Police Brutality: Rhode Island Police Officer Edward Krawetz

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Lincoln cop convicted of kicking handcuffed woman in head resigns from police force

LINCOLN, R.I. — A Lincoln police officer convicted earlier this year of felony battery for kicking a handcuffed woman in the head outside the Twin River Casino has resigned from the department.

The Providence Journal reports that the Lincoln town administrator said the town had accepted an “unconditional and irrevocable” resignation from Officer Edward Krawetz (KRA’-witz).

Krawetz, who was on an unpaid suspension, had been fighting to keep his job, but decided to drop his effort to remain on the force.

A state judge convicted Krawetz in January of felony battery with a dangerous weapon for kicking Donna Levesque, of Uxbridge, Mass., outside the casino. The encounter was caught on surveillance video.

In March, Krawetz was given a 10-year suspended sentence with probation.

25 thoughts on “Police Brutality: Rhode Island Police Officer Edward Krawetz

  1. See why I am gonna build my prison when my PCH winning check comes in the mail – aw man I forgot – If they forget to send me my check I work for Henry when he gets his from PCH. LOL ———– It`s like they say – “you are who you associate with and a cop is a cop is a cop ” — so all cops are that way! The F`n pigs are a diseased bunch and need to be vacinated!

  2. Okay, I understand she was intoxicated and struck another customer, I also understand she tried to kick the cop. However she was handcuffed and barefoot, so I highly doubt she was much of a threat to the cop or anyone else. Cops are big tough guys when the person(s) they are assaulting can’t defend themselves. Truly despicable!

  3. The woman was a drunk all right, but did not deserve the judgement and justice the officer meted out.
    I’ve become cynical of the police profession. What was once an interaction with predictable results, has given way to the same feeling of fear and adrenalin that wells up in my chest when meeting a bear while hiking in the mountains.
    When I see such abuse of power, sarcasm is the only way I can express my anger.
    Warning: The following description is Sarcasm. In no way do I condone unwarranted abuse by police.
    So an unruly drunk woman bitch slapped another drunk at the bar.
    Kind of like the song by Sheryl Crow “All I wanna do” Where she sings:

    “All I want to do is have a little fun before I die
    Says the man next to me out of nowhere”

    Except this woman probably heard something different from the man next to her.
    Then peace officers had to be called and by the time they had her on the street in cuffs, they had had enough of her never-ending stream of insults and profanities.
    And she did not show them the respect they deserved.
    Then she assaulted that officer with a kick, likely aimed at his groin. Regardless, her toenails were possibly pointy.
    A round house kick to the head was the most appropriate way he could have dealt with her massive attack.
    Any of the other restraint options available to him would have required him to quit riffling through her handbag and then possibly even bend over.
    The other officer must have been too busy staring at the front of her sweater to assist the assaulted Officer.

    Pathetic Psychopathic Peace Officers, all powerful, untouchable bullies who lie, distort and intimidate the world over.

    1. I agree many policeman are disturbed themselves these day. A lot of them have control issues and anger problems and should not be cops. This is a prime example.

  4. In cases where physical force is required, what ever happened to a good smack? That used to get my attention pret’ near every time.

    1. Hey there hp – those f`n cops have no excuse for cuffin` up , slappin` up, beatin` up, or shooting people – no f`n excuse what – so – ever. Them cops are some of the scum of the earth and they know it.

      1. Well digger I’m no fan of the police, that’s for sure but there are some buttheads, men, women and children alike, who do at times need a good smack, whether delivered by police, their relatives or me or you.

        Obviously a smack would have been in order here.

        1. Sorry hp, I don`t agree with you. If me and my wife had a argument and I just hollerd at her it would be considered verbal abuse and mental abuse if she would want to call the cops , and I would be the one going to jail. This pig kicked her up side the head, and especialy when she was cuffed is not right at all – anyway you look at it that cop is not judge and jury to be handing out physical punishment – especially like that. The pig should be held accountable. It`s a good thing she did not have sieziers or some other problem – then the cop would have probobly shot her or called in his thug re-enforcments for back-up.

          1. Digger, who do insist on making it sounds like I’m condoning this.
            I DO NOT CONDONE THIS.
            Kicking a handcuffed woman or anyone subdued is unacceptable..

            I do, however, condone a smack for anyone, man. woman or child who gets drunk and kicks or otherwise assaults me or others and is still running amok.

            Smack!. Now cool it!

            Is this OK?

          2. @ hp, I would too hp, but this is a cop here we are talking about and police arrogance has gotten way out of hand, these pig/cops have to lighten up and be held accountable. As I said these cops are just a buch of paid thugs and it seems to me that the LEO`s are proud of this bullying arrogant issue these thugs display all the time. Cops are rarely held accountable.———PS Also, if I was to kick someone up side the head like that – even though they may have started it – I would end up in jail on assaoult charges and possibly battery charges to boot.

  5. She kicks him in the shin , he kicks her upside the head , and she’s handcuffed . Another heroic piece of shit cop . It must take one helluva tough guy to kick a person while cuffed . What was he afraid of , getting a black and blue mark on his shin ?

