Police: 5 explosive devices intentionally set caused Wausau home explosion that killed man

Star Tribune

TOWN OF WAUSAU, Wis. — Detectives believe five explosive devices were connected by time fuses throughout a Marathon County property, where an explosion killed a man.

Marathon County Sheriff Scott Parks said investigators found five explosive devices, including two in separate vehicles outside, one in a nearby storage building and one in a camper, Daily Herald Media (http://wdhne.ws/1m0i9WJ ) reported Friday.  

Investigators believe the man killed was the home’s 43-year-old owner, Jesse Jehn, according to a Friday sheriff’s department news release. But positive identification has not yet been established.

The release came a day after the explosion almost instantly leveled the one-story house.

Detective Jim Armstrong said the devices were connected by timed fuses throughout the property. He believes the explosion was deliberate, he said.

“It is unknown what the exact intentions of these devices were,” Parks said.

Authorities have responded to the home previously, Armstrong said.

Jesse Jehn’s sister, Lorrie Jehn, described him as a “kind, quiet man,” and said she didn’t believe he would use explosives to rig his home.

“When I first heard, I thought it was some accident, that he left something on the stove,” Lorrie Jehn said. “Now I’m hearing everything the police are saying, and it doesn’t make any sense. This is not in his spirit. Something is not right.”

Lorrie Jehn said she is devastated by the loss.

“I don’t even know how to process this,” she said.


6 thoughts on “Police: 5 explosive devices intentionally set caused Wausau home explosion that killed man

  1. Yes this is kind of a go along with that other article – posted by #1 NWO Hater below – about that guy from Ohio and all that stuff they say they found. Yes small/mid town america is getting ready with their weapons and bomb making. Serious stuff going on to be sure.

  2. Pay attention to CONSTRUCTION without detail “…Authorities have responded to the home previously.” No details. When you see a comment like posted by the controlled press for the cop shops/alphabet soup goofs it is to add “sinister’ to the background. The first question is WHY were the cops out there. Dog Barking? Owners calls for assistance? Cop car in ditch with drunk deputy behind the wheel? When you see a nondescript statement and less then 12 words in a sentence and paragraph that is a flag. Propaganda 101 Anyway, we need to do followup on the situation and get more background on this case. Liberty 1775

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