed to have attacked a fleet of our toy trucks?

  11. The transaction at the TSA checkpoint is where Al f****d up.
    Alex, you missed an opportunity there and I am disappointed.

    Let me get this straight, you went to great lengths to resist removing your shoes, then pressed with real victory you finally caved and removed your shoes (you even carry another set of socks) so you would not miss an interview with Piers Morgan?

    Missing that show to be arrested would have been much more value added than going on the show. Piers would have had to explain what happened, how the TSA had put the gestapo tactics to a journalist they do not like, switching to work to rule just when you arrived at the inspection point and you ending up in jail for standing up to the Great Fascist Brown Shirts?
    You were baited and you caved.
    Its little things like that you do that make me go WTF.

  12. For those that think alex lost his cool on purpose…. Do you not listen to his show ? He loses his cool everyday. Its called passion. Passion for life..passion for liberty. If just one tenth of the country were that passionate we wouldnt be in this mess. We wouldnt be getting chemtrailed everyday. We wouldnt be having this talk about the 2nd. He did nothing he doesnt do everyday. Not a shill, just a patriot. Unfortunately he walked right into it. They have him profiled and knew exactly what buttons to push. This was going to happen anyway. It doesnt matter how it makes anyone look.

    1. I watch his show quite a bit, but always with a bit of caution because I am quite sure that he is not totally sincere. Yes, he rants and raves on his show, but it fits when he does it. Alex Jones had a special mission and a duty here to perform like a professional. Like the street fighter Jesse Ventura for example. Did you see Jesse throw away his chance to perform and lose his followers? Not at all. He was a huge success on the very same show. I’d say that Jones ‘ threw ‘ the debate.

    2. It is called WWF, both on his show and in the interview. But then again I guess you watch wrestling too, right? Alex Jones provided the poster child for “Take the guns from the mentally unstable anti-government conspiracy theorists” but this, like every other commie action has already failed. The line is drawn, patriots on one side, commies on the other. So all in all, none of this really matters.

  13. I was a fan of Jones for years, and do thank him for opening my eyes on many topics. However, his usual blustering and talking over everyone in the room made us all look exactly as the government and media portray us- crazy.

    Like when the TV crew covering an activist event always seems to interview the one fool dressed like Ben Franklin, or the scruffy nutter who looks like he’s off to a Grateful Dead concert instead of a political protest. It makes you wonder whether such people are COINTEL plants, or they really are that freaking dimwitted.

    The average American remains in their mental stupor when those on our side play blindly to the stereotypes instead of going toe to toe with pariahs like Morgan. Sun Tsu said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Jones instead tries his damnedest to alienate everyone not drinking the same Kool-Aid. Geez Alex, this was supposed to be a discussion about freedom and the Second Amendment, not a WWF match.

    Jones may think he won this particular bout, but he’s losing the battle for hearts and minds.

    1. Alex ragged Bill Cooper for being what he is becoming; Awake in a World of the unconscious and unaware, with little patience left for them. I guess it comes with the territory?

      1. More like Bill Cooper ratted AJ out for being a phoney and that’s maybe one of the reasons why they killed him a month later.

  14. Why didn’t they just get David Icke to go on and accuse Piers of being some reptilean lizard monster? I hate being made to look like some nut at what may be one of the most crucial times in history.

    1. I really like your point Eomer, legit thinking people cannot afford to tie their fortunes to the ranting of people who belong in straight jackets.
      Only the Dems can get away with that kind of crap, like Biden in the debates.
      I am a conservative.
      These guys sound believable until they get into Reptiles, or UFO’s, or have steam blowing out their ears, or start to cry. Then my heart turns to ice, and I do not want to be associated with them.
      Alinsky would be proud of the antics.
      Infiltrate the target, sound plausible, get a following, then say all the Royals are Reptilians, or go ballistic. All their followers look like hacks.
      Any one who mentions that they get their info from an Ickes or a Jones looses credibility faster than an honest Politician.
      No, I will say again, Jones lost his opportunity to impress me on this one when he got on the flight at the airport.

  15. Alex could do better but he holds back where he shouldn’t and goes too far where he shouldn’t. He repeated ineffectual points about the shark in the water analogy. He shouldn’t have blamed mental health either, that plays into their hand. They will try to use mental health issues to deny gun ownership. Alex knows that, he had Mike Adams’ article about that very subject on his site today. I am used to Alex’s outrageous behavior, most of us that visit his site are. But we have also seen him be very articulate. It just makes me wonder when he chooses not to be at the worst possible times.
    BTW, I tried to post this comment on his website and it is still in “moderation”.

    1. “BTW, I tried to post this comment on his website and it is still in “moderation”.”

      Gee….ever wonder why? He’s a Zionist shill who censors comments on his website. He’s not articulate. He’s controlled opposition and this interview just proves it.

    1. By doing this these arrogant pigs are waking more people up, and the more they do that the less chance they’ll get their civil war and greater chance that it will be a relatively quick people’s revolution and purge (not to be confused with a communist uprising or any kind of socialist revolution)

  16. Not a huge fan of Alex Jones but he is an AMERICAN…good points were made by Alex, SSRI, gaba drugs is implanting our nation…SAY NO TO THESE DRUGS.

    SSRI and GABA drugs is the reason for this insanity…they are drugging you and your children. JUST SAY NO.

  17. In the meantime, the ones of Freedom & Liberty are sharpening their blades, going over their gear and double checking their ranging stakes. Minus H?