  6. A little off topic, but I got my video footage from the police cam of my assault in early September from the Round Rock, TX Police Department. The cops lied and edited out part of the audio when the officer started to talk to the other officers on the scene and say, “Well, we could have handled it differently like……..” and then cut. Video continues without the audio. Imagine that.

    The video also barely shows me on the ground getting tazed. Too far away to really see anything. I have blood on my face and the funny thing is that the cop in his written statement, stated that I said I was the victim AFTER he tazed and handcuffed me. Not before, which is COMPLETELY UNTRUE!!! Even my wife and my neighbor were heard yelling at the cops before they were tazing me saying, “What are you doing? He’s the victim.” and they still didn’t listen.

    In the video, it shows me talking to the police officer and asking him if I had my hands up and was moving back presenting no threat and the son of a bitch just shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter. If a police officer tells you to get on the ground or do something, you do what he says.” It doesn’t matter? It doesn’t matter? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

    They just have the mind of a 14 year old soldier from Obama’s FEMA Corp. Step one, put everyone on the ground. Step two, put them in handcuffs. Step three, bring him over to the car. Anything that is said or happens between the first and third point, disregard and go deaf. Step four then ask him what happened. I mean these idiots can’t even think outside the box or read between the lines. HELLOO!!!!! Anybody home? McFly!!!

    So now I am going to have another little chat with the IA officer and my lawyer again about the missing audio on the video and the parts where the IA officer said that he heard that they told me to get onto the ground 8 times. I heard 3 from the video before I hit the ground. Don’t know what he heard. Also, in one of the officer’s statement, (Officer J. Strong’s written statement) he said, “I knew that where I had I (sic) grabbed (my name) was free of blood, and I did not want to give up what I had for fear of getting more exposed to blood.”

    Fear of getting more exposed to blood? Are you kidding me? Did they get training from that one deputy who beat the crap out of the one guy to death because he was afraid of the blood getting on him? (I forget what police brutality video that was, but I remember seeing it on here a month ago, if anyone remembers) I mean really they are cops and they are afraid of blood? That’s like a fireman saying he didn’t want to get near the burning building because he was afraid of the fire. WTF???

    He then continues, “I was unable to apply the wrist lock pressure point technique.” No wonder he needed a tazer. If he can’t put a pressure lock on a non-resisting person who was the victim, then I can’t imagine him being much of a police officer. I mean really, people. These are the guys protecting us.

    Unfortunately the scumbags placed the video in a file that I can’t exactly upload at this time. I will see if I can use some software to rip it off so I can post it on here. It’s ridiculous. For now, I have to bring it to my lawyer and speak with the IA officer again (although the IA may be a lost cause), but I refuse to give up on this until I can do everything I can to make sure these bastards pay for what they have done.

    1. Also, they have the audacity to tell me to pay $13.50 for all the documents and edited video footage they sent me, including two CDs that were suppose to have pictures on there but are instead blank CDs. What the F**K are my taxes paying for that I have to pay for the information? Are you kidding me? And of course I ask how much it was before I filled the info out, so I could get the money prepared if I needed to pay. They said they would tell me after they get the info. So I was assuming they would have me come to the police station to get it. But they just sent it to me by mail and expect me to send in a money order for the info as if I already had the money with me. Imagine if it was over $100. Here’s the documents, now pay me. WTF?? Who does business like that? This isn’t a drug deal for cryin’ out loud. You really expect me to pay after just giving it to me like that and even when on the application form for the information there was nothing that mentioned any payment incurring if I requested and received the info.? I mean really. Also, why the hell should I pay them for some worthless blank CDs, a false police statement and an edited/erased audio on their video footage? It’s like paying full price for a broken CD. GRRR!!! I HATE COPS!!!

  7. The really stunning thing is that after the kick he never looks at what he did but goes back to his clipboard, like he just slapped at a gnat. How creepy is that?

  8. • Two types of people enter police work. Benevolent individuals, and psychopaths. Benevolent people do one of two things. They either get out of police work or turn into psychopaths. There is no benevolence in todays police state, their all freakin psychopatic maniacs fit only for incarceration themselves.

  9. Police use of excessive force, especially deadly force, corruption and other misconduct hurts everyone – especially the police — in terms of lost cooperation, support and trust – which, in turn, diminishes their effectiveness. That’s the reality. Now what? To learn how to confront and prevent it, see, “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police” (Amazon.com). And my blog at http://improvingpolice.wordpress.com.

    1. Well now then Mr. Chief of Police, if you are so concerned about everything then how about the cop/pigs out there being held accountable for their actions. When was the last time any one in your dept. got drug tested?, or pulled up on charges. We all know that there are crooked cops on every police force in this country – actualy, how about the cops kids when they get caught with countraband – say like a joint/, cause there are cops here where I am from that have kids that are drug users every day and nothing ever happens to them and if any one says anything about their kids it seems that they are always harrased for even the slightest things – like jay walking in a small town where every one jay walks. Now days the cops are brutalizing people for their own entertainment and not one damned thing happens to the pigs – not one thing – except a week or two paid leave, like a reward fort their actions, and you know I and right on this Mr. chief of police. Maybe the attitudes towards the cops in this country would not be so bad if they were held accountable.——–PS one more thing Chief – why should we people have to learn how to act around the cops when they are supposed to be working for us – the people. They aught to be the ones to learn how to act around the people not the other way around.

