Pig’s head found outside Montreal Police Brotherhood office

A pig head was found outside the Montreal Police Brotherhood headquarters on Friday. CBC News

A pig’s head was found outside the front entrance of the Montreal Police Brotherhood headquarters on Friday morning, along with a human form made out of tree branches set against the front door.

Montreal police are investigating it as a case of vandalism. The union office is located on Gilford Street in the city’s Plateau neighbourhood.  

A note was also attached to the door, including a possible reference to what protesters in Mexico chanted last fall in support of kidnapped students.

Officers cordoned off the area Friday morning and removed the signs of evidence. A city worker was seen carting away the pig’s head.

The police brotherhood declined a request for an interview, but said it hadn’t received any threats recently.



5 thoughts on “Pig’s head found outside Montreal Police Brotherhood office

  1. Nice touch for all of the rights abusing assholes who only go into law enforcement because they “get off” on power trips. “Police forensic squad now investigating pig head at union office”. Why is this being investigated by the police union? Oh, that’s right, the “official channels” don’t give a shit what happens to the flatfoot on the beat. Their attitude is “Let’s piss on them somemore”. So then you get Ferguson, protests are scattered by another supposed “shooting” in which, apparently “came from the protesters” although no one saw the shooter, in which, the MSM is reporting was “a pistol shot from 150 yards away”. I see the flag raising on the “False Flag” pole. I’m going to get my hip boots out, the shit’s gettin’ pretty deep.

    1. Thanks for writing that.
      I’m just too tired to go over the obvious bulls**t of this media PsyOp.
      Today, on the radio on the way home, some LE mucky muck was saying finding the perpetrator/gunman was not the priority. They just want to keep Ferguson safely policed. (Cough, cough…bullshit)
      When was the last time ANY policeman said finding a police attacker was not important.
      I know. NEVER! EVER!
      Definitely “deep shit”.

  2. Was it a war pig? Hope it wasn’t Hillary or McCain. Gallows being built for them would be misallocated resources. Hard to tell from photo.

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