  18. One wonders what the outcome will be after this little AJ episode … prolly nothing. Guess we have to wait and see.

  19. this was a stupid mistake,
    2 agents of IsraHell putting on a show may have seemed like a good idea at the time,
    but a lot of sheep that watch CNN had probably never heard of alex jones, prison planet etc.
    and if they start to search the net on this they are gonna get a real education!!!

  20. Although AJ made a lot of good points, it was interesting to witness Piers letting AJ take over the show. That is what makes me question whether this was staged or not. I don’t care for, nor do I watch much Piers but usually it is Piers that is the loud mouth on his own show not letting his guests speak. Usually it is Piers being the pitbull not the guest. * As far as AJ being his usual passionate self, nutty or not matters little. Making the comment that American Patriots are not going to give up their guns is what needs to be heard and understood. The FBI violent crime statistics were important. The wake up call about democide was noted loud and clear! * Call congress and let your voices be heard!

    1. “Call congress and let your voices be heard!”????

      Oh, brother….. Grow up, Bloodstock. Congress only hears the sound of corporate profits, not people’s voices. Wake up, pal.

  21. Alex looked and sounded like he needed a strong dose of Prozac, but he made many important points and had Piers shaking…! LOL. Not sure how impressed the audience would be by it all… Probably scared them and had them running to their legislators demanding MORE GUN CONTROL!

  22. I used to listen to Alex Jones.

    I sussed him out long ago. The guy is a showman and panders to people that are not all that bright. When people say ”Alex woke me up”, I have to shake my head in disbelief. Where were these people’s brains before Alex Jones? I woke up long ago in Vietnam when Alex was still in diapers.

    Alex Jones REFUSES to discuss the Zionists who control virtually every face of the USA now. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says it point blank. ‘The USA is now owned lock, stock and barrel by the Israeli lobby’.

    For Alex Jones and other alternative media , its all about the money,

    Its a business.

    And finally, Alex Jones is just a big loudmouth cretin, who has never travelled abroad and talks about Europe like he knows everything.,

    I love to get in a one on one debate with that clown.

    Piers Morgan is at least half way intelligent.

    Alex, (and all his idiot supporters). Grow a BRAIN.

  23. Alex Jones seems to be a Jerry Springer clone representing alternative media. His sensationalism gets people excited and excited people don’t think very rationally. He provides the primeval emotionalism the PR masters need to embed their propaganda into unsuspecting sheeple. Unfortunately, too many sheeple looking for answers are getting caught up in the following that Alex Jones has attracted. We need critical thinkers, not confused followers seeking authority.

    1. Agreed, but the resistance can still use him to wake people up even though most of us know he is a tool for the Zionists. The more people and patriots we have on our side, the less chance the elite can stop us. It’s the elite against the patriots. Pick a side. Either way, rest assured, WE WILL WIN!!! We have the moral law and free will on our side and that’s what matters.

      1. Alex Jones is a gatekeeper of the TruthSeekers on the Internet. His job is to gather followers who he can mislead and to deflect attention when they get too close to the truth. He presents facts and information about which you agree, but does so with such emotionalism that you get caught up in the misdirect. He is a gatekeeper because some people are lead to think “he is one of us”… but he isn’t. “Boys will be boys” is NOT a functional idea here. Alex Jones is DYSFUNCTIONAL to the truth movement.

        To play this game it’s important to know the rules and those were published in 1928 by Edward Bernays in his classic, Manipulating Public Opinion. The Tavistock Institute that he attended with Walter Lippman found that the emotions were the key to grabbing attention and that repetition was necessary for people to hold a thought. Only 13% of humanity had the capacity to think for themselves and the rest would seek out authority on which to base their own opinion. Bill Moyers and Alex Jones are opinion leaders. They are both gatekeepers, each with his own flock to shepherd.

  24. Alex Jones has been one of the biggest hindrances to the 911 Truth movement.

    As per design.

    Most intelligent people think he is a raving lunatic. and dismiss him completely.

  25. Yeah, George, I think we all become guilty by association when people hear this crap. The other day when the magnificently stupid Rev. Al Sharpton said his knife remarks, I said to my friend “Thank god for Al Sharpton because he’s always there to show how ridiculous the left is. Maybe he’s one of our agents.”. Of course I was kidding around, but this shows how we assimilate these people with their movements. But the more you’re in the spotlight, and the louder you are it just says “HEY LOOK AT ME! ME ME ME ME!”. If there’s anything AJ loves, it himself, his ego and his voice. The AJ trinity.

  26. Alex Jones was the worst thing that ever happened to the millions of people worldwide who seek a full independent investigation into the hundreds of anomalies to the official US govt story of 911.

    1. I can see from the poll that people are divided on the issue like we are on here. Doesn’t surprise me. Pride goeth before the fall and AJ is definitely falling apart in his own ridiculous pride and if he keeps it up, he will be taking us with him, which is why we need to distance ourselves from this asshole and become individual thinkers and do what needs to be done as freedom-loving patriots and Americans. We CAN and WILL win this war, with or without him and that’s the bottom line.

  27. I’m from Iceland so please excuse my spelling. I’m convinced that this interview is staged. AJ is the ranting lunatic that he is excpected to be. It’s so obvious. It’s no coincidence he was picked. But it will backlash. They over acted, big time.

  28. I didn’t make it through the first two minutes.

    A.J.’s voice alone grates on my nerves, irrespective of his blustering.

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