    2. this is typical police behavior. I have seen it in every town that I have lived in (30+ towns in 8 states) the town I grew up in has a standing order to arrest the man in any domestic assault case no matter who did what. Example: man call police because wife is freaking out on drugs and attacking him, police show up he is covered in defensive wounds and bloody, not a mark on her and he gets arrested and charged. Mother assaults 3yr old daughter and half brother rapes same little girl, father is not liked by a few cops so he gets investigated and no charges against mother or half brother because she went to school with the officer that showed up and claimed the father was abusive. Cops that try to put people in cuffs without any warning to the person and then charge them with resisting arrest when then have no other charge and no right to even be questioning the person in the first place. Cops that plant drugs on people because they don’t like the way they look (this happened to me in Boston,MA Gloucester,MA Rockport,MA Jackson, Ohio on the highway in Tennessee in Austin TX and in Maine. Problem is I don’t do drugs. Boston was the worst where they tried to plant heroin on me) I was pulled over in New Mexico in the mid 90’s because the jackass cop thought I was the unibomber I was in my 20’s at the time. I took a cab in Toledo the driver knew I was from out of town, so he tried to take the scenic route (sarcasm) to jack up the fare and then he had to stop at a gas station to get more gas and left the meter running, I got out and called the cab company to report him and he called the cops. The cops showed up and demanded that I pay the cab driver 40. for what should have been a 10 dollar fare or they were going to arrest me. I spoke very calmly with the cop and even asked him how far away my hotel was from the gas station that we were at ( it was 15 miles away, before I got in the cab it was 3 miles away) I filed a complaint against the cop the next day and 2 years later he recognized me walking down the street (because I was in town for a couple of days for business) he stopped me, asked me what I was doing in his town, I suggested he called for another cop to be present and he threw me up against his car, frisked me, took the last 10 dollars I had in cash and threw it on the ground and took me in for vagrancy. I was in jail for 24 hours before they let me out with no charges. I was pulled over in Ohio for speeding, had my cruise control set at 65 on a flat highway, because I had Massachusetts plates, I got pulled over for speeding (speed limit was 70) the cop claims that I was doing 75, but didn’t pull over the people that were passing me. He was starting to write me a ticket when I had asked the State trooper that also showed up if he wanted to see the video of me being clocked (yes I had a camera that was right above my head that could see my speedometer, my gps which also showed my speed and out my windshield where you could see the cop on the side of the road with his radar gun. I got off with a warning on the ticket and a warning about filming cops! that is only a partial list of run ins that I have witnessed/ been part of that all should have gone the opposite way. Sorry but without better psychological testing and screening for cops there will always be a huge amount of sociopaths with badges making the good cops look bad and even making some of them into the same piece of crap cops they are and the judges and D.A.s just reinforce the bullcrap behavior everywhere in the U.S.A. until they cross the invisible line i.e. someone catches it on tape and it goes public and that is the only time anything is done and it is never a punishment that is as severe as a civilian would get. How can anyone trust a class of people that are above the laws that they are supposed to enforce??????

  10. In response to Police Cheif David Couper, I couldnt agree more with your statement that misconduct by police really hurts their overall efforts and undermines the public’s trust, and therefore should really bother the police themselves more than anyone. Some blowhards or people bitter from their own run-ins w police take incidents like this and paint all police with the same brush, and that is wrong. I truly believe there are many police who pursue a long career and serve with distinction and integrity, and the bad apples really do spoil the whole barrell sometimes and its unfortunate. But it really upsets me in cases like the Richard Jeanetti case right now in Boston, where an officer clearly broke laws and should be punished without question, yet other police who responded to the scene of his crime, rather than act with integrity and be pissed that this guy made them all look bad, instead all joined in to illegally cover up his crime and bury the issue. He was drunk driving and sped thru a stop light doing 70 mph in an urban Boston suburb and crashed into a womans car and almost killed her. There were numerous witnesses to the accident and Officer JEanetti’s drunk condition. This girl has been in a wheel chair and medical rehab for months. Jeanetti was not arrested and or read Miranda or given a field sobreity test. His blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit. He was not formerly arrested for 31 days and only after News Center 5’s Team 5 Investigates exposed it on a wide-scale level. This is wrong. This is a conspiracy to protect a brotherhood and nothing more and violates a million laws and makes all police and what they stand for look awful. The woman is now not only suing the officer, she is also suing the city of Boston for neglegeance and the illegal precedures and attempted cover-up. And now these stupid trials will cost taxpayers all because this one arrogant ass wont resign, take his punishment and admit he is the insult that he is to the.merit of those police out there that do their job well and abide by the same laws they enforce. As a police officer, Chief Couper, this tragic case should disgust you 10 times more than it does me.